“Wonder Woman X 2” from Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils

Fighting Heroines in Sexy Perils has released a new video called Wonder Woman X 2 – The Pied Piper’s Cumback Bondage.

Wonder Woman X 2 – The Pied Piper’s Cumback Bondage now available at www.clips4sale.com/studio/67405/

Before she left Paradise Island, Wonder Woman was told the magic lasso must be wielded with wisdom and compassion. Unfortunately, the Pied Piper isn’t big on wisdom and compassion. Hamlin Rule wields the lasso for domination and humiliation and the Amazing Amazon is caught in the golden lasso’s coils! The mean man has even gagged our princess into silence. Oh no? Oh yes!

Knowing she can’t resist, Hamlin Rule gleefully taunts Wonder Woman with her power items. Nothing like a little hair pulling to show an Amazon Princess who is boss. He fondles the helpless heroine’s sex body. Wedgies and spankings are always teach an unwilling superheroine lessons in respect. The malevolent musician even dares our bound angel to try to break her own lasso. What evil villains won’t do for our entertainment.

Clip Includes:

Villain wearing Wonder Woman’s bracelets, heroine bound with her own magic lasso, heroine gagged, gagged talking, villain mocking a superheroine’s helplessness, villain controlling Wonder Woman with magic lasso, taunting heroine with her magic belt and Feminum bracelets, hair pulling in multiple directions, fondling a superheroine who can’t resist, wedgies, spankings, heroine struggling in lasso shot in multiple angles and classic superheroine plot, costumes and dialogue.

Available at www.clips4sale.com/studio/67405/



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