“Wonder-Diva Meets Her Fate” from Kandy Crisis

Wonder-Diva returns in Wonder-Diva Meets Her Fate from Kandy Crisis.

Wonder-Diva Meets Her Fate – The tightly corseted and generally stunning Wonder-Diva makes her way to the ring confident of victory. Her opponent is Sister Fate, an angry looking woman who isn’t fazed by Wonder-Diva’s strength and confidence and vows to defeat her. The fight starts strongly for our heroine but Sister Fate has a plan, hidden under the ring is a chain made from the rare element ‘Masculum’, a substance toxic to Amazons. Wonder-Diva is weakened and sent sprawling to the canvas by Sister Fate’s fist wrapped in the chain. When Wonder-Diva wakes she has been chained and collared, giving Sister Fate every opportunity to dominate her, which she takes with relish. Will Wonder-Diva ever be wonderful again?



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To go with this release of Wonder-Diva, we have almost 4 minutes of Silver out-takes from Kandy Crisis #3 for you. Several out-takes and alternate angles of Silver taking on Hit-Woman and frankly coming off second best. Also a few posed videos while doing photoshoots. A must for any fan, but remember, this gets removed and deleted after 48 hours from the release of this video on FRIDAY at https://kandycrisis.com.

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15 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I liked it, and thought both Diva and the actress playing the villainess looked fantastic. Diva is so incredibly gorgeous in that Wonder Woman outfit. While showing confidence and tremendous strength early on, once the villainess introduced her magic chain, Wonder Diva quickly became frightened and helpless, and so remained for the balance of the film. She took a great beating and I loved watching being led away in chains, completely at the mercy of the villainess. Rarely do I criticize an NGC KickAss release, but two things: the acting wasn’t as stellar as I’ve seen both women perform in past films, and the shortness of the film’s length left me wanting much more. I still definitely enjoyed it and really want to see more of Diva as Wonder Woman taking on, and being defeated by, female antagonists.

  2. Redmountain says:

    How much of this involves Wonder Diva getting chained/beat down? Interested in picking it up but the last few releases I’ve got from them that claimed to have peril had a bit too much girl power in them. Was hoping Diva would be getting the business end for most of this in that sexy WW costume of hers.

  3. SGFan says:

    I got this yesterday. I liked it, but felt it was lacking a little something. I loved the actress who was the villain in this from Super Bluebird. I felt like though her emotions of wanting to defeat Wonder-Diva didn’t come through as they should have. Not in the way that they did with Bluebird.

    Wonder-Diva had a bit of a similar issue. I felt she sold moves wells when she was put in them but I didn’t get the feeling this was a shocking defeat for her. Nor did I think she act like the magical chain weakened her actually. Again she acted well bound and being put into moves but didn’t get the feel of a mighty Amazon being shocked by losing her strength or being defeated.

    Both ladies looked very good, but if I was rating this one I’d say its a 3/5. Don’t regret buying it but can’t be sure how much I’d rewatch in the future compared to other vids

  4. rover says:

    Need. More. Silver.

  5. Mike says:

    Looking forward to this, but sometimes her “selling ability” leaves much to be desired. In the last Wonder Diva video, during the final OTS, she was meant to be unconscious, yet she was moving around and assisting her assailant in rolling her out of the ring and carrying her away lol Hoping for some “totallly out cold” type acting in this one, but I’m not sure shes capable of it.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      Completely disagree with you on Diva’s selling ability. She’s easily in the top three best sellers at this point and a good argument can be made that she’s THE best seller right now.

      Also, Diva wasn’t meant to be fully unconscious during the final OTS. After her head was viciously slammed to the mat and she was pinned, you can actually see that she tried to kick out of it. She was so weak and utterly defeated thought that she could barely lift her shoulders off the mat a couple inches. She did however move around a bit. She was as I like to say, ‘half conscious’ at that point in time. And when she was rolled away she was still in that ‘half conscious’ state albeit completely helpless and at the mercy of the champ. And it was especially great the way she ended up on the floor, tried to get to her hands and knees but the champ carried her off anyway. Now I do think that the movement right before the OTS carry wasn’t as amazing as everything else. The movement itself seemed unnatural given Diva’s state. Like you would expect her to stumble forward a bit when she pulled up to her feet but that is such a minor flaw that it’s barely worth mentioning (oops! But then I went and ran my mouth of course)

      Honestly, that to me was the single greatest lose sequence in the history of SHIP films specifically because Diva wasn’t knocked out. That’s just how I feel about it. I’ve quite literally watched that sequence over 50 times since the release and it never gets old. Especially when coupled with everything that occurred after the reverse bearhug.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        And just one other thing about Diva not being capable of selling the ‘totally out cold’ scenario. Well in Kandy Crisis 12, when she was dressed as BlueBird, Sister Fate knocked her out cold. No semi conscious state. No moving around. She was laid flat on her back where Sister Fate pinned her, rest her foot on Diva’s defeated body to gloat a bit before walking off. And to top it all off Diva was knocked out for a good half a minute.

        • Mike says:

          Maybe I’ll have to check that Kandy Krisis 12 out then. I just feel like we have yet to receive that perfect “ko and carry” sequence from her that I’ve desperately wanted.

  6. Valik says:

    Love to see Wonder Diva vs another guy..and be dominated like the last one. BTW is there a follow up to that one coming? Last we saw Wonder Diva was carried away OTS after having been defeated

    • Next Global Crisis says:

      Any future Wonder Diva titles are contingent upon the stunning success of this video.

      • Steve says:

        I certainly plan to contribute to the “stunning success” of this latest Wonder Diva title. Diva is just the quintessential Wonder Woman, and her fighting and acting abilities are stellar. I was really hoping I would see her again in a matchup against a villainess woman who concurs and humiliated her and based on the trailer, it looks like my desires are about to be realized. Friday cannot come soon enough!

  7. Darkwrath016 says:

    Sister Fate sure does seem to enjoy pummeling heroines. I think she might be addicted at this point.

  8. dkm says:

    Wow. I really hope we get more Wonder-Diva in peril releases like this in the future.