“Venture No More” from Lucia Films

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  1. deathrider says:

    I tried to click on the contact me of Lucia’s site, it doesn’t work. Opens up a window

    • bbsucks says:

      It’s one of those “mailto” links that opens the browser and populates an email address. Try right clicking the button and selecting “copy email address” to get the email address.

  2. Ztc says:

    Would be great to see someone try get Lana Rhodes, Blair Williams or Brittany Amber in a custom

  3. Gog says:

    LOVE COCO!!!! Glad to see another place she turned up. Plus super glad she’s a brunette again. 🙂

  4. Endofallthings says:

    Well, I’ve now had a chance to watch the whole movie, and what can I say? Lucia knocked it out the park. Took the script and stage directions and actually made it far, far better than what as on the page. I will say right now, this has been an exceptional custom experience for me – very professional, timely, and exceptional quality.

    Also…Coco, wow, she delivered more than what the script called for!

    Best custom experience I’ve ever had.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thrilled that you enjoyed it so, Endofallthings! Thank you for handing us a unique and provocative project that not only made for a fascinating video to make but also an unexpected think-piece into and about the genre for some people. Can’t say that of many ventures! If you’ll pardon the pun.

  5. Bojangles says:

    I commend this producer for doing something different and I wanted to point out that the production value was far above what you normally get with American superheroine films. I had similar concerns with the brutality of the video when I watched the trailer but I purchased anyway because Coco was in it. I was worried that the video was going to be filled with protracted scenes of grotesque torture like what is foreshadowed in the trailer with the drill, but was relieved that scene turned out to be a second long and there really were not others like it. This video is for people that are really into suspense and the mental toll that what we normally see acted out does. It was unique and we should encourage producers to try new things as the genre has felt stale for years with the exception of a few standout videos every year. If you are concerned about the drill scene, just know it passes quickly and the video is not filled with other scenes like it.

  6. Sam says:

    can I buy this video by paypal?

  7. Bert says:

    Against my better judgement, I watched this trailer. I made it as far as the drill, and then I stopped. A video like this demands a conversation. This site promotes videos about superheroines, generally in perilous situations. There’s fighting, there’s bondage, there’s sex and there are a hundred little micro-fetishes that get catered to. The overarching theme is fictional, powerful heroines who try to battle crime and often get into trouble. Fetishes are weird. Peril fetishes are extra weird because they depict things that in real life are criminal, violent, and amoral. People afflicted with this fetish walk a tightrope. It can be difficult to justify a sexual fantasy that is so antisocial.

    When I come to this site, I often don’t respond to some of videos on offer. Maybe they aren’t to my taste, or the performers aren’t appealing to me, whatever. Occasionally one will be too – too violent, too sexual, too gross. That’s fair, the spectrum is broad and tastes are diverse. I think this video goes beyond that. It’s disturbing to me. It makes me feel uncomfortable about being a member of this community. It breaks me out of the carefully constructed fantasy world where indulging in my fetish is harmless fun.

    I don’t know what the answer is to this issue. If it’s just me, then no biggie. If others share my concerns, perhaps the site might create a separate space for darker videos. That could be problematic because someone will have to make those calls, and producers might disagree. I don’t have answers, but this video stands out in a way that deserves some attention.

    • Rizo says:

      There’s definitely a scale for what people enjoy in their fantasy videos. I’m for the darker stuff but I don’t need to always see it. I like variety. But yeah I get where you’re coming from. Some people like Light fetish. I sometimes enjoy a dark and disturbing, almost hopeless scenario.

    • Aldous says:

      Your not alone. Again, to each his own, I’m literally casting no judgement on anyones taste in heroine videos but I too found this trailer uneasy. I believe my heroine ‘thing’ came from being excited by the stuff the mainstream hinted at (the torture scene that cuts away before it starts, etc) and the super heroine aspect placed it firmly in a safe fantasy box. I realise the genre has taken a ‘rapey’ turn which I really don’t care for (again, personal taste!) and this trailer…not for me.

      • TheLecher says:

        I disagree with the statement that this genre has taken a “rapey turn.” The actual presence, or at least the hint of rape fantasy has always been present in comic books and the media which is inspired by comic books. It doesn’t begin or end with Wonder Woman or Supergirl getting tied up by the bad guy and left lying on the train tracks. This goes back to the 1930s, when comic books first emerged from pulp fiction as a new form of media. Why do you think that Comics Authority Code was established in 1954? Why did the US Senate hold hearings over the book, “Seduction of the Innocent”? It was because of the presence of sex and sex-related-violence in comic books and pulp fiction.

        Should such content be age-restricted? Yes, of course. Minors shouldn’t be exposed to it. Is it okay for adults? Yes, of course, provided that no one was harmed and no one’s rights were violated, either in the production or the consumption of the content. Is the “rapey turn” something recent? No. It’s not even a turn. Rape fantasy has not only been present in this genre from Day 1, but is a big part of why the genre even exists.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Fetishes are weird man. I’m not sure what conversation you want to have though. I’m guessing the question you want a discussion on is “what’s the line in the genre where we go from harmless fetish to something disturbing”. For that I don’t think there’s an easy answer to that. I think we have to understand that there are different gradations on what is considered “the line”. I think people are remarkable complicated in justifying where they place that line, sometimes in totally contradictory ways. Here’s just a couple of examples from my own personal experience.

      From outside of our little community, the line is probably right at the softest of PG13 movies. Pretty sure if a famous celebrity, politician or decently renowned figure came out and said they liked superheroine in peril films, their lives would be ruined, particularly given this political climate. I can tell you now that there’s not a single soul in my personal life that knows about this fetish of mine cause I’m sure I’ll be ostracized and cast out. Certainly looked at differently. I can imagine the questions already. “You get turned on by seeing women in peril? What’s wrong with you!”. So right there and then that’s a line.

      But let’s just say that inside the community is our safe space and all is permitted up to a point. What is that point? Again, speaking from my own personal experience that line is all over the place. I’ve seen heroines whipped (PG13), shot in the head(R), drowned in water(R), neck snapped(both), head crushed(both), exploded (PG13), eyes gorged out (PG13), stabbed (PG13). As you can see, these seemingly disturbing things have appeared in both PG13 and R rated films, some from very mild producers, some from hardcore producers and all of these videos that feature this stuff have been promoted on this very site. Where’s the line there?

