“Virtuous Girl” from The Battle for Earth

Pamela Vorhees stars in Virtuous Girl from The Battle for Earth.

Contains: 3 on 1 Male/Female Combat, Face Punches, Belly Punching, Kicks, Knees, Low Blows, Bear Hug Front And Rear, Back Breaker, Crawling, Groping, Stripping, Full Nudity, Forced Masturbation To Climax, Forced Fucking In Multiple Positions, Forced BJ In Multiple Positions, Live Stream To Stadium Of Villains, Costume Destruction, Electricution,

Synopsis: Virtuous Girl has hacked into a company server at a location she came by from a source. Unfortunately, her source was working for the enemy and it’s a trap. Minutes after she arrives, 3 men show up and they immediately attempt to capture our heroine. She holds and defends herself, but it’s to no avail. Ultimately, the 3 men overpower her and the lead man injects her with multiple doses of a serum which he claims will allow him the power to make her do anything. He demonstrates this power and it works flawlessly. She’s completely under his control. Before Virtuous Girl can recover, she finds herself on a live stream broadcasting directly to a stadium full of thousands of angry folks, villains, and anyone else who has been wronged by the righteous bitch through the years. It’s time to watch her demise and the host of the broadcast doesn’t disappoint. With a captured heroine completely vulnerable to suggestion, and a stadium full of villains waiting for the worst to happen, it doesn’t look good for poor Virtuous Girl.

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  1. Sugarcoater says:

    I wanted to compliment TBFE for their masks. They do a great job with using something that looks sleek and natural, as opposed to the giant Halloween masks I’ve seen used. It’s a nice touch because it doesn’t cover too much of the beautiful heroine’s face.

  2. Karl F says:

    Looks super hot. I missed seeing Pamela in a sexy costume. And this new semi-hardcore thing with the fake dicks is a plus too.

  3. drzod says:

    Pamela Voorhees is definitely one of my favorites. Any release featuring her is a must buy for me. She’s a very sexy woman.

  4. Andy says:

    Interesting discussion in this thread. While I typically prefer thinner babes like Lana Rhoades, Pamela Voorhees puts on some of the sexiest videos in the whole genre and I find her as hot as they come in this business. Shadowcat is one of my all time favorites. I really hope she doesn’t read this thread. While I am all for voicing your opinion, there’s certain times where it just doesn’t need to be said. All you had to do was not buy the video if you for whatever didn’t like her. There’s no need to be hurtful for no reason.

  5. jlocke says:

    To each their own I guess, but I love curvy girls like Pamela. I agree with uhzoomzip, if Alex David is retired, Pamela Voorhees is my new favorite superheroine actress.

    Does anyone know if she’s been in any other movies other than these:
    Secret Heroine Films:
    Shadow Cat
    Shadow Cat: Big Mistake
    Night of the Demon
    Public Humiliation

    Virtuous Girl

    Has she been in any movies that aren’t superheroine related?


  6. ODILE says:

    Excellent movie. The storyline is very interresting, it’s well filmed and played. Pamela is gorgeous (beautiful costume) and she’s a good actress, I like the way she expresses the different emotions the superheroine feels: arrogance. shame, lust… Villains are very worryng, good actors. The peril elements are well thought, maybe a next time few special effects could be a plus ( I mean something like laser or electric rays, but it’s a personal opinion). I love the unmasking, the public humiliation that results from, the “x-rated” scenes… Virtuous girl needed a good lesson, and she had it ! Excellent job. My only regret is the lack of a zipped photoset to purchase.

  7. Manic Street Creature says:

    This is the custom vid I’ve been wanting for a long long time, the idea of the helpless heroine being humiliated and unmasked in front of a crowd of her enemies….but i didn’t think it would really be possible to achieve to an effective degree… but then I thought if anyone can…the battle for earth can….and they really delivered for me!

    They almost perfectly captured what I had in my head and in my script, in fact the only way it could have been improved is if she was actually in the stadium with the crowd….but unfortunately I don’t have a million £ budget 🙂

    Even so the visual and audio Sfx were amazing, as we’ve come to expect from TBFE but here they’ve gone the extra mile, and I really felt the dread Virtuous Girl must be feeling….I almost felt sorry for her *laughs manicaly*

    Oh and, E?, I personally requested Pamela for this vid and was so happy TBFE could make it happen. She is such a beautiful woman and does a great job in this vid, she looks absolutely perfect in every way! Please take your trolling elsewhere.

    Pamela does a great job with the line delivery and fighting, although fighting wasnt my focus here so she does get overpowered pretty soon! Poor Virtuous Girl! Maybe in my next vid she’ll fair better…..nah the villains always win right? *laughs manicly again for about an hour*

    All in all its an amazing vid, great performances all round both in front and behind the camera and i’m certainly very happy I went with TBFE.

  8. sam says:

    wow just bought it pamela is amazing this just maybe MOVIE OF THE YEAR great job love me some pamees wammees wow!

