“Viper Falls” from Alex David

Selene Drake stars in Viper Falls from Alex David, available now at SHG-Media.

"Viper Falls" from Alex David

Selene stars as the super heroine Viper. Viper is on a routine assignment to bring in a villain, but he has a serum which makes him very strong. He captures Viper with the intent of breaking her.

Includes: Low blows, Bearhugs, M/F fighting, Belly punching, AOH, sleepytime, fondling, orgasms, sim sex and topless nudity.

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4 Responses

  1. Starman says:

    is there any internal dialogue in this or verbal submission?

  2. Tony says:

    Have to say Selene is one of the most underrated actresses in this genre. I love her selling of the peril.

    I’ll be picking this up at the weekend having bought the first 3 Vipers and thoroughly enjoyed each.

    Not sure I’m a fan of the new costume but judging from the trailer looks like another great release.

    • theVoice says:

      ^ agree with all of this. Selene is awesome. probably one of the best at selling around imo.
      also agree on the costume. I actually prefer the viper costume from the first two but each to their own šŸ™‚

    • JBC says:

      Must chime in with another voice of agreement, if only to get her more well known. She looks absolutely stunning in every vid she is in and is willing to do pretty much any type of peril. More please!