“Wonderdiva” from Kick Ass Kandy

Kick Ass Kandy presents a new video called Wonderdiva. Check out the details below.

WONDERDIVA IS SIMPLY SPECTACULAR. The villainous Dr Panda wants to rid Pandaville of WonderDiva and sends over his team of killer Ninjas to take her out. WonderDiva destroys the first batch with ease – her spectacular kicking skills wipe them out effortlessly.

Dr Panda then sends in wave after wave of superior Ninjas but WonderDiva is amused and unleashes her incredible array of ass kicking talents and without breaking a sweat she throws these Ninjas about using her skilled fists and astonishing legs to deliver a series of spectacular beatdowns, subjecting them to the ultimate humiliation.

WonderDiva is simply incredible…. not even an army of Ninjas can get close to her. FREE PHOTOSET WITH EVERY PURCHASE!

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36 Responses

  1. Darkwrath016 says:

    Poor Kandy Man. Every time, he post some of his Kick Ass Kandy Girl stuff on this site, us peril lovers keep heckling him with questions regarding when we’re going to see some of these girls suffer true peril. Not that I really blame the peril lovers though. I long for a good Kick Ass Femmes bout. One featuring Diva or Kix definitely wouldn’t go astray. Anyway, I think we got to accept that Kandy Man is appealing to a different audience than the heroine in peril one.

    This does makes me wonder though: Why don’t we hear more from the girl power folks on this forum? Clearly Kandy Man sees some benefit from promoting on this site otherwise he would have stopped long ago save for promoting the Kick ass Femmes. Aside from NGC, he’s probably the most active producer in this “genre” right now which tells me he’s got a clear market for this stuff. And given that the Kick Ass Femmes stuff only comes out with videos 2-3 times a year(!!) while Kandy girl power video comes out I want to say two-three times a month or so then not only is he not appealing to the peril lovers but he’s got a steady stream of supporters for his girl power videos. And not only that but recently Kandy Man said that he hired 20 models this season. That sounds to me like a thriving business model.

    Which again just brings me to the question of where are these people on this site who buy this stuff. I really would love to hear from them more often or just at all really at this point. I think this forum space is big enough for lovers of girl power. I know I like myself some girl power every now and then so I can somewhat relate.

    • Bert says:

      They don’t post here because they find HIP abhorrent. Many have a holier-than-thou attitude because they view their fetish as more socially acceptable. And they aren’t wrong – it is more socially acceptable. What they may not want to admit is that they are just as fucked up as we are, it just expresses itself differently. We should be thankful there aren’t more of them posting here. The one or two that do post are open-minded, or lean a little our way at times.

      • Jacques says:

        I take it that you know some of the holier than thou folks. I can only talk about me as I have no knowledge base about anyone else.
        Over the years my preferences changed. I have moved on from pornography and super heroines. I now prefer to see actresses in dominating situations.
        A couple of years ago I latched on to a producer who was able to respond to my desire to relive my fetishes from my early adult life, i.e. ‘B’/grindhouse type movies. My customs show plenty of skin but no nudity, have intricate story lines featuring French actresses who are very talented and extremely attractive. Sometimes there are no ‘good guys’ in my videos.
        Nevertheless I purchase the occasional HIP film as I do enjoy beat down scenarios, preferably when the heroine is offering plenty of resistance before succumbing.
        I have no doubt that I am screwed up as much as anyone else, perhaps even more so.
        BTW, as far as I am concerned, i do not begrudge anyone’s preferences; for example, pornography is a terrific art form and nobody should be concerned whether it is socially acceptable.
        In any case it is most unfortunate that the non HIP enthusiasts are not posting. It is always nice to have other folk’s viewpoints. Our way so to speak represents a bona fide alternative to your way.

      • kandyman says:

        Find HIP abhorrent? That’s absolute nonsense. What do you base that on? I know of nobody who carries that opinion.

        • Jacques says:

          Some people love stereotyping and generalizations. It makes life a lot simpler, no research required.

        • Bert says:

          Kandyman, I love your work. When there is even a small amount of back and forth action in your vids, I buy them. But “nonsense”? I’ve read plenty of HIP-bashing on sites dedicated to girl power. I have absolutely zero issue with people preferring the heroine winning – it’s just a variation on the theme – but plenty on the other side don’t feel the same way. As far as I’m concerned we’re all in this together, but I get my back up when people moralize about the superiority of their fetish to that of others.

          • kandyman says:

            Well, I spend a lot of time on sites dedicated to girl power and i’ve never seen any comments. I stand by my words.

          • Bert says:

            I’ve spent some time on a site I frequent looking for comments I’ve read in the past so I could quote them to back up my statements. They’ve been removed. It would appear that site moderators don’t approve of arguments between fans of different fetishes. To be fair though, I don’t remember if the comments I’ve seen were from multiple posters, or just one or two malcontents. Given Kandyman’s posts, my initial comments seem to be at odds with the general community’s feelings. I should have said “some”, rather than “many”. Oh well, it’s better than saying “would” instead of “wouldn’t”!

          • Jacques says:

            Hi, I never knew those sites really existed. I would be surprised if their quality was as good as this forum and another popular one as well.

      • JadeOwl says:

        I think that is rather unfair.