    • Old Guy in Coveralls says:

      Absolutely! This woman is a *find* (and clearly a classic horror film aficionado 🙂 ). She is pretty, curvaceous, and — perhaps most important — she is very good at delivering her dialogue pretty realistically, which enhances the effect in a film like this, where hearing her talk about her situation is half the fun. That sort of natural sound is deceptively difficult to pull off.

      There is a moment in the middle of her humiliation where she is asked how she feels, and she responds “defeated and helpless, but I’m relieved you didn’t f**k me.” The last admission was the result of the control/truth serum she was injected with, and as soon as she says the last phrase, she does the most delightful little look and breath-catch of surprise, knowing she just reminded them of something they could do next. She manages to make that little detail seem so spontaneous.

      I hope there is an opportunity to do more with her. She is fantastic.

  9. HorseWithNoName says:

    Well, and yes, love the movie! Pushing the envelope once again. TBFE for the win!

  10. uhzoomzip says:

    Looooving the actress’s body. Absolutely gorgeous woman. If Alex David has indeed decided that she is done portraying heroines in peril, I’m hitching my cart to the Pamela Voorhees fanboy bandwagon. One door closes, another one opens. Truly looking forward to purchasing this video tonight.

  11. Old Guy in Coveralls says:

    Just in case anyone is buying with the idea that there is a full chloroform scene here, the heroine fights it off before even getting affected at all, and it is never come back to again. The elements list above accurately does not include the KO, but the still above with the cloth over the heroine’s mouth might suggest otherwise to some.

    Still, actually, a worthwhile video, mainly because the heroine is so appealing. She acts very well in both the fight and humiliation scenes. And even though she is not chloroformed, we do get a little dialogue right after she fights it off: “Thanks, but I don’t need to go to sleep yet.” Overall, still a good purchase.

  12. E says:

    This looks great and all but couldn’t you have at least used someone that has a body that befits a heroine?

    • Superbgirl says:

      That’s really mean >:(

    • Imagineer says:

      E — good job with the preemptive satire of the self-absorbed insensitive jerk post.

    • Jacques says:

      How to make friends and influence people. The trouble with the world right now is that too many people are actually saying what they are thinking. Some thoughts are better left unsaid.

      • sugarcoater says:

        I don’t condone being rude about someone’s body, but I would like to think someone could voice their opinion in a fairly polite fashion about a model’s body seeing as how the medium is ALL ABOUT the visuals.
        I don’t think the original post was excessively rude, but I agree it could have been phrased in a better manner if they are saying they want a more muscular model.
        Maybe instead we can focus on being polite while still being able to post our opinions on a message board focused on advertising our kink.

        • Imagineer says:

          It’s quite a reach to defend E on the theory that his opinion has any politeness behind it. And voicing concern that we all be allowed to share theoretically polite opinions about how a model looks, here, about Pamela Vorhees, the… second? video of hers in the past year in a sea of videos that hit the bullseye of the mainstream Photoshop ideals of beauty? That’s needle-threading that needn’t be done.

          ESPECIALLY when everyone who’s been here for a minute knows that what this producer makes and who gets featured is influenced very much by the patron who commissioned the piece, less by online store purchases, and at this point likely not at all by posts here.

          E was able to post his opinion. And deserved to get an earful for it.

        • saxman314 says:

          Fuck politeness and political correctness. Common decency, though, is another matter. If you’d walk up to a cosplayer and tell her she should have more of a body that “befits” a heroine, you’re trash. Your wallet speaks more loudly to the people with the power to give you what you want, even if it’s as small as everything else you’re compensating for with remarks like that.

          • E says:

            Lol ok, all i asked was for these heroines to reflect the heroines i see in movies and comics. But you intepreted it as if Ive insulted a disabled person or something.
            Ya’ll are crazy.

          • Jacques says:

            Words matter.

          • imagineer says:

            You want them to stop dressing so sexy, be woke and chaste and win all the time?
            You’re crazy if you think you can walk this back with a non-apology. Quit while you’re behind. Tomorrow’s another game.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            Can’t wait until the juvenile term “woke” works its way out of Americans’ diction.

            To the points made, if someone really wants a certain model, they pay for it by commission. Doesn’t make sense to ask TBFE to choose a different model.

            As for the original comment, seems like some people are enjoying being offended on behalf of the model. E simply posted that he wanted a model more befitting of a heroine. That doesn’t mean Pamela has a bad body, simply not one E sees as being a heroine. That’s E’s prerogative. Others obviously see Pamela’s body as good for the role. It’s just a matter of taste. And commenting on a model’s look is fair ground when we are literally talking about a model!

            I am not partial to the tone of the original comment, but I’m not reading into it the venom that some commenters seem to find. Yes, it’s a touchy subject as no one should make body comments randomly in public. But this is a forum for discussion of models, fetish, and visuals of our respective fantasies. This would be the place to politely comment on such matters. The key would be politely doing so. And that said, I don’t think that first comment was quite as rude as some are making it out to be.

            Forgive me for not falling into line in excoriating the original comment, but I think E is being a bit unfairly criticized for that comment.

