“White Shadow 2” from The Battle for Earth

The Battle for Earth has released a new video: White Shadow 2, starring Natalia Starr.

Contains: 1 on 1 female/female combat, face, body, belly punching, kicks, low blows, crawling, pussy and breast play/torture, use of restraints, crop, nipple clamps, painful power stone, gag, leashed forced to crawl

Synopsis: The socialite Quinn is upset that White Shadow has been getting media attention. She can’t handle anyone gaining more notoriety in the public eye, so she devises a plan to bring Shadow down from her pedestal and publicly humiliate her. She knows Shadow derives power from her precious stone, so using her money and resources, she acquires a rare, one-of-a-kind stone that cancels White Shadow’s powers while creating unbearable pain. She then pretends to be kidnapped knowing Shadow will be the first to show up. The plan works perfectly, and Shadow has no idea what’s about to happen to her.

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19 Responses

  1. Holymolydude says:

    This release really surprised me. Way better than I expected. Belle has to have given us the best female villain ever. The brief scene around the 16 minute mark was almost too hot for me to handle.

    • Villain Fan says:

      Same here. This was a real standout in no small part thanks to Belle. She and Coco are the absolute best in the business imo.

  2. Señor Descartes says:

    Spectacular release with high quality peril and performances. Belle Fatale delivers once again and Natalia really brought it.Would love to see some strap-on violation in the sequel… and White Shadow’s inevitable submission for her torturer/master, Quinn.

  3. JBC says:

    Unrelated to this specific video, but did you guys get to see the added models for TBFE customs? Looks promising

  4. shevek says:

    This one steps up the game. Belle is always so great, seemingly sexy and crazy at the same time. I think she could really fill a lot of the villainess roles that Stella once did.

  5. John says:

    “Here comes the chu chu train…” as the title implies this is the second White Shadow video; The first starred Adriana Chechik whilst this one featuring tall, lithe and leggy Natalia Starr as the ‘tit’ular heroine. (Both girls look very similar, so the switch around is not that jarring.) Going off how much I enjoyed this video let’s hope there’s a ‘White Shadow 3’ or maybe even a TV series. Long haired brunette Belle Fatale is great as mentally unhinged villainess Quinn. She’s totally convincing in the role… either that… or maybe she’s actually just bat-shit crazy in real life. The video contains plenty of painful looking abuse of Natalia Starr’s small, but remarkably pliant, tits and ends with total humiliation and disgrace for the heroine. So basically well done to everyone involved… and well done to whoever ordered this custom in the first place.

    • Kookie says:

      There miiight be a WS3 😉 . And yes I do agree, Belle did an excellent job as the villainess. She actually has more character than the heroine herself lol. I actually wanted WS to show more character but it was Natalia’s first time so it’s understandable.. But next one, for sure I’ll make sure the heroine has more character

      • rdecker says:

        Oh so it was your custom! Thanks for that, if you do another one, I’d be willing to pitch in for Supergirl Natalia similar to Rye’s Unenthusiastic Participation w/ Gigi Allens

  6. 666 says:

    my paypal is ready for purchase!
    great job TBFE.

  7. MCarvalh says:

    In my opinion TBFE is the best producer at the moment. A few weeks ago I wrote about the Miss Marvel video. I still believe it is a very good one, but this White Shadow is now the best in my list. I loved to be introduced to a new actress playing the heroine. Do not get me wrong. I think Coco, Adriana and the other actresses are gorgeous and play the superheroine role very well. but it is always refreshing to see a new face. The actress playing the villain did a great job. The character reminded me a lot of the joker without the make-up. The costumer White Shadow wears is extremely sexy. I must confess that I have been eagerly waiting for this video since a saw a picture posted in another forum and I was not disappointed. Great great video!!! I believe this was a custom video. Kudos to whoever came with the concept!!! Can’t wait for the next one. I also loved the fact that this one was released kind of out of the blue. Is this new strategy of not advertising the videos days ahead of release working better for the sales or there is no impact?

    PS. I have a question to TBFE not really related to this movie. What is the artistic name of the brunette actress who played Shadowing in the first video? Is she still active? Any plans of using her again?

    • Heroinefane says:

      Agreed! I hope to see more of Natalia perhaps in a leotard Supergirl costume, her long legs and body were so amazing in White Shadow

  8. bazza says:

    that was awesome, i can’t wait for belle to gets her hands on coco 🙂 (please make it happen)

  9. Mel says:

    She reminds me of the really athletic, tall blonde from Primal’s videos. She was in a yellow costume against a wolf once. Anyway, this looks great.

  10. fbsol says:

    Just notes:
    Natalia Starr’s 1st film here? Easy story to get into. Belle really adds so much narrative, great role-playing. Power source prop was cosplay level, maybe extra glue to the plate and a more discernible power vs power drain color (Power stone seemed dark blue or black, while the drain stone was also black or dark red maybe) the color the shard was different then the drain stone. Belle plays up the sexual peril focus is on the boobs, but there’s some vag play. It’s not a sequel. Natalia’s hair style after costume transition ultra cool and sexy (splash pic). hair products couldn’t keep it looking that way through the whole film? No nudity from Belle. Mask stays on.

    Recommended, good watch

  11. nate the great says:

    is there unmasking involved?

  12. Hy-Jynx says:

    Natalia is AMAZING as White Shadow! Please, please, please bring her back to reprise the role! Can’t get enough of her!