      Here’s a very interesting example that has happened to me recently. A couple months ago NGC released a video called Game of Two Halves featuring Wonderstrike suffering an intense beating from a villain to the point where there’s blood. As I recall, I posed a question to that community asking for their opinion on that and if the blood was okay. For me it was as long as it doesn’t become the norm but others liked it. Anyway, I watched the video and loved it. At the time I called it a great video easily in the top 5 of all videos NGC produced and rightfully so. But after a week, and only after watching it three times or so, I honestly cannot watch that video again. It’s legit just a tad too vicious for me to enjoy and it only has just a little bit of blood, a little bit of bruises and some torn costume elements. I can tell you that had that happened to one of my favorite heroines, a) my heart would have been broken and b) it would have made me totally uncomfortable and I wouldn’t have watched it. However, compared to Venture no more video that’s a walk in the park! Again, the line exists at different levels.

      I can understand stopping at the drill part. I very well nearly did but decided to push through. Had there been tons of blood I would have turned it off and never looked at it again but there wasn’t and I’m selective enough in my enjoyment of video that I can easily pick out things I like and forget the rest.

      One final thought. I think a case can be made that some of the R rated stuff or what I like to call “porn in costume” is probably more acceptable than PG13 stuff. The porn in costume stuff usually doesn’t focus on the beatdown aspect. Maybe they lead in with a couple fights but in the end it usually ends in reluctant sex but one in which the heroine realizes that she really wanted the sex. On the other hand, for the PG13 stuff, it’s all about the beat down. Its all about the heroine suffering physical abuse. Can’t an argument be made that we PG13 loves (and I consider myself one), just love seeing violence against women while the R rated people/porn in costume people, are just adding costume to what is just a tad above a benign sexual fantasy?

    • Endofallthings says:

      I’ve wrestled with this myself. When is the fetish morally wrong or no longer justifiable? I guess I’ve always been able to reconcile my interest in this fetish with the fact that if you translated almost any of the content from the superheroine fetish out into the real world, it would be completely morally unacceptable. From non-consensual physical contact, sexualised content when someone reisists, physically assaulting someone – if you seriously tried to extrapolate even the PG-13 material out into the real world, any sane human would say it was completely unacceptable and abhorrent…and they would be correct.

      If we concede that almost anything the superheroine fetish offers isn’t acceptable in the real world, when does the depiction of it become ‘wrong’ in fantasy?

      I’ve always held the moral line that provided no-one was hurt or distressed in the making of the fetish material, and that no one could infer it was real or genuine, all things are fair game. Precisely because it is a fantasy and it not meant to in anyway to cross-over to the real world.

      In one sense I’m delighted Lucia did so well with the camerawork, and lighting etc – even though the content is extreme, noone would confuse this with anything other than a ‘produced’ or manufactured fictional product. One of the great things about a superheroine victim/premise is that that don’t exist in the real world!

      There is another question, which the original commentator also raised, which relates to not making others uncomfortable. There I feel he does have a point. I have no issue in my own head with my moral justification for liking this fetish – but I can certainly understand that not everyone has an enjoyment for it. I think there is real potential in a separate tag, flag or section for certain content so that it can be avoided easily and without distress by others. My and some others fetish shouldn’t come at the cost of part of the community feeling unable to avoid things that make them uncomfortable.

      (By the way – I still haven’t had the chance to see the commission yet, so I’ll reserve my review and observations on that to another more light heated post later!)

      • TheLecher says:

        When is a fetish wrong or morally unjustifiable? You hit the nail exactly on the head. It’s when a person is harmed or a person’s rights are violated. If it’s a fantasy, that never happens. Harm which occurs strictly within a fantasy isn’t real harm, and a fantasy person has no rights to be violated. And if it’s a depiction of a fantasy, involving actors and/or actresses, then the questions are “Was anyone actually harmed? Was everyone over the age of consent? Did everyone freely consent to everything which was done?” If no harm was done and no one’s rights were violated, then there is nothing morally wrong with the content.

        As for the suggestion that this site should be segregated to protect those with sensitive tastes, I find that suggestion as offensive as those people claim to find certain types of content. This is an “adults only” website, despite the lack of a legal disclaimer click-through screen, and we all know that it’s an “adults only” website. And one of the important things to remember about an “adults only” website is that we’re all adults. We are each responsible for our own likes and dislikes. Other people – not the website owner, not the producers, and not the other members – are not responsible for what we do or don’t like. If I don’t like certain content (and this particular production isn’t what I’m into), then I have a simple solution. I don’t watch it. But to come onto an “adults only” website and to complain that other people bear the responsibility for my choices, or my likes, or my dislikes is not only foolish and morally wrong, but also insulting. If I like it, I can buy it. If I don’t like it, I can close the window. The same is true for everyone else.

        Edited for grammar.

        • Darkwrath016 says:

          Exactly Lecher! Exactly

          I’ll be honest. I’m not particularly sympathetic to the not wanting to distress others argument. If you don’t like something, or if you don’t like a particular element or if its too bloody for you or too sexual for you then don’t buy it. It really is that simple. You know who probably gets distressed a majority of the time on this site? PG-13 fetish lovers. My fetish is generally broad enough that I can wade in between both R rated stuff and PG-13 stuff as I please and I’m fairly active on the PG-13 posts. I know that there are people on the PG-13 side who say not one word on R rated stuff and I can only assume that’s because either the R rated stuff holds no interest to them or they are probably ‘disturbed’ by it. Yet I don’t hear them complain about wanting their own separate forum. If you start placing tags or restrictions on some videos in order to ‘protect’ certain people from being distressed then you’ll eventually have to place tags on EVERYTHING. It all comes back to where’s the line here? Is rape a line that should not be crossed? What about forced orgasm? Bondage? Whipping? Blood? Killing? Actual genitalia? Gore?

          I’ll also say that this site is pretty well self policed. Producers who promote their stuff here frequently list the elements included in their videos. There’s also plenty of pictures provided and a trailer. Together these three things cover 99% of what you’d expect to find in a video.

        • Redmanx says:

          One of my pet hates in this superheroine genre is the superheroine being killed, because, especially in the case of the likes of WW and SG who have “super powers” they can take an inordinate amount of suffering and abuse and escape in the final reel, recovering from their peril quickly in order to go through it all again; killing her off is such a waste, lol. Such isn’t the case with “normal humans” and the same applies to Batgirl who has no “super powers” (not that I don’t enjoy seeing her suffer, lol!) To me, this deals with the question raised here re harm, violation, excessive violence, rape etc; its not happening to a “real” person. Fantasy is just that and any number of fetishes can be included in it as long as no real person is harmed, violated or damaged in the making of the fantasy and everybody is a consenting adult and the thing is for adult eyes only. This may seem simplistic, but Im a simple guy, lol.

