X Club Wrestling #46 from Pro Style Fantasies

Nicole Oring, Jessa Rhodes, Christina Carter, and Lucky O’Shea star in X Club Wrestling Episode #46 from Pro Style Fantasies.



X Club Wrestling Episode #46!

In HD!

Way back at Divapocalypse 1, we saw the brutal betrayal of Nina Kwan by her manager, Cadence, and The Marquise, as the two left Nina beaten and busted open outside the ring. Nina disappeared shortly after that fateful night, never to be heard from again. Until NOW!

It seems the champion of NXC (XCW’s developmental league), Jessa Rhodes, is itching to be promoted to XCW, and says she will wrestle and beat ANYONE to prove it! Little does she know that the one and only, the legendary, the vicious, NINA KWAN is on hand and ready to begin her comeback!!

Needless to say, the sexy Jessa is astonished to find out who her opponent is, but bravely squares off anyway–only to find herself receiving a completely one-sided BEATDOWN like she’s never experienced before!!

In recent weeks we’ve also seen the meteoric rise of Lucky O’Shea, who remains undefeated in singles competition, and is now the #1 contender for Christie Stevens’s XCW title. But what happens when an angry Dominator sneak attacks her at the XCW arena, and BRUTALLY works over the helpless redhead’s vulnerable pussy?? Will Lucky even make it to her title match???

Included in this HOT and exciting episode:

Wrestling, brawling, stomps, boob slaps, stomach punching, low blows, wedgies, face punches, fondling, dildo ravishing (hardcore!), backbreaker, choke, forced orgasms, full nudity, and much more!!!

Starring Nicole Oring, Jessa Rhodes, Christina Carter, and Lucky O’Shea!

23 minutes! Only $24.95!

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32 Responses

  1. Valugi says:

    I liked this episode, Nicole’s return was very good, and I’m curious what will be her future, for me it is a great villain but had the betrayal of Marquise who can make it be a rivalry, but always preferred her as villain . About Jessa was happy with the debut of her, I just thought she could have given some work to Nicole, would not want it to be a jobber, I think she could have an interesting role, winning some battles, losing others, similarly to sinn, a rivalry of Jessa with Annie may be interesting now as if it were good coming of the new name in XCW.

  2. Alex Bettinger says:

    NEW XCW now available!! Sorry for the delay! Karlie Montana and Ela Darling are both completely dominated and ravished!! Check out the free trailer!


  3. Jose says:

    End of October good thing I didn’t hold my breath not even a response to keep us updated

  4. PipperSlasher says:


    You´re right he said last post this.

    Enjoy! New X Club Wrestling coming at the end of October!

    Maybe he is busy take a break he dont lie!!!!!

  5. RockRoll says:

    Why no updates about new XCW.
    October is over ……

  6. Alex T Carlson says:

    Wasn’t super thrilled with this episode, but I like that Nina Kwan is back. Also I appreciate the appearance of a new wrestler. Was hoping to see Lucky do a bit of wrestling. If I had to make a list, cuz I guess that’s what we’re all doing, here’s a few things I’d enjoy seeing:
    -More wrestling
    -More of Lucky wrestling
    -Less of a dark, more campy
    -Angela’s mask storyline
    -Random idea: What if two heels fought, like Jessica Ryan and Nina Kwan or something, but then during the match get annoyed with Ela and both decided they rather team up and destroy her? That’d be awesome.
    -Also Ela is awesome

    • Jack Puncher says:

      Would like to take the opportunity to endorse the “Angela’s Mask storyline”. From what Lucky O’Shea said to Angela in the early part of this season I understood that whilst Angela is perceived as a creampuff in XCW she infact has a quality wrestling background and when she competes in her mask she is as good, if not better, then any other on the XCW roster. Plenty of interesting possibilities around whether Angela will wear the mask or not or whether she can retain the mask as others seek to take it from her and reduce her back to a creampuff.

      Also like the random idea regarding Ela Darling. Ela is established as the Senior Official who seeks to call matches within the rules and any special stipulations provided for the match. With many wrestling moves being inherently dangerous carrying a risk of serious injury she sees it as being important that the matches are as safe as possible. Naturally an official can only call what they see and we all know how skilled the XCW Heels are in doing their damage. A bout where two competing heels get annoyed with Ela for sticking her nose in and calling against their moves, as you say, has opportunities for the Heels to seek to put Ela in her place. This would be very watchable.

