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Lexi Belle and Darcie Dolce join the roster for some Brutal and heart pounding custom orders! In no particular order we have:

Pristine (Starring Lexi Belle)

Nicole Chambers, aka Pristine, is the guardian of Earth pulling her powers from nature and the Sun. (Think Captain Planet but with a sexy hot blonde in a form fitting white/Silver leotard) Pristine tries to convince a corrupt business man to convert his operations to green energy as millions are becoming sick from his toxic pollutants. He reminds Pristine that he is only following the guidelines set by the EPA so she takes matters into her own hands. Pristine knows that he must have a concentrated super pollutant to create such devastation and forces him to bring her to his base of operations. Unfortunately for Pristine her nemesis has been waiting for this day and learned how to break down her protective shield that makes her immune to toxic waste…

Public Disgrace 4 (Starring Lexi Belle)

A young, overconfident and self absorbed Superior Girl joins a globally broadcasted fight club to elevate her social status. She loves to humiliate the competition and cannot restrain from teasing her millions of fanboys. A group of elite fighters known as the Reapers have grown tired of losing to the arrogant little super princess and create the ultimate enemy for Superior Girl. He is programmed to exploit all of her weaknesses and humiliate her physically, mentally and sexually in front of all her fanboys… Superior Girl is slowly worn down and eventually has no choice but to verbally submit and end the fight. Unfortunately her foe ignores the rules and continues her destruction for the ultimate public disgrace…

The Skrull (Starring Darcie Dolce)

Wonderous Girl investigates the disappearance of Superia and follows her beacon to an unknown location. She is confronted by 2 mind controlled humans with enhanced strength and reflexes. She is able to handle them until they start fighting dirty and slowly wearing her down. Wonderous Girl eventually finds herself in dire peril as the mens attacks become sexual. She tries with all her remaining strength to hold them off but is eventually overwhelmed by an onslaught of attacks focusing on her most vulnerable areas. Wonderous Girl’s mind races as she is repeatedly forced into blistering orgasms. Just as she is about to give up, Superia arrives! Wonderous Girl becomes hopeful looking at the towering heroine but she does not respond to her pleas for help. It becomes clear that Superia is also under the same mind control as the men and to Wonderous Girl’s horror Superia joins in on the fun…

Barehanded (Starring Darcie Dolce)

Alpha Girl is on the hunt for an infamous Cybernetic villain (Syrus) bent on becoming the worlds most famous serial killer. She tracks down his location and defuses a bomb that would have killed thousands. Syrus battles the mighty Alpha Girl but finds himself on the losing end just like their last encounter. The smug Alpha Girl teases and taunts Syrus with her body as she continues to dominate the fight. Unfortunately for Alpha Girl, Syrus hired some muscle that shows up just in time to turn the tables. Alpha Girl is hurled across the room by the unknown giantess who declares that Alpha Girl will become her new slave. Alpha Girl is shocked by her strength but takes on the beast throwing everything she has at her. Alpha Girl slowly learns that her foe is simply too powerful as she isn’t able to match her strength. Alpha Girl receives a humiliating beating before she is sexually dominated by the towering villainess. To make matters worse, Syrus joins in the fun and the duo take Alpha Girl apart with no end in sight. Syrus taunts the young heroine as he has his way with her and forces her to cum over and over just before he gives the order to his hired gun to permanently end her career…

**Lexi and Darcie were simply amazing to work with. They fit my direction style like a glove. Darcie doesn’t normally film with men so we were quite happy to be able to make this happen. There is no eta for these movies so please be patient. I will get them out as fast as I can.

If you are interested in a custom film with either of these gorgeous ladies please email punishedheroines@gmail.com**


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27 Responses

  1. Ztc says:

    What happened to barehanded rye

  2. bahamut says:

    any ETA on The Skrull Rye?

  3. Johnny says:

    Hot. The fact that Darcie is typically uncomfortable filming with guys makes it hotter.

  4. CondorianMan says:

    Do they rub the polluted tar on pristine’s crotch?

  5. EKG says:

    Darcie is amazing, any SHiP with her is a winner in my book.

  6. Ztc says:

    Darcie as alpha girl in barehanded is just getting me so much feelings

  7. Honest Fish says:

    Darcie Dolce in sexual peril with a guy?? instant buy!

  8. colt13 says:

    The Lexie scripts are impressive.

  9. Alan Jones says:

    Looks good – be good to get a Batgirl one though.

    • Sugarcoater says:

      Would really like to see a Rye-quality Batgirl film. That would indeed be something!

  10. Eric masterson says:

    They both look amazing,I can’t wait.

  11. Hy-Jynx says:

    Darcie Dolce!!!! That’s awesome!!!

  12. sam says:

    DARCIE! Enough said! THE SKRULL looks great!

  13. 8964 says:

    Will Adriana Chechik ever appear as Wondrous Woman again? Her performance in the Hands of Man is impressive

  14. SunEphone says:

    Darcie looks stunning in that wonderous Girl custum,can’t wait for the release. BTW, I missed Gigi Allen play as Wonderous Woman.

  15. James says:

    Barehanded is a day 1 purchase for me, but honestly if the two Darcie films are released on the same day, I will buy both of them!

  16. rover says:

    Holy cow! I love Lexi Belle, underused in this genre. These are all coming out tomorrow, right?

  17. HorseWithNoName says:

    Agree. These all look cool.

  18. Mel says:

    These look great! Can’t wait! Thanks for the preview!