          • rover says:

            I personally draw the line at a death fetish. I think that one is really bizarre. And plenty of others are ‘bizarre’, sure (tentacles, anyone?) but not in the same way.

            Every time I see a comment on here “MAN I WISH THE HEROINE DIED IN THIS VIDEO” I do a little grimace. But hey… like others have said, this is a niche genre so I accept the videos I don’t care for to play the odds for getting one that hits my spot!

          • Redmanx says:

            Killing off the heroine, be she “super” or not, is just a waste of a sexy babe who, surviving and finally escaping her dastardly captors can be caught, fought, beaten and battered again! I mean, what do you do with a dead heroine?

          • Imagineer says:

            The Extrapossible Research Institute needs your donations! Our organization’s mission is to advance our understanding of how superheroines get their powers and how they work. Some of the biggest breakthroughs in heroine containment were the result of the Institute’s autopsy, analysis, and tissue archive work. (And if the heroine you send tests negative for superphysics, we still provide free cremation service, as long as the donation can be positively identified as a heroine in the guild’s registry of annoying do-goodery. So submit your Disruptive Contact forms promptly, and pay your guild dues, people.)

            Make sure you’re dealing with the EXTRApossible Research Institute, and NOT the ULTRApossible Research Institute. The latter is a shady outfit whose real goal is the elimination of superphysics itself, which would of course end supervillainy and return us to a time when ordinary sociopaths ran things. Could you imagine anything so dull as a world obsessed with the evils of banks and bureaucrats?

          • bbsucks says:

            So, here’s my thing with heroine’s dying (because I’ve thought a decent amount about it). I’m generally not a fan of it. I don’t think death stares are attractive. I don’t think neck snaps are hot. I think having the heroine’s head blow up or them otherwise lose some of their body is kind of gross and takes away from the attractive person you’re watching in the video. I personally just don’t get anything out of that stuff. But to each their own.

            But pulling back and just looking at death as more like unconscious (which is a thing I do like in these movies) but never waking up, it’s still not my favorite, but I can see why people go there.

            I think a lot of it comes down to story arch and building something up to a climax. For those of us who like to see the heroine lose, the story needs to build to that happening. It’s fairly easy when you have a knock-down-drag-out fight, that ultimately concludes with the heroine being bonked out and defeated. But for a lot of people, the KO is the best part. So if you’re paying for a custom (which is relevant to a lot of these movies), you maybe don’t want your favorite thing to only happen once. But then if you have the heroine get KOed a couple times, it gets hard to build the story to a climax. I’ve seen a lot of movies that center around the KO fetish where the heroine gets conked out numerous times, and the final time is played off as her being “defeated,” but really it doesn’t seem any different than the KOs leading up to that. Why is that last one so special? Rather than it feeling like a dramatic ending, it feels like they just turned the camera off and did something else. And because none of the previous KOs resulted in her being actually defeated, it makes the final time not really feel like that either. I think this is sometimes where the appeal of death comes in. It’s an easy-to-write-and-execute way of raising the level on that last thing. And the KO-heavy movie example is just a really simple illustration of that. I think this applies to movies with really big battles, too. It’s just hard to add that thing at the end that says “she really lost in a way that you never got to see in comic books.”

            I don’t think death is the only way to achieve that climax, and in fact, in the customs I’ve done, I’ve always tried really hard to create a sense of finality without death, just because the concept of murder being in a sexual fantasy is uncomfortable to me (even though I think good vs. evil super powered humans killing each other in battle is a fairly different thing than actual real people murder). But I do get why people go there (and I have gotten lazy and ended some with a death, albeit not gruesome). And I wonder how often it is that people are responding more to the final punctuation mark/escalation of peril than the actual act of taking a life.

            Personally, I like a good “heroine admits defeat” to declare the final loss. I find that to be way harder to pull off, though. I’ve definitely written a few of those where, after trying to show that the heroine is actually bad-ass before the fall, the admission of defeat comes about too easily and doesn’t seem right.

          • -LuciaFilms- says:

            Think this is an excellently astute breakdown of the escalation process and how it can affect certain endings. Even mainstream TV and movies fall to this on occasion. When they really need/want a punch to the gut display of how serious things are by permanently removing a beloved character.

          • Imagineer says:

            What mainstream TV and movies do is very different. They don’t kill the hero and end the story. An important character dies, and then the hero / audience surrogate character must go on, because the story isn’t over yet. The big emotional impact isn’t that we die with the character, it’s that we live without them.

          • NamCimoC says:

            I have been studying this “heroine peril” thing for quite some time (looking for some answers to life’s great mysteries among other things), and have watched many many videos…

            Some, if not many, have completely cringe worthy material. I was not aware that the kids today have even harder heroine peril stuff called “ryona”. And that usually features the brutal beatings and blood and death. Which I am not a fan of.

            At the end of the day, its just a type of porn / adult entertainment. It features unique fetish and kink elements – Women in uniform, peril, humiliation / embarrassment, bondage, pantyhose, boots, stripping, costume removal, displays of powers and pride then depowerment, debooting, etc etc etc… These elements are mixed and matched to create most of the superheroine peril videos that are out here.

            And now I have an interesting comparison for all here. The subject of “tentacles” was brought up in the above comment. Which I will explain more later.

            Has anyone ever saw the Evil Dead? Both the original and the remake?

            That movie has a famous scene where a tree or vines gets freaky with a women.

            That was probably still pretty groundbreaking for 1981. But you can see how it still has that kind of “cheesy” feel to it (think about the silliness of the 60’s Batman)

            The way camera shots are shown and the actress’s expressions “sell” the scene. Especially the sexual element of her legs spreading wide and a tentacle going into her nether regions and then the face she makes leads the male viewer (and female?) to think of sexual thoughts.

            Now that was 1981, in 2013 there was an Evil Dead remake, and of course, the tentacle scene gets remade. But this time, it looks much more brutal, and I sense no goofiness about it, just pure unadulterated evil.

            Its actually quite gross, I feel sorry for this female. But what is really different between them? The 2013 version does seem to have a bit more menacing music, and it does show blood everywhere around. The 1981 version showed some clothes ripping for an obvious sexual effect.

            Not changing the subject but I need to make this following point/ observation to explain something so bare with me a second. –

            The way I see it, there are three definitive Batmans or “Eras” for Batman.