          • saxman314 says:

            It was a douchey thing to say. Sad thing about the internet is when you say something fucked up and everybody says “hey, that’s fucked up,” it comes off as a crazy overreaction because of the number of the comments. None of the commentors are overreacting, though, and it has nothing to do with being offended on behalf of anyone or even themselves. It’s just people seeing something wrong and saying something to correct it. I’m not offended by someone dropping their trash on the street, but I’ll definitely say, “Hey, buddy, you dropped your shit.” Again, common decency.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            Fair point, but I would counter by adding that piling on is a version of overreacting.
            I don’t see the original comment as being all that messed up. Asking for a body that befits a superheroine isn’t offensive—most people don’t have bodies of superheroes or superheroines. There wasn’t a comment about the model herself, just a request for a more muscular figure (again, I’m reading into the comment as meaning that).
            Simply put, some models have muscle tone, some have curves, a rare few have both. Requesting a certain body type for a role in a fantasy video based on visual representation of fictional characters isn’t offensive, but it does require a certain amount of tact to not offend.
            As for the trash analogy, I am absolutely bothered by that kind of behavior. That said, I don’t see the connection to someone voicing a preference for a body-type in an online forum about the objectivity of women as superheroines. I would call out someone dumping trash as it affects everyone’s environment in the area; a comment about body-type preference doesn’t impact anyone’s environment.
            Sorry for belaboring the discussion; I just enjoy a healthy discussion I suppose.

          • Imagineer says:

            Since we’re apologizing for belaboring, which is a bit like saying “no offense, but…”

            If you want to dismiss me as being offended on behalf of the model, then you’re kinda stuck if I dismiss you as being offended on behalf of the commenter. Forgiven. Forgiven?

            All should beware that in trying to veil a comment in gentler language you could end up saying something harsher — and if the gentler language puts on airs, you’re begging not to be given the benefit the doubt, so be good at it.

            Coulda said “my penis grew up on such a narrow diet of suze.net copyright violations and early creator-owned comics titles that it doesn’t know what to do with anything but a size 2 with spherical implants and a Buns of Steel credit — and for my Jergens-free entertainment I can’t justify fetish video prices when The CW gives me more angst than a lifetime in the 10th grade… so I’ve gotta pass on this one, but good luck with the release!” (Self-deprecation is often a safe way through.)

            You know, instead of whipping out “befits” which calls the actress inappropriate for the role. (Dude, don’t even.)

            Or, upon struggling for more than 30 seconds to find a polite way to say something, one could ask oneself what’s to be gained in continuing the imposition.

            Aside from the endorphin rush from Internet self-validation when you click a button that tells the world what you think. I think we can all agree that’s priceless. Especially the thumbs-down. That button should produce a tissue every time you click it.

          • saxman314 says:

            Taking the opportunity to talk trash to a trash talker isn’t an overreacting, either… it’s just good fun.

    • Stan says:

      How could you say that?? She has a beautiful body and the best curves! Especially in that costume it looks super sexy! Nothing wrong with that!

    • Decendingskulls says:

      I used to date a girl who had a body like this and she was tough man, she could kick your ass. Just sayin. Being a fighter is not necessarily the same as being a crossfit instructor. As for superheroines, they’re not real, so we can imagine them how we like.

      • Sugarcoater says:

        I agree with you Descending. And my guess is E imagines superheroines with a more muscular physique and that initial comment represents that.
        In adding my two cents, I prefer muscle without too much definition and curves (but not the DanO size curves from SHC).

        • E says:

          No, not even muscular, just… slim

          • saxman314 says:

            You should be a happy camper, then. The vast majority of the chicks in these videos are skinny. Check out xxxtremecomixxx on clips4sale. Most of their powerful superheroines would blow away in a stout breeze. The Japanese have them in droves, too, at akiba-web.com. Primal has plenty, as well, although they have a nice proportion of girls with nice proportions, also.

  13. LordSnot says:

    Wow, This girl has really huge…


  14. saxman314 says:

    The content of the video isn’t exactly my thing, but it was still super hot. This chick is criminally underutilized. So fine. The fight scene was fun, especially while she was still fighting back.

    • dkm says:

      How’s the electrocution scene at the end?

      • HorseWithNoName says:

        I don’t think it is what you mean. The focus of this vid – which I like a lot – is mostly on sexual humiliation. Hope this helps!

        • saxman314 says:

          Yeah, the humilation aspect was hot. I just prefer a physically resisting and eventually submitting heroine to the mind control approach. Clearly, that was the main kink here beyond the superheroine thing, and it’s done in a way that ticks plenty of boxes on the fear, humiliation and control fronts, which I do enjoy. The electrocution thing was fine, but that’s not really a thing for me, either… To me, the pain is a means to an end, and by the time you’ve got her strapped down and helpless, the end has been reached.

          The actress sells everything really well and everything about her look is just insanely hot to me.

          If anything, I just wish they didn’t try to cover her tats. I understand the sentiment, but it doesn’t really work, and the make-up rubs off on the costume, making it look dirty. In fact, it’s such a losing battle, I almost have to assume it was an explicit request from the patron who commissioned this video, so I can hardly complain.

          At this point, any video with Pamela Voorhees in it is an instant buy for me. I hope she does lots more… Would love to see her as Wonder Woman busting out of her top!

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