“Wicked Memories” from Lucia Films (Now Available)

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  1. sugarcoater says:

    I really like the amnesia idea for a future movie with a Supergirl-like character. The premise would be Supergirl is found unconscious by a scientist who has been tracking her for some time. He takes her into his lab to help her heal. But as he does so, he finds himself uncontrollably attracted to the heroine he has been following for years. Knowing Supergirl’s strengths and weaknesses, he had already created a pink kryptonite out of morbid curiosity–he knows it may affect her libido and his obsession with her inspired him to make it.
    When Supergirl regains consciousness but without memories, the scientist decides to tell her she is not a super heroine but a super heroine stripper who works for him. To prove his point, he asks SG to try lifting him. She can’t, as the pink kryptonite both turns her on but also diminishes her powers. The scientist then begins asking SG if she senses that she is a bit aroused even now in her present condition. As she feels the effect of the pink kryptonite, she admits she is feeling turned on.
    At this point, the scientist begins pressing his advantage. This is where the director can use their imagination to create whatever scenarios involving a nympho-like Supergirl, anything from a pole dance to being sexually dominated by the scientist (and perhaps another man or woman).
    The end of the video could be Supergirl regaining her memory after passing out from being sexually overwhelmed. After she regains consciousness, she picks up parts of her uniform that were removed during her sexual tryst and limps out of the lab in utter humiliation.

    Having Aubrey or Alexis or Coco (with some slight curls in her hair <–high maintenance request) in that role would be simply stunning. Just a thought, and I hope you don't mind me posting it here but this video served as the inspiration for it.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Lots of great ideas and plot suggestions in there! Thanks for the post, it is not minded in the least. We always love hearing what people are interested in seeing, and you never know when something might pop up in a movie!

  2. Heroineburgh says:

    Super impressed by everything about this production! This is where the harder edge of SHIP should be in Current Year. Much love to Lucia.

  3. AlyAdmirer says:

    Lucia is quickly reaching equal footing with NGC as my favorite studio in this genre. The star is mesmerizingly gorgeous, it is flawlessly shot, and the reveal was a thing of genius.

    I’m eagerly awaiting where this goes…

  4. TheVoice says:

    what a film…

    Lighting – brilliant
    Camera work – flawless
    Special Effects – awesome
    Villain – cool
    “Heroine” – Gorgeous
    Ending – unique
    Worth the price of admission? – absolutely

    not a second is wasted in the near 30 minute run time. first time buying a LuciaFilm and was not disappointed. more from these characters please, Torrentia in particular though 🙂

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thank you for the kind words! Torrentia has already been filmed in the sequel, so worry not on that one. No release date for that yet though, as there are a few others that need to be edited first. Hope you find more to enjoy in our library!

  5. Dr_Mabuse says:

    OK, I’ve been watching Lucia’s product rolling out here for some time with growing interest, but haven’t yet picked one up. I just haven’t been sure which one to roll the dice on. Any help would be appreciated.

    Lucia’s videos have caught my eye due to the unusual visual style, original heroines, and the attention to continuity. I guess the reason I haven’t picked one up yet is that at least some of them look pretty violent, and I lean more toward the PG-13 side of things than R, especially hard-R. I can handle a little violence, some sexual content, but I get bored or disinterested if it becomes the main focus of the action.

    So, any suggestions for a starter video from Lucia? Something that isn’t too graphic and introduces some story elements? Thanks in advance.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Most all of our videos have some level of sexual peril in them. Some more than others. We haven’t really shot a full PG shoot yet since “The Orb” (Don’t judge us, that was a long time ago! =P) but I would say that sexual content is rarely the main focus.

      We do prefer to lean heavily on story, and a few movies go way further in this than others. If you are looking for a heavier narrative in our library, I would absolutely suggest Skullion: Prologue, Skullion: Monsters, and the above film. Wicked Memories.

      I think you might enjoy “Scarlet: Reunion”, as even though it is heavy on the sexual content in a few places, most of it is action and even the sexual peril has an almost playful (if twisted) aspect to it due to the history and relation of the characters involved.