            Adam West -1960s

            Michael Keaton – 1989

            Christian Bale – 2006

            The Adam West Batman show was colorful (60’s) and just silly at times. Yet, full of light and hope.

            With the Michael Keaton Batman things started getting darker, but it fit the Batman character. The combination of Tim Burton’s gothic style and the music of Danny Elfman created a gothic masterpiece Batman. But it still had that 60’s Batman silliness (to a point), yet it was a bit more serious, and not so colorful. But it still had some hope and light though it was dark. Batman was a hero, a local savior that would appear in a dark alley and save someone from a thug then disappear into the night taking no credit for his works.

            Then you have the Christian Bale Batman, things are completely serious with this Batman. Everything is made to have a more “real” feel somehow. Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer created their own world for this Batman, much like Tim Burton and Danny Elfman did before them. And it was a bleak miserable world IMO lol. Which in ways reminds me of the real world today. Dark, depressing, hopeless, pointless.

            Now what does that have to do with tentacles or the two scenes from the Evil Dead OG and remake?

            The first tentacle scene is like somewhere between the Adam West Batman and the Michael Keaton Batman. Its dark but it has this comedy or silly aspect as well. Maybe the actress doesn’t act out quite as violently? I dunno…

            The second tentacle scene is the Christian Bale Batman. Dark, miserable, raw, “real”.

            The world got darker, more things are “allowed” now on mainstream television and movies. You never saw a man walk up and punch the Linda Carter Wonder Woman in the face. And that was the 70’s, Yet on the 2015 Supergirl men walk right up and punch her and her sister Alex in the face. That is “cool” now though.

            Don’t believe things change? Compare Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz (40’s) to Black Widow at the end of Iron Man 2 (2010). They are both heroines, but the most action thing Dorothy did was throwing some water on a witch (which she was trying to put out a fire on the Scarecrow and missed) to Black Widow in an all jet black bodysuit walking into a room of trained men agents and beating them up.

            Back to tentacles – I think the allure there is a sexual one, that of intercourse, and also a mild bondage element, with connections to the SHIP genre.

            I think the overall sexual allure of a superheroine in peril is the energy between them being “high and mighty” and super proud and arrogant to being nothing. Reduced to a simple sexuality. A powerless nothing. There exist a tension build up that is almost like “foreplay” in a sense. It involves showing the superheroine using her powers and abilities to show just how powerful she is, and it also can involve a sort of public establishment showing them on TV or something, which is important and will add to the energy of the “fall” later. Then there is the outfits / costume / uniform. It defines the superheroine, and symbolizes their power and their pride. And now its a matter of how will she be made up? Bare legged or tights and hose? Stilleto boots with the thin heel or gogo boots with the thick heel? Leotard or just a skirt with bare midriff showing? Cape or not?

            And though she normally is a glorious champion or savior of her fictional world, she encounters a very unfortunate day where she is defeated, and humiliated. The villains can be common street thugs or maybe monsters or aliens or robots and machines. The weakness can be magic rocks or loss of a magic belt or trinket or some or all of their costume.

            The exalted superheroine is point A, the abased superheroine is point B. The further apart A and B are the greater the tension. How you get from A to B is all on you. But it involves storytelling, camera work, and expressions from actors and actresses. Time an effort have to go into the build up an establishment of the character for full effect, and then when the house of cards falls, that is like the climax, the ride down the roller coaster… Some characters like WW or SG are already established and rooted in the minds of many, sometimes you can go straight to the peril quickly, but its probably a safer bet to spend more time on the build up always.

            For me personally, I feel the video or effect is stronger if the heroine ends up completely naked by the end. I’m not into beating or rape per say, or even forced sex. Its the contrast, seeing them fully clothed (in the beginning) and proud in their costume with their legs spread and hands on their hips confident of their powers and status in this world, then naked and shocked, with their naked bare legs spread.

            I have found a video that kind of meets all that criteria. Its called Supergirl – Breath Weapon by Seductive Studios.

            No blood or gore, no beating, no killing, use of super powers and then depowerment, costume removal by another female for embarrassment / humiliation purposes as she mentions in the video. And yet still a turn around and a “good” ending, though in her birthday suit. My only complaint? She is not wearing hose…bummer There is no sexual events but there are THREATS there will be.

            There is a scifi cult classic movie called Barberella. It features a scene where she is in a machine that disrobes her. And the “sexyness” is in her facial expressions, but you never actually “see” anything, Its best left to the imagination I guess. You do get to see clothes and boots coming out the side, so there is debooting for you. That adds to the titillating effect of the scene. It was once kind of taboo for the female just to lay a sheer stocking on a bathroom shower curtain.


            So much could be done to “convey” nudity without actually showing it. I have no idea why the softcore superheroine producers have not stepped into that arena. I might actually start buying their videos if they did things like that.

            Its good to see a thoughtful discussion on this topic. Hope to see more later.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Super impressed at all of the mature dialog and this post spurred. Credit to the community.
      We feel you! There were a few times on set when we all paused, looked at each other or the footage and went “Whewwwwww! That is unsettling looking.” This definitely has a different feel than a lot of videos here and definitely different than a lot of the videos we’ve personally worked on. It was and is recognized. As mentioned in the description playfully, “Not for the fainthearted”, acknowledging that this is definitely on the darker side. This was in the end, a choice made by everyone on set. Coco included. To run with that gritty feel and see what we could create together.

      I will say this though. Not to dissuade or even argue your point, just so that we are clear, the trailer is truer to the video than you might realize. Everything happens off camera. Even the drill part is completely covered up by the villain’s coat so nothing is visible, and as a reviewer said it results in no extra visual gore. The focus of the video is ‘suggestion’. Letting the imagination fill in the gaps. Which in many ways can create even more disturbing connotations, as the horror industry well knows. The video definitely has a foot in that wheelhouse both by visual style, sound effects, and gravitas.

      I’m personally thrilled we made this video and that it came out the way it did! DEFINATELY not for everyone, nor was it expected to be. But don’t worry, we have lots of other things in the pipeline right now that you might enjoy. Some of it traditional, some of it funny, one that is so weird we have NO IDEA what anyone will think of it.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and view!

      • Dr Mabuse says:

        I appreciate this post, Bert, and this conversation.

