“Wonder Woman, Creepy Fan” from Christina Carter

After a long day working the cosplay convention floor Christina Carter returns to her hotel room to rest. She is dressed in her iconic, fan favorite Wonder Woman costume. As Christina rests on the bed a fan gains access to her room disguised as hotel staff. An unsuspecting Christina soon finds herself the unwilling play thing of a creepy female fan.

Clip contains: cosplay, rag over mouth, rope bondage, stripping, groping, shiny pantyhose, g/g, humiliation

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7 Responses

  1. JumboMumbo says:

    Pic number 15 FTW!

  2. John says:

    Christina is a hotter looking Lynda Carter and I didn’t think that was possible.

  3. Kaizar says:

    Have you ever consider doing some videos with latex costumes?

    Also, you’ve done videos with Rapture (2016 & 2017 & 2018), but never in your own videos. Would you ever do a CC Production video with actress Rapture?

    • KiriAegis says:

      I’m going to agree there, on the latex. In scenarios where Christina doesn’t end up fully nude, she typically ends up stripped to her starred briefs, which is my favorite piece of the costume, because she wears briefs much like Lynda Cater’s original costume. I agree she should do some perils with big rubber pants on.

  4. Highonfire says:

    God I love Christina Carter…….where have you been??? Pic number seven is awesome!!!!

  5. Jeff says:

    I really really love the chloro peril of this film if a bit frightened about the premise lol but serious some stunning ladies involved with another video from ms Carter ❤️

  6. ASL says:

    Kind of a cool twist where the actress is being taken advantage of because of her costume and not a superheroine character. Looks interesting.


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