“Thine Own Self” from Rye-UK

Rye-UK has a new video in the works called Thine Own Self, which stars Anastasiya Breadson . Check out a trailer below!

Chloe Kent has been recovering from her humiliating public defeat with the assistance of Dr Brenna. During a dinner meeting, Dr Brenna tries to warn Chloe of a new threat but they are both captured before she can tell Chloe the whole story! They wake up AoH and an unknown female villain subjects both of them to electrical shocks to try and provoke Dr Brenna’s inner Rage…

It works and Chloe is now face to face with an enraged hulked out Dr Brenna that only wants to hurt her! Chloe holds back at first but soon realizes that her life is in serious danger as Dr Brenna’s strength becomes more than her own! This movie includes Fem vs Fem beat down, Low blows, KO’s, Bearhug, Electrocution, slapping, belly hits, denial of oxygen, and a permanent KO.

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