        Peril is not my cup of tea, but I have never, ever said anything disparaging about the people who do like it.

    • kandyman says:

      You make an interesting point there DW. KAK does live in it’s own tiny microcosm and it appeals to an audience who love to see hot girls with a sassy attitude beat up the bad guys with a swagger – it’s as simple as that. I can’t speak for everyone from the ‘girl power’ world but I figure you don’t hear from them much because HM caters for another microcosm, special in its own way but different. I don’t really promote in here anymore, Sidekick has become a good friend and he goes out of his way to report news that exists beyond the Wall of the Seven Kingdoms. The reason I don’t promote is, as you say, that I get pretty much the same heckling every time of why we produce oranges when the HM world likes lemons. This is despite me suggesting year on year that we’d like to hear custom movie suggestions from the crowd, never hearing anything and then being told I should change my business model on their suggestion alone. I love movie making and the reason we have a reasonable level of success is that I personally produce and direct every film and put everything ounce of experience, enthusiasm and care into each one. If I was to cater for all the amazing variation in this genre then something would have to give.

      • Jacques says:

        Between Sidekick and Jade Owl, it should not be necessary for you to do much promoting if any. I have said this before ad nauseam, but your actresses have amazing fighting skills. It is much more than nice moves. How about awesome moves. Actually nice moves is a bit of an insult. Where do you find theses people?
        Speaking of your passion, your blog has some pretty terrific BTS clips, your enthusiasm and directing is evident.

    • morgonen says:

      Main reason for me who only enjoys Girl-Power videos to not comment on KAK is they don’t specify what it includes (punches, throws, lifts, barbending etc…) and when you ask them they don’t answer. It looks interesting but without knowing what I’m getting in this genre it’s kinda pointless to buy. They had a video with superstrength stuff which they didn’t show at all neither in trailer or photos, only because a buyer commented about what it contained I was interested to buy. I was happy with it they are doing really good videos but please put out more detailed what we can expect from it.

      • kandyman says:

        We don’t want the films to be defined like this a) because they are films not shopping lists to tick boxes b) the girls would feel uncomfortable if they log on to find they are ticking fetish boxes.

        • morgonen says:

          You don’t have to make a list but it can blend in in the description, you have done this before. Example: “This is amazing high kicking, fast punching, throat lifting, gymnastic, athletic and brutal fighting mayhem.” or “Skarlet brutalises the school bully with her high kicks, power punches, killer knees to face, kick boxing, karate, scissor”

          We get a better view of what it contains and if it has what we want we’re more likely to buy.
          Just my point of view I don’t mean to be harsch, your videos are top quality.

  2. Redmountain says:

    I think they are missing out on a huge revenue stream here, if they would just do 1 or 2 vids a month with some of these girls in “peril” they’d make a killing. I know there was a series a while back with Wonder Diva and Diva in a Supergirl outfit where she got into some trouble, but it wasn’t super peril heavy, and that’s one of the reasons I normally skip their releases despite the women being drop dead gorgeous and unbelievable fighters. If they did a peril series with Wonder Diva I’d probably buy every video. I know it’s not their thing, but just making a suggestion.

    • JadeOwl says:

      I think it’s unfair to expect Kandyman to take the chance changing his business model just on the recommendation of the folks around here.

      If you guys really want that, you should pool your money and commission a custom. And if that sells well, the shift you want may occur naturally.

  3. Scott says:

    This looks hawt! Would love to see a Kick Ass Femmes installment with a WW versus Fausta setup. Or maybe WW versus an upstart Amazon. Etc. =)

  4. Judah says:

    KAK has a lot of gorgeous actresses with some nice moves but they do not feature peril bondage which is why I have not bought from them. I am sure there are many who like there content but it just isn’t my thing.

    • Jacques says:

      Correct me if I am wrong on this, the women have awesome combat skills with terrific acrobatics. I believe that they are the best at this in the genre. I buy from them occasionally. The humour can be quite ‘campy’ and is a turnoff at times.

  5. Elevete says:

    Sorry guys, but the quality of NGC and Kickass Kandy is 100 times higher than any of the other producer videos here. It would be good to take them as an example. I hope you do not mind this comment.

    • sugarcoater says:

      How do you even begin to measure that? What is your criteria?

      • Elevete says:

        I do not want someone to get mad. I just talk about the details, and something else … filming very well and beyond this, the correct elements of the fetishes. NGC is amazing in this.

    • Jacques says:

      There are plenty of other producers who are capable of producing very high quality videos. Guess it would depend one’s fetishes. I won’t hijack this thread to discuss my preferences.

    • Redmountain says:

      Agree that Kickass has great quality, but with such a focus on girl power I simply pass on 99% of their videos. At least NGC introduces heavy peril elements into their vids that make them really good.

  6. Manuel says:

    Nice she fights like a true wonder woman
    If they add peril scenarios like she having her belt as source of Powers being removed by a henchman in order to be defeated

  7. Met says:

    Do any of the men even get 1 hit in ?

  8. Alucard says:

    Wish there’s peril version of this

    • kandyman says:

      FYI – this film was a Custom Movie. If you’d like a peril version then please, by all means, write to me and commission a peril version. It really is as simple as that.

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