“Wonder Woman: Sonic Blast” from Tropic City Heroines

Tropic City Heroines presents Wonder Woman: Sonic Blast, starring Vanessa Cage.

Wonder Woman tracks down Sonic Eagle to his headquarters. He tries to fight her briefly, but that doesn’t go well. He pulls out his Sonic Blaster and fires at her. She blocks his shots. Not to be outdone, he presses a button on his suit and summons his Giant Sonic Blaster. He fires it at Wonder Woman. She blocks it with her bracelets as it emits a continuous stream. She succeeds at first, but it makes her weaker. Once she is one her knees and exhausted, Sonic Eagle gets behind her and takes her down with a special rag.

Next, Wonder Woman is tied up and Sonic Eagle has removed her bracelets, the source of her power. He pulls down her top and fondles her tits. He fondles her pussy over the uniform. And, he hikes up the uniform in back to fondle and spank her ass. Wonder Woman is defiant and first, but that begins to fade. Next, she is tied spread eagle to the bed. Sonic Eagle fondles her tits and applies a Hitachi Magic Wand until he forced her to orgasm. Next, he fucks her missionary for a while and then he continue doggy until he is ready and then cums all over her big titties as she begs him not to and then sobs once she is covered.

Starring Vanessa Cage and Sonic Eagle

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  1. Chloromaster says:

    I like your videos but the chloro scene must be longer and the heroine have to fight more in the chloro scene. More with hands and legs shacking. Maybe saying “no” when she gets chloroformed


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