X Club Wrestling #46 from Pro Style Fantasies

Nicole Oring, Jessa Rhodes, Christina Carter, and Lucky O’Shea star in X Club Wrestling Episode #46 from Pro Style Fantasies.



X Club Wrestling Episode #46!

In HD!

Way back at Divapocalypse 1, we saw the brutal betrayal of Nina Kwan by her manager, Cadence, and The Marquise, as the two left Nina beaten and busted open outside the ring. Nina disappeared shortly after that fateful night, never to be heard from again. Until NOW!

It seems the champion of NXC (XCW’s developmental league), Jessa Rhodes, is itching to be promoted to XCW, and says she will wrestle and beat ANYONE to prove it! Little does she know that the one and only, the legendary, the vicious, NINA KWAN is on hand and ready to begin her comeback!!

Needless to say, the sexy Jessa is astonished to find out who her opponent is, but bravely squares off anyway–only to find herself receiving a completely one-sided BEATDOWN like she’s never experienced before!!

In recent weeks we’ve also seen the meteoric rise of Lucky O’Shea, who remains undefeated in singles competition, and is now the #1 contender for Christie Stevens’s XCW title. But what happens when an angry Dominator sneak attacks her at the XCW arena, and BRUTALLY works over the helpless redhead’s vulnerable pussy?? Will Lucky even make it to her title match???

Included in this HOT and exciting episode:

Wrestling, brawling, stomps, boob slaps, stomach punching, low blows, wedgies, face punches, fondling, dildo ravishing (hardcore!), backbreaker, choke, forced orgasms, full nudity, and much more!!!

Starring Nicole Oring, Jessa Rhodes, Christina Carter, and Lucky O’Shea!

23 minutes! Only $24.95!

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