“TombKandy Part 1” From KickAssKandy

Just over a month ago we ran a review for Hail Kickass, an enjoyable episode from KickAssKandy. It was a little different from the normal KAK episode, because the girls were knocked out twice even though they emerged victorious.


Today’s episode, TombKandy has a lot in common with Hail Kickass in both wardrobe and execution, only this time, the Kandygirls end the episode in defeat. Yes, you read that correctly. And I was surprised as anyone, because that almost never happens.

Be warned, however, that this isn’t some kind of physical destruction of the girls like you see in Kandy Crisis. Here’s a synopsis.

Wearing their skintight gold satin pants, boots and figure hugging tops these 2 queens of the beatdown go in search of satisfaction. When someone from within is selling top secrets there’s only one option… SEND IN THE GIRLS!

These two flexible, high kicking angels are just too dominant for any man and when there’s a traitor in the organisation, selling secrets, the girls are sent in to teach them a lesson… and then destroy them!

Now, that reads like a normal KAK episode and it plays out very much in that manor.  The girls infiltrate a base, use blowguns and knockout spray to take out several guards.  They then take them out in a more classic Kandy fashion using a barrage of punches and kicks.  Everything seems to be going to plan as the two girls confront the head honcho, but out of nowhere two goons drop the girls unconscious using blowguns of their own.

Now, keep in my mind, this is Part 1 of (a presumably) two part series.  When the dust settles next episode, I fully expect the Kandygirls to be back on the winning side of things. But they do end up on the ground unconscious at the end of this episode, so I consider that a loss.

Really quickly on the girls. I don’t know if we ever discussed Blaze before. She is a newer addition. Talented, flexible, and beautiful. A very nice casting that I hope to see in some KAF action soon.

And whether you know her better as Skarlet, Lucy Zillion, or the original Fembot in KAF, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of the actress that plays her. It’s ironic that they called this episode TombKandy, because I can’t think of another actress that we cover on a regular basis who would do a better job as a “Lara Croft” type. She has the looks, the talent, and the moves to make that work. Just throwing it out there in case any UK producer is looking for the type.

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  1. pulphead says:

    Cannot wait for part two!!