      Skullion: Monsters might be the best match though. It has a pretty crazy sex scene at the end, but up to that point it is virtually all story. Probably too much story for some people.

      We fully intent to attempt a full PG movie some time soon and give it a try!

      Hope this helps!

      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        Thanks for the reply! Your last recommendation, Skullion: Monsters, looks *really* intriguing, so I’m going to pick it up when I get a chance. Believe it or not, I don’t think I have a single video with Coco in it, so this will be my first of hers as well.

        I’m very curious about what a PG movie from you would look like, but I don’t want to give the impression that I’m only interested in that. I’m a huge NGC fan, and a big part of that is the continuous stories, but I definitely like videos with more overt kink/sexual content than they usually do. I also like Feargirl a lot, and they do a good deal of (IMO) interesting sexual content.

        Again, thanks for the in-depth consideration of my question.

  6. -LuciaFilms- says:

    For those following along with the continuity, this latest release brings an update to our cameo turned featured villain Blister and the addition of Torrentia to the roster. This film is loaded with contiuity elements both tied to previous films and ones shot but not yet released. So if you like to nerd out on those things, please feel free to check the link below!

    WARNING: As always, entries can contain spoilers, so avoid them if you prefer being surprised by certain plot twists.


    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Side Note: We were considering making a timeline on the Luciaverse page to list the canon movies and what order they occur in, since some movie timelines jump around a little bit. Is this something that would interest people? Or would you consider it overkill?

      We thought that as we expand the lore of the setting it might be a useful aid for those who would prefer to watch them in order.

      • Heroine Fall says:

        I’m always down for some continuity to the story! I’m secretly (loudly) hoping the SHiP film genre grabs a little depth to the story; adds some flair to the drama.

      • Meerkat Man says:

        I personally love that idea. Continuity brings an added dimension to the stories and the peril (imho).

  7. Emeraldtalon says:

    Any best guest for a release date? Also a synopsis of what elements/content we can expect in the film would be amazing!

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      We are currently looking at the 4th or 5th for release dates, as we try to avoid releasing on anyone elses toes. Hard to do with so many other producers, but we try!

      Let’s see… general elements you can expect would be:
      -Low Blows
      -Rocking Sex Scene
      -Bear Hug
      -Inner Dialog
      -Mystery/Major Plot Development
      -Something else I’m sure I am forgetting!

      Hope this helps!

      • Emeraldtalon says:

        Very much so, thank you! and it being around the 4th or 5th is actually perfect for my poor poor wallet, will definitely be a day 1 purchase for me!

  8. RenNStimpy says:

    When I first saw skullion monsters it was like the dark k ight of heroine movies, can’t explain it. It was something different. Can’t wait for anything else produced from Lucia. Keep up the great work. Even if rye quits we still have hope lol no offense to any other producer but rye is daddy.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Wow! What a crazy kind thing to say. The Dark Knight is admittedly one of, if not /the/ favorite superhero film of mine in terms of tone and gravity and just killer cinematography/acting. So pardon the silly smile on my face from hearing that! I actually want to make a ‘Nolan’ style movie some day when we have a budget saved up and really try to make something gritty and stylish and real feeling in that vein. Here’s hoping!

      And The Rye will always be Daddy, haha.

      Thanks again!

  9. Ztc says:

    Once again looking great

  10. Shazrand says:

    That actress is insanely beautiful!

  11. LordSnot says:

    I welcome this lovely new heroine. Very pretty. Good trailer set up. Lucia Films is on a nice roll.

  12. Endofallthings says:

    It’s the little things from the trailer I like. The attention to detail of how the air blow her hair when her power is active around her fist – THAT’S attention to detail….

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Wow I’m so thrilled you noticed that! That was such a tricky shot with the fans and the lights and getting all of that to time correctly. Part of me wondered if it was overkill but it is deeply gratifying to know it was noticed. Thanks for the comment End!

      We will continue to strive for including those details where and when we can.

  13. Rover says:

    These kinds of FX are going to take this genre to the next level.

  14. Meerkat Man says:

    Wow, she is super hot!


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