      Also it gave the thought that where the Official does not see all the moves Face wrestlers could get the idea that the Official is not doing her job properly giving Face wrestlers a rationale for punishing Ela. Not normal Face behaviour to be sure but if she were pushed too far by the Heel’s tactics I could see the Face making her feelings known physically to the Official.

      Poor Officials seeking to operate with integrity and honesty could find themselves targeted by both Face and Heels.

      All in all Senior Official Ela, or indeed if she is not available for a shoot one of her team, could find herself on the receiving end of the ire of wrestlers from both the Heel and the Face side. XCW Officials need to be tough to survive.

  7. Scraps says:

    I’ll add another layer here if I can. I enjoy more wrestling than sex, though both are important, and am in general agreement with Jack Puncher below. For me, it’s about story, and if the wrestling sex balance works for the story, then it works for me. BUT, Alex is pretty good with this. The recent Ice Cold matches have been more sex because she is spiraling and less and less able to wrestle. Early on, her matches were more wrestling. This is one of the reasons I didn’t care for the Lucky portion of this video. It took the best technical wrestler in X-club and, without any real story or dialogue at all, and went to sex. Still haven’t watched the whole segment.

    It might be a limitation of the “1.5 months = week” format, but the story lines seem drawn out. Again, as a story guy, I want to see progression in the story. This season should allow Jewell to find bottom. Karlie should attain her freedom. Jessica should show more dissent from Christie. The story has been on the edge of change but has opted instead to maintain the course for too long sometimes. Hey, I write, so I know it’s a fine balance between developing a story and lingering for too long. I know, two cents isn’t worth much.

    Things I would like to see:
    -The return of tag team belts
    -Karlie fighting Ice Cold for their freedom from beatings and domination. I’d like to see Annie and Dominator betting on them like at a dog fight.
    -Jewell needs to be done with Christie. The retirement party should be it. Christie should throw Candice to her, Candice can object, but she will still beat Jewell. I seriously want to see Jewell be the lowest wrestler before she can rise again. As Candice pins Jewell, Nina come out to settle up with Candice.
    -Jessa vs Jewell to break into the XCW. She can challenge Christie or Jessica, and then they tell her she has to beat Jewell to even get in the league. There could be more back and forth as both are puffs to some extent. (This is the match I wanted for Emily, but I’m not sure if she will be back for long)
    -There’s more, but I feel like this season was the season where all of the faces hit their low. They can’t ALL continue on their path to ignominy. Empire only worked because it was book ended by New Hope and Jedi. We must return balance to the force. Maybe it is time for a heal or two to get checked. It’s very possible since there are multiple faces (Karlie, Ice Cold, Jessa, Emily) that aren’t all that pure or good.

  8. Djarte says:

    Hi Alex, is there a chance to introduce a new tag jobber team like the Ocean patrol for example ? That are getting demolished and humiliated at any time they enter the ring ?

  9. Jack Puncher says:

    On the subject of the mix between wrestling and sexual content I suspect every reader of this board will have their own view. That is to be expected leaving Alex the unenviable task of trying to fully satisfy every one. How ever those who wish can post here giving him food for thought.

    My own ideal match would go along the following lines. A brave “face” wrestler will be pitched against a “heel” who will only stick within the rules by accident using a mix of the good old stand byes (double teaming, sneak attacks, use of illegal foreign objects, numerous attacks against the “faces” sensitive special lady parts, use of a biased official if there is an in ring one for the bout, etc). There may also be special stipulations to handicap the “face”. The odds are stacked well and truly against our brave heroine. But she battles on. After all in the tough world of wresting no one can afford to show weakness by backing down from a challenge.

    In the first, say third, of the bout despite the handicap the “face” holds her own and the battle is fairly even. By the second third the handicap is more and more working against the “face” and she is taking a lot of punishment. The “heel” is using a lot of high impact blows and painful submission holds in addition to all the illegal stuff.

    By the last third or quarter the “face” is basically worn out and exhausted fighting on by guts and instinct alone. Doing her best but her attacks are pathetic. She has no real defence against the “heel” and is really in a great deal of distress. Naturally the “heel” takes full advantage to brutally punish the “face” and break her mentally and physically. It is during this stage the “face” will be striped if still protected by her ring attire and the strap on will be bought into play. The “heel” really seeks to humiliate the “