“Ultragirl vs Doomsday” from Cali Logan (Now Available)

Cali Logan vs. Saharra Huxly in Ultragirl vs Doomsday – available now.

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Ultragirl strides into an abandoned warehouse and approaches a bag in the center of the room.

Suddenly an ominous voice comes through the loudspeaker. “Ultragirl, you found our hideout with the deadly virus”

“Well it wasnt very hard to find. Now that I have possession of the deadly virus, I can go ahead and destroy it. Then I’m gonna take you in!” She picks up the bag and starts to exit.

“I think youre in for a BIG surprise.”

Theres a loud crash as Doomsday reveals herself from behind a large stack of crates.

“Destroy Ultragirl!” she says as she takes one huge step after another.

“Am I supposed to be nervous?” not intimidated in the least.

“Very! You have fallen into our trap. Doomsday is going to humiliate you and turn you into our humble servant.”

Ultragirl casually sets down the bag and prepares to fight.

“Good luck Ultragirl…You’ll need it.”

“Luck? Oh no. YOU are gonna need the luck when I destroy this THING of yours and take you to jail.”

And so the fight begins…..

Ultragirl quickly finds out she needs more than brute strength to defeat Doomsday as her punches do nothing. She is forced to use her ice breath, sending Doomsday out cold to the floor. She grabs the bag and walks out but the doorknob has been electrified. She yanks herself free and is now visibly irritated.

She searches for another way out as Doomsday regains herself.

Doomsday begins the humiliation…..

The fight goes on and on including….

Bearhugs, Back Breakers, Wedgies……

Doomsday places a dampening necklace around her and continues on to the next phase of humiliation.

Running time: 15:20

Purchase now for $14.99


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9 Responses

  1. GC says:

    Love to see this big villainess get her hands on Ashley Lane

  2. dkm says:

    I love Cali, love the costume. Well done all around. Saharra makes for a fantastic villain.

  3. Peter James says:

    LOVE Cali in this costume as Ultragirl facing Saharra. Great bearhug … camera angles could be better 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Bert says:

    Looks fun. A less obtrusive mask might have been better.

  5. MAV says:

    Looks amazing! I usually don’t dig that much costume but Cali looks amazing in it. I also think there isn’t a better heroine-villainess combo than Cali & Saharra. Saharra rocks the brutal villainess role!


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