        The Lucia videos that have appeared here are intriguing to me, since it seems very well produced, with a distinctive visual style, and the stories don’t seem totally straightforward, but so far I haven’t actuallly gotten anything (sure I will, but not this one.) Like Darkwarth016, I tend toward the PG-13 side of this “genre” and the more hardcore content doesn’t interest me (and I’ve tried a bunch of stuff.) That said, there are a lot of “inconsistencies” in what appeals to me, too. For instance, I like heroine combat, but not too much of it, and don’t go for the videos where heroines get beaten extensively or cruelly (don’t get the belly-punching/low blow thing.) On the other hand, I love KOs and bondage, I’m down for some groping and molestation, and can even go for the occasional forced orgasm. That isn’t exactly “gentle” or acceptable behavior! But the other stuff doesn’t do it to me for some reason. Oddly, my tastes have gotten *less* extreme over the years, although I think that’s because the quality of the lighter fare has improved.

        I’m also a lifelong fan of horror movies where people get eviscerated all the time, so figure that.

        As Endofallthings explains, even the PG-13 stuff is socially reprehensible when understood as fetish material. To make a mainstream example (inspired by the release of the trailer for “Creed 2”) it seems ok to most people to watch a boxing movie where two guys beat each other to a pulp when it’s about competition, grit, honor, duty, family, believing in yourself, and all the other things Rocky movies are allegedly about. But, if you told someone “I like Rocky movies because it’s hot when some dudes beat each other” it’s not so OK. Likewise, mainstream movies/tv have heroes and heroines in perilous situations, but they’re not played to the fetish crowd. It all depends, so it seems, whether the purpose of the content is a dramatic one (appreciating content because of the part it plays in a story) or a stimulative one (enjoying content because its depiction arouses you.)

        Of course, there’s a community who enjoy mainstream content that mimics fetish content, sometimes even more than explicitly fetishistic material. I sympathize; the first fetish site I frequented was brianspage (devoted to bondage in mainstream media.) I love some SHIP, KO, and bondage videos, but finding a great peril scene in a tv show or movie is a real treat. I think that’s a reason the WW Fausta scene (and a couple others in that series) is so beloved. It’s like a secret message embedded in a public document that only certain people can see. Fetish code-switching.

        Nobody in my life knows about my taste for SHIP, not even my wife or any previous girlfriends. Well, my wife knows a little about it, but she’s got some kinks of her own that are somewhat compatible. I know I wouldn’t want others to know what I’m into, although I’ve also dated several women who had fetishes they wouldn’t want others to know about, so I comfort myself with the thought that a lot of people have sexual fantasies that don’t reflect their values in “real life.” However, sometimes I see the videos on this site that are basically lengthy rape or torture scenes and wonder whether I really want to be here. I didn’t even watch the trailer for this video, because the images alone were a big “NO” for me. As much as I believe that the values reflected in fetish tastes are separate from those one holds generally, compartmentalizing them is difficult at times.

        Let me be clear, I don’t judge anyone for liking anything they see here (or other SHIP sites), since I realize that the stuff I like isn’t decent, upstanding content either. There are some things that I see here that make me uncomfortable. However, I think that’s my problem, really. I understand the idea of “tagging” certain material that might be unsettling to some people, but drawing that line would be difficult at times. There are posts here I never read, because I know from the images that I won’t be interested. I scroll fast over some posts that show stuff that makes me uncomfortable, and maybe that would be easier if there were a tag at the top of the post. But, I don’t think we should encourage segregation in this community. First, it could make that easy slip from thinking “whoa, that’s not for me” to thinking “whoa, that’s f—ed up” even easier. Second, it would discourage conversations like this one, where members of this community explicitly acknowledge that our tastes differ, sometimes substantially, but recognize that we really shouldn’t infer anything about each others’ moral character from what turns us on.

      • Bert says:

        A couple things. First, thanks for the thoughtful response, Lucia. While I didn’t state this explicitly in my first post, my comments weren’t met to single you out at all. I think you folks do quality work, and the one video (so far!) I did buy from you was really quite good. I simply felt like the uneasy feeling this video gave me might be worth discussing, which brings me to…

        Wow, what a fascinating discussion this has turned out to be. As I mentioned initially, I don’t really know if there is a “solution” to this issue. There seems to be a consensus that separating the darker vids is a bad idea, and I’m sympathetic to the concerns raised.

        Like some of you have stated, I don’t share my fetish with anyone in my real life. The starting point for my discomfort isn’t what someone outside the fetish would think. To me, the issue is about what I’m comfortable with, and that influences where I go for fetish material. Heroine Movies has largely stayed within my comfort zone, even if a fair amount of the content isn’t what I might be looking for. I felt like this particular video was a departure from what I normally see here. It’s been mentioned that the “line” is going to be different for everyone – fair point. For me, the whole “You’ll know it when you see it” term that people use when dealing with something amorphous like the definition of porn comes to mind. I don’t know where the line is, but for me this one is over it.

        Anyway, it’s been really interesting reading other people’s thoughts on this. Thanks gang!

        • Nixon says:

          Wow! What a fascinating and mature discussion.
          I want to thank you for starting the conversation, Bert, and for expressing your personal views so well, even though, ultimately, I have to agree with The Lecher re: this being a matter of each person making a personal choice of what they choose to watch or buy within an adult site.

          The entire debate has moved me to do some soul searching – never a bad thing – about what truly motivates me to enjoy this genre and my own personal preferences within it. And if you hadn’t spoken up, Bert, that wouldn’t have happened.

          Truth be told, I still haven’t watched the trailer yet. When I first noticed it early this morning or late last night (short term memory loss is a big problem for me!) I only had a few minutes but I actually became a bit unnerved looking at the screencaps alone.

          And now, upon returning to the site, I have become so engaged in this discussion that I still haven’t watched the trailer. I think I will now, then probably move on because I get the impression that this particular Lucia release isn’t for me.

          Ultimately, though, I do believe Lucia himself might be the problem and here’s why:

          I believe his efforts are really helping to take the quality of production we find here to the next level. I have been very impressed with his work to date. It doesn’t surprise me that he went to great and deep lengths to satisfy his custom client – even if the result is a little too dark for my tastes.

        • -LuciaFilms- says:

          Likewise grateful for you bringing this up, Bert. Not at all displeased by the reaction. I think is a very human thing. There was a ‘lot’ of similar discussion on set, and often is whenever we film scenes that we can feel in our gut when we review the footage. I think rational coherent discussion is always good and there is definately some meat on the bones of that topic. No offense taken!

          If anything, I suppose we could consider it a steep compliment. There isn’t a single punch thrown in the entire video, and only the suggestion of a drill being used, and yet it has sparked this level of friendly debate. I’d like to think that means we landed the suspense element pretty heavily! From a director standpoint it is hard not to be proud of that!

