“Thrall of the Spellbinder” from Superheroine World

Superheroine World has released Thrall of the Spellbinder, starring Emily Addison, Karlie Montana, and Melissa Jacobs. Check out more information below!


In the tradition of Nova Woman 1 and 2, it’s Nova Woman 3: “Thrall of the Spellbinder!” An intense 50-minute custom video starring Emily Addison as Nova Woman, Karlie Montana as Flare, and Melissa Jacobs as the Spellbinder. Breast and belly blows, fondling, stripping, spanking, forced orgasms, face punches, and more!

We begin with Spellbinder torturing Nova Woman’s sister, Wonder Girl. It seems that poor Wonder Girl was sniffing around where she shouldn’t have been, and now is completely helpless as The Spellbinder has taken control of her mind! Spellbinder makes Wonder Girl believe she’s tied up when she’s not, which allows Spellbinder to fondle, spank, and even sexually dominate Wonder Girl, and right in front of a camera no less! It’s clear that Spellbinder is trying to lure Nova Woman into a trap, but Nova Woman doesn’t care and rushes to the rescue with her trusty sidekick Flare!

Soon Nova Woman and Flare are both being manipulated by Spellbinder’s telepathy, and both find themselves in an illusory hell where they are destroyed by their own partners. Breast and belly destruction is a focus here, but the two heroines also find themselves fondled, spanked, and even made to believe that Spellbinder is fucking them with a giant cock!

TONS of belly and breast punches, fondling, spanking, face punches, sexual domination, forced orgasms, and more! 50 minutes long!! ONLY $24.95 for the first week only!!! So get it now before the price goes up to it’s official price of $34.95.

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7 Responses

  1. Ztc says:

    You guys should do something with Nicole oring and Taylor vixen as red power guardian. That would be awesome

  2. Alex Bettinger says:

    NEW CATFIGHT FANTASIES now available, “Three Rounds of Hell!” Starring Emily and Melissa! Check out the free trailer! Chokes, leg-spreads, full nudity, low blows, face punches, stretch holds, and more!



  3. Steve says:

    Emily has a great body but is a terrible actress. She always has her eyes closed when being punched, cant take a solid punch, and wont deliver a solid punch.

  4. Greatness says:

    The idea looks good. But from the clip it looks like the punches are poorly done. Yes they should be really being hard. But poke those boobs a bit better. If it looks to fake it doesn’t work. And by the looks of it it’s WAY to fake holding back the punches after winding up.

    Do like the idea of mind control and having them punch their own boobs too.

    • coulumbia says:

      Greatness… wish I had read your review before I made the purchase… I feel you are correct. REALLY poorly executed (no pun intended) punching by Emily. This video is basically for belly punching lovers. It’s all about that (which meant I should have read the reviews and material before purchasing). The talent is great… Emily, Melissa and Karlie all look great! Acting is medicore and the story a bit weak (Melissa was pretty good). I got bored with all and just about only belly punching. So for me it a downer… for others, it may be their ultimate movie!

      I know Alex and Superheroine World does good work, so I’m still looking for their next production… just buyer beware and read descriptions/comments/reviews before purchasing! I should have passed on this one.

  5. uhzoomzip says:

    Emily, Karlie, and Melissa all in one vid… I’m sold. Love the way Melissa’s bottoms are slung so low she’s showing basically the entirety of her asscrack at all times. Adorable.

  6. Ztc says:

    Instant buy shw aalways do good videos conistently like alex david and primal darkside