“Time Maidens 2” from Hidden Vault Entertainment

Hidden Vault Entertainment has released Time Maidens 2. Check out more information, including a trailer, below.

Hidden Vault finally releases “Time Maidens 2”

In this long-anticipated follow-up to “Time Maidens,” the series takes a comedic turn as Nexus is now the one on the lam. Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, our heroine hides out in a distant past. Hot on her trail is MUSHEN, the most dependable and skilled bounty hunter who is assigned to track down Nexus and bring her back to face the Council.


low blows (lots and lots of them, in a wide variety of ways)
gun kata

Get it at https://www.heroinearena.com/timemaidens2



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Didn’t really get the ending. Why was there a long build up/dialogue at the beginning of the movie, when it ended with a bunch of out takes?


Those were not outtakes. It was a montage inspired by the YouTube comedy video “100 Ways to Attack the Groin” which the fan who ordered this custom sent us when he requested “Time Maidens.” The finishing move was also requested by this fan, so making this episode more humorous than usual we felt was the most practical direction to take.


Love the variety of low blows, love Tiffany and the new girl is hot too. I really like the variety of cunt busts and the use of the bo staff was nice. Some of the low blows could be made to appear like they make better contact, but otherwise this is great!


These guys are still in business?

Bruce Kent
Bruce Kent

I haven’t gotten it yet, but I will tonight. I pretty much buy anything Tiffany does and I feel great and better about it because part of what I buy goes to homeless veterans. I have no association, but my father was a vet and I appreciate her hard work!!!

Bruce Kent
Bruce Kent

P.S. Saw it really liked it!