          From a genre and fan standpoint, I totally get it. Speaking for /just/ myself, filming is no easier than watching sometimes and can be very tricky when overlapping with the lives we live outside. You think watching these films is something you have to dance around, try producing them! ^_~ Even amongst my adult industry friends I often have to describe what we do very carefully because it is *so easy* to misunderstand and misinterpret. A lot of fine lines being walked.

          That said, videos like this are definitely not going to be our norm. And if/when we do another with this level of tummy-oomph, we will continue to put effort into both the trailers, photos and description to warn people ahead of time that it is that sort of film. The original trailer was much lighter fare and I had it scrapped. I wanted people to know what the film and atmosphere was about so that there were no unpleasant surprises.

          Again, thank you for the sophisticated feedback and insight! They are invaluable.

          • Imagineer says:

            Something else to consider here — not all interests are sexual fetishes, and not all content is being watched for sexual stimulation. I’d like to think, based on the level of craft, that not all content is being commissioned or produced strictly to serve prurient interests, either.

            There’s been art going on around here for a long while. Sometimes art makes you think or feel things you didn’t expect or even ask for. And you don’t have to like it, or even indulge it with your attention in the first place. I do think if you’re going to push boundaries that you need to give people a warning — not a specific warning, certainly not tags, but a heads-up when content is outside what is typical for the space.

            And not to launch into yet another topic, but I think using the terms R and PG-13 is counterproductive and divisive, and if we’re not going to use plain English out of fear of search-engine wrath, we need to come up with different jargon. Folding Chair, 66, Spandex Wahwah, Banana/Karo, North Carolina.

          • -LuciaFilms- says:

            I for one can’t wait to start on our next Folding Chair Wahwah project.

    • Sean says:

      I really appreciate this discussion.

      I am bothered by things like rape, blood, and especially causing a heroine to enjoy being assaulted.

      Nonetheless, I have a death fetish. I don’t know why. I recognize that is probably more morally repugnant than the things that bother me. However, ever since I was like 10, I have had the same reaction to a pretty woman dying as I have had to a pretty woman walking around in a bikini.

      The truth is that this entire genre is probably socially damaging in one way or another, and in a perfect world, this entire genre would disappear. Until we are in a perfect world, I’m not going to worry about what someone else enjoys; I’ll just personally avoid it.

      • Angleman says:

        You’re not the only one Sean.

        IMHO though, the death fetish is not as uncommon as you might think and it’s just that an awful lot of people feel uncomfortable admitting it. But you only have to look at the average Hollywood horror movie to see that the brutal slaying of a pretty girl is “de rigueur” in the average slasher movie. But nobody seems to bat an eyelid about it in that context and happily pays the price of the ticket and the popcorn to watch it guilt free.

        Also, that is why the old phrase “la petite mort” ( the little death) was used to describe an orgasm – in other words, there is a fine line between sex and death.

        I guess for me, there are a couple of reasons why a super heroine being “taken permanently out” is a turn on.

        Firstly, the “raison d’être” (far too many French phrases creeping in here for my liking ! LOL!) for them is that they are all powerful and all conquering against any foe. So, for them to be defeated in the most ultimate way is a the most devastating defeat they can experience – one that they are not expecting and cannot stop happening. So already, you can see the link between this and the inflicting of a forced orgasm on them.

        Secondly, I grew up reading comics but the heroine – however overwhelming the odds against her – would always win the day. She never died at the hands of the ruthless bad guy even though he hates her and wants her dead by any means necessary.

        Just look at my favourite character, Wonder Woman, for instance. If you think about the comic book and especially the Lynda Carter TV show, it depicted villains constantly shooting at an effectively skimpily clad, unarmed woman in order to kill her in cold blood. They don’t know she’s going to deflect their bullets. Now think about the same scene whereby she has no bracelets and they just shoot her dead on the spot. Pretty ruthless when you think about it. But we all take it as a given.

        So, as seeing a heroine die never happens in the comics it has become the ultimate taboo for me. I mean, even when they DO kill a heroine, you know full well she’ll be brought back to life again in the comic at some point.

        But what if these heroines existed in the real world, constantly thwarting the plans of villains and bringing them to justice. Would those same villains and thugs play nicey nicey if the had the chance to take her down, just because she happens to be a gorgeous woman? Or would they kill her at the first chance and perhaps firstly take the opportunity to humiliate her and break her spirit by ravishing her first?

        Dark stuff indeed. But the world can be a dark place. So isn’t it better that people can live out these fantasies through harmless, fully consensual videos like these? Creating a fantasy world in which a heroine can be killed one day, only to be fighting crime bright and breezy the following day in an all new adventure?

        In my experience, throughout life, EVERYBODY has a dark side whether they choose to admit it or not. It’s just in our DNA. We can’t fight it. So why not embrace it in a way that causes no real harm to anybody, breaks no laws and which all parties are involved both willingly and positively.

        Just my ramblings…

    • Jacques says:

      Some of Bert’s comments are reminiscent of some of the debates that occurred way back in the second half of the last century. This is usually the case when producers are breaking new ground such as T&A, sexploitation, porn, ‘B’’ and Grindhouse films. Producers included Russ Meyer, Andy Sidaris, And Roger Corman. The most controversial films included ‘Behind the Green Door, Deep Throat and Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill.

  8. Darkwrath016 says:

    WAIT!! Did I like this!?!?! Why yes I did. This ticked literally no boxes for me whatsoever and I came out liking it and enjoying it better than most R rated films I’ve brought over the years. I think this film made me discover a new fetish that I may like……..I’m so confused now.

    Let me state that I’m a physical peril kind of guy. I love fights. I love to see the heroine beaten down in humiliating fashion. I love to see heroines defeated and I want to see the actual act of defeat as well (I do like it though when favorite heroines of mine win though). R rated stuff? Meh. Don’t need it. In fact, I’ve been living perfectly well without out it the last three or so years. Also: kind of dislike the whole trying to get the heroine to orgasm scenario that proliferated the genre recently. And I know this is sacrilege to some but Coco isn’t a particular favorite of mine. So here we have this film. There’s no fighting. The heroine is already defeated and captured (boo!). She’s chained to a chair and what’s the point of all this? Torturing the heroine by getting her to reluctantly orgasm. Also, it stars Coco.

    And yet I liked it. Quite possible loved it.

