“The Veil Lifted” from The Battle for Earth

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  1. J Lafayette says:

    Bought this one for The Veil. I like Sonique but I’m into both and The Veil is a sexy piece of ass. I love Sonique dominating him. His costume is freaking amazing.

  2. Jwong says:

    Really loved this video! Defintely my favorite video so far of 2018. Layla is amazing as usual- looks amazing…those legs…great fight scenes and its great that Layla is pushing the sexual peril. Hope to see more of Sonique!!

  3. Blank1 says:

    Is there inner dialogue during the sexual element? I’m usually opt of layla videos only because they are definitely made for others tastes and that’s cool. But lately, she has been steadily increasing the sexual element in her videos. I hope she continues to grow bolder in that area.

  4. Sugarcoater says:

    I really liked the addition of the sexual element. Definitely would love to see more of that!!

  5. Nixon says:

    Layla = instant purchase for me. I guess it only seems like forever since her last release. Bringing the attitude only to suffer defeat and humiliation. Nobody does it better.
    It boggles my mind how the Sonique costume seems to look better on her each time she wears it. Although she’d look great in (or out) of anything.

  6. JoeC. says:

    Any total KOs, or just grogginess?

  7. shfyd says:

    A big fan of Layla, so went out and go this straightaway, and absolutely no disappointed.

    Layla fills out that Sonique costume perfectly and moves about really comfortably in it. She also plays the perfect cocky heroine and starts of so confidently you want to see her take a beating. The fights scenes are superbly choreographed, and at first Sonique gives as good as she gets. She actually has Veil beaten, but starts playing to the viewers and allows him to get the better of her.

    She returns for another round and this time Veil has brought help. Again Sonique seems to have the thugs defeated, but starts to strut around and allows them back in the fight. She beats them again, but now Veil uses a ray gun to knock her down. Even then she comes back, but her overconfidence allows the villains to get the drop on her and Veil then connects her to the orgasm device.

    The orgasm bit was worth the entire cost of the video. Sonique squirms and struggles against the device but is climaxed eventually and tries to crawl away defeated.

    And……there is an alternative ending, where we get to see her use her Sonic Blast. Very nice. I enjoyed the alternative ending too.

    Would have liked to see her get unmasked….but otherwise another excellent production from TBFE

  8. kevin says:

    Reminds me of the Black Scorpion (tv show) beatdown from “Zodiac Attack”. Very nice!

  9. Sugarcoater says:

    Can anyone expand on how long the sexual parts lasts? How is it?

  10. Bob says:

    Layla continues to be the best at portraying the cocky heroine who you want to see suffer. Takes a total ass kicking and the orgasm device is great as well. I’m always down for more Layla. Just wish she didn’t have the mask on the whole time.

  11. Jeff says:

    I really love the use of the orgasm device and it looks like a good fight. The heroine doing good at the beginning but then the villains getting the better of her and gaining the advantage towards the end of the fighting. Ms Ryan does a lovely job playing the heroine all the way through. Thank you TBFE