“Wonder Woman Struggle” from Christina Carter

Christina Carter has released Wonder Woman Struggle. Check out more information below.

With Wonder Woman’s powers eliminated she has been stretched, her hands bound with rope above her head. Our distressed heroine stands with rope encircling her lower thighs and ankles. Her sexy curves ungulates while her body twists and turns searching for a way to escape and reclaim her magic belt and her super powers. Victory lies only inches away. Clip Contains: Super heroine, Cosplay, Rope bondage, damsel-in-distress fetish, white cleave gag and the amazing Christina Carter doing what she does best, giving her fans a great show!

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Creator of Heroine Movies. Director of Supra Girl, Wonderful Lady, Asami, Agent Alexis, Omega Girl, and others. Contact me at heroinemovies(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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You use to do videos for kink.com as Wonder Woman on a couple of their different websites. You could do Kink website tspussyhunters.com as Wonder Woman. I mean the budget would be 100% on them and you could attract some new costumers to purchase your back catalogue of Wonder Woman videos from your site & your clips4sale site once more people see there’s such a perfect Wonder Woman look-a-like in the fetish industry. This way you can do a girl-on-dick-girl video and it once cost you anything. You’ll get all the benefits with non of the risk. And would you also ever do kink’s ultimatesurrender.com as Wonder Woman as well?

It would also be hot to see you do real sex wrestling against someone like Darling/Grappler (Dee Williams), with you starting off in a Wonder Woman costume see would have to strip you of throughout the matches, and see can probably wear a Supergirl costume.


That last paragraph was referring to you doing ultimatesurrender.com in a Wonder Woman outfit against Dee Williams.