    What made this enjoyable for me was Coco’s performance in this one. How amazing she played the defiant heroine in the beginning and a small part towards the middle, even though she’s chained to a chair and clearly in no position to bargain let alone defy her mysterious captors. The looks she give. The tone of voice. The words she used. The way she struggled against her handcuffs. I really did sense Venture’s defiance from Coco. Got to say too that I loved that line she said about the viewers being dickless wonders. Very well delivered. Very well acted and plays a vital part in providing some set up for the heroine. But it’s really the force orgasm scenes that does the trick and takes this over the top for me. For force orgasm scenes, Coco puts on a performance the likes I’ve never seen before. All throughout Venture is subjected to stimulation that just about rocks her world sexually and Coco sells it brilliantly as the reluctant heroine. It’s in the way she convulses while being stimulated. Her facial expression that somehow manage to simultaneously express pain and pleasure all in one. Sometimes shifting effortlessly between one or the other. It’s in her intermittent moans followed by shallow breaths, followed by more moans. But best of all (for me at least) it’s how her legs move all throughout some of these force orgasm scenes. I just loved how her legs opened and closed, almost crossing ever so slightly all the while the camera zooms in on her exquisite legs as she’s being stimulated. It just adds an extra element to it all by really emphasizing that the heroine can’t control herself. Complete that with even more intermittent and varied moans from the reluctant heroine and these sequences would no doubt be my favorite force orgasm scene ever (can’t believe I just said that. What’s happening to me!?).

    There’s another scene towards the middle where we witness the aftermath of several men having their way with the heroine sexually. The sex scene itself isn’t shown though we are treated to an amazing scene of Venture where her costume is torn to shreds and her boobs fully exposed. Layered on top of that is the cum that stains her boobs, upper body and face. And then add in another layer for her mouth just completely overflowing with cum as it drips out her mouth complete with pained and distress facial expression from Coco. I’ve seen Coco naked before in a previous film but that doesn’t compare to sight that was that particular scene. And then after the camera focuses on that sight for a bit we’re back to the stimulation complete with the legs crossing, closing and opening thing again. Mmmm. That was delectable.

    The final scene I really liked comes towards the end where Venture ends up begging for mercy because it turns out, if she does orgasm, her heart explodes apparently, killing her. I’ve got a thing for heroine’s begging for mercy (Finally! A box to check!) and to hear Venture beg to the point of wanting to be slave all the while being stimulated to the point of orgasm was almost too hot to handle.

    There are two small gripes I have though. First. I really wished that you could have given me just 2-3 minutes of setting up the heroine Venture. Something where we get to see Venture’s personality more where she’s talking and acting. Something that contrasts the capture that takes place beforehand. Secondly, that drill bit scene didn’t make much sense to me. Actually that strayed a tad too close to gore and nearly killed the entire film for me. I was expecting to see Coco covered in blood from head to toe but thankfully that didn’t happen though it just left me confused about the whole drill part.

    Got to make a comment about the lighting. Normally I like my SHIP films well lit. Not overexposed but enough so that I’m not wondering if the producer forgot to pay the electric bill or something. So I come to this slightly dim film expecting to be a bit annoyed only to find that not only is the lighting good, it perfectly matches the mood of this video. In fact, for this to be lit any other way probably would have made this an inferior film. There are so many ways this entire lighting setup could have gone wrong and only one way it could go right and Lucia absolutely nailed it. If there was an award for best lighting in a SHIP film, this would be the film to get it.

    I’ll end with saying this. Coco was incredible in this one and I enjoyed her performance here. The directing here and the production was also amazing. If you’re looking for actual fighting, or actual sex scenes, or even simulated sex scene then this might not be your cup of tea. But I enjoyed it and this isn’t remotely close to anything I buy on a regular basis. Not even sure why this caught my eye to begin with only that I promised myself I’ll try something new. This film is so shamelessly porn in costume and I’ve complained a couple times on different releases about that. Yet here I am, rather enjoying…….well porn in costume. And not just enjoying it but rather loving it.

    I’m such a hypocrite now.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Whew! Trying not to blush over here. I sent this review to the team and there was a lot of excitement. Especially everyone who works on the lighting. Going to make sure Coco sees it as well. It is *hard* to sell that much action and reaction and emotion when you are limited to literally sitting, tied a chair. It asks a lot of the actor/ess, and she took it as seriously as can be, demanding that we retake certain shots over and over again that she didn’t feel were good enough. What an incredible pro.

      Thank you for your incredible review. We fully do not expect this video to be everyone’s cup of tea but are thrilled beyond words to know that people are enjoying it.

    • coulumbia says:

      Thank you Darkwrath016 for your comments. It’s helping me think about purchasing this video. Can you, or someone else, give some insight into the dialogue during her torture sequences? Is it just (which is still a LOT) having a beautiful bound SH struggling and moaning, or is there a back-and-forth between her tormentors? I happen to like the verbal taunt/tease of a tied up victim being forced to cum. I especially think it helps when they tease her this way using the word “torture” (in other situations, cumming would obviously not be torture… using it as a torture…is a neat thing). Thanks for your input!

      • -LuciaFilms- says:

        I wouldn’t say there is a lot of ‘back and forth’. There is some, especially early on, but it tends to become a pretty focused inner struggle quickly. MADAM OBLIVION does continue to taunt and exposition through the film, though it certainly isn’t in every take. Hope that helps!

        • Coulumbia says:

          Hi Luciafilms- yes that helps a bit, thank you. It looks like such a well filmed clip with good production value with an excellent model/role-play in Coco. I happen to like the verbal banter, especially referring to the sensual torture.

          It would be great if in future clips you could add some taunting dialogue to add to the Captive’s torment, re-enforcing her physical predicament and being tortured per se… even if (and in mind specifically so) it is being forced to orgasm. Since it is forced it is torture! Just one fan’s opinion among many I’m sure.

          Here’s to your continued success with your SH fetish film production.

  9. georyang says:

    Really enjoyed this!

    Usually I get carried away by hype and anticipation and buy something immediately, enjoy it, but then never watch it again, forgotton… I feel like this one will have repeat value in my library. Well done and almost everything was done to my exact liking!

  10. dkm says:

    Bought it. Loved it. I would have seen more with the drill (and maybe have that be how they finished her off for good), but I really loved everything about this. Coco, the effects, the grim and dark lighting. I thought maybe it was too long (these would be killer if you did a series where they were about 10 minutes with a different heroine being humiliated and destroyed.)

    Coco’s reactions are great. She reminds me of Paris Kennedy when I first got into watching these videos with her timing and facial expressions. Someone please deliver to her a big bag of money and all of my thanks for the performance.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Glad you liked the drill bit. (Get it?) That was not in the script and was something we threw in for fun. I’m glad it was enjoyed and hopefully EndofAllThings forgives the little bonus scenes with the drill and the car battery in their film!

      Totally understand you about the pacing, it is a tricky thing for sure! At once trying not to let anything feel too drawn out while also trying to make sure people get as much as you can give them. A balance we will continue to hone in on over time. Thanks for the comment!

  11. shfyd says:

    Big fan of Coco, so I went ahead and bought this, without a second thought.

    Production quality and editing is excellent. The graphics on the screen really are convincing and one thinks that it is a replay of a recoding from long time ago. There is an audio commentary done by a lady with a really nice voice.

    Coco is SUPERB. She endures a forced orgasm first and fights it like a tigress, but her eventual climax is so real. She is then supposedly worked over and in the next scene appears with one breast exposed and continues to spit defiance at her captors. Cut out again and next Coco is regaining consciousness, both her breasts are now exposed and she has been worked over some more. Then follows an extended stimulation and ultimate orgasm…..very engaging, Coco moans and screams and there is some begging for her life.

    Coco is bound throughout, so no action. I like bondage, but this was too much for me.

    Heroine torture is also something I like, but again too much.

    So, I really liked it for Coco, she is an excellent peril actress, and she has one beautiful rack. When she was struggling at the end, her breasts jiggled exquisitely. That alone was worth the price of the video…..

    Otherwise, this was not really my cup of tea

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Great review! While it is the nature of customs that many will be more pinpoint focused on certain areas rather than a broader spectrum, it is great to know that you still found enjoyment with the video even if it was a bit outside of your normal preferences.

  12. HorseWithNoName says:

    Very cool vid. Thanks, LuciaFilms! @Endofallthings: great idea!

  13. -LuciaFilms- says:

    And for any fellow nerds following along with the Lore stuff, this video was awarded with it’s own universe entry in the setting! The Dark Universe. A twisted and lethal reality where few heroines and heroes can survive! Avoid this place at all costs if you are looking for happy endings!


  14. dkm says:

    Is this on sale yet :-)?

  15. Morgan says:

    Love Coco but wondering if she’s ever going to do real explicit stuff

  16. gnarf69 says:

    looks very interesting

  17. Damascus says:

    This is the first update I’ve seen from Lucia Films since the launch of a new independent website back on June 3rd.

    … Hell of a start. Is the fateful end shown on camera or is it also shown as aftermath? I personally enjoy seeing the finishing blow so I’m curious – not that it matters on whether or not I’m buying it. This looks astonishingly good regardless.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      The end is indeed shown on camera! Though it is the result of her heart more or less exploding from the overwhelming cocktail of drugs and hormones she has been injected with. It doesn’t come at the hands of anyone else directly onscreen. As with the rest of the film, the focus is very squarely on her.

  18. Andy says:

    Great concept! I like this dark, Christopher Nolan-esque style.

  19. Heroineburgh says:

    Wow! You have been busy. Amazing concept!

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thanks, though the (excellent) core script was written by EndofAllThings, we did agree to take it in the VHS direction after to up the gritty feel of it! It’s been hectic crazy over here lately! Definitely a good thing, but wow is it tough to keep up!

  20. Kaizar says:

    Love where this superheroine video goes. Great sexy concept.

  21. LordSnot says:

    Well done. The concept I don’t believe has ever been done for a heroine video. Lucia you are really stepping up your game.

  22. Ben says:

    Thank the LORD for someone finally doing something different! Lucia, this looks absolutely brilliant. Love the concept here.

  23. shfyd says:

    This really takes the genre to a new level. Cannot wait to have Lucia take my money.

  24. Señor Descartes says:

    Haven’t even watched the trailer yet, but from the screenshots of poor Coco alone… INSTANT PURCHASE.

  25. Max says:

    Can someone tell me what elements are there in this movie.

    Thanks and I appreciate it.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      This movie is largely composed of intermissions between the actions that happen off camera. It focuses more on the results of the predation than the specific acts themselves. There are a few brief flashes suggesting what is happening to her, as well as extremely suggestive dialog from MADAM OBLIVION, but the selling point is wholly in the realm of Coco’s ability to sell reactions. Which she has. In spades.

      So you will see a lot of her suffering the results, and slowly coming to terms with her situation. A bit of defiance. A bit of terror. But as in the screenshots and trailer, the video is squarely focused on VENTURE and her reactions.

  26. Ztc says:

    The apprentice Lucia has now become the master

  27. HorseWithNoName says:

    Speechless! This looks f*cking amazing. Lucia is the MAN right now!

  28. Endofallthings says:

    Yeah…so this is looking awesome. Lucia has got the tone I was going for just right. Also, check out that lighting, editing and sound mix…not sure of any other producer delivering at that level…

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thank you for the kind words and I am thrilled you are liking where your custom is going! Plenty of producers are producing on our level and far beyond, I assure you. We’ve still got a long way to go! But the sentiment is of course appreciated.

  29. saxman314 says:

    Oooo, this is a different approach… Very interesting.

  30. Mike says:

    Take My Money!

  31. Darkwrath016 says:

    Normally not into the whole torture scenario with that dark undertone and dimly lit scenes. And I’m more of a physical peril kind of guy, complete with actual fighting. And Coco isn’t a particular favorite of mine but I don’t know. There’s something about this that is catching my eye. Looking forward to this one.

    • Redmanx says:

      I agree, Coco is very sexy, and very good in her roles, but for me her vocal responses are pretty limited, especially during the fights, but she looks fantastic when she suffers, lol.

      • RenNstimpy says:

        Vocal responses limited? Lol during fights?? Are we still talking about coco? Lol the variety of noises she makes is beyond any other actress in the genre. She always gives 110% vocally. Imo.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thrilled that we were able to snag your interest for something so outside of your wheelhouse. That means a lot to hear. If you do end up with it, I hope that it is enjoyed! And don’t worry, the next item in the lineup is definitely combat peril oriented!

  32. georyang says:

    Wow super gritty looking! Haven’t really been purchasing most new releases like I was doing a couple years ago but this is definitely doing it for me.

    • Redmanx says:

      Me too, I love the grimy look of her surroundings and her own dishevelled, beat up appearance.

  33. Dkm says:

    And that is an instant buy!

    End, I love your stuff. I will totally go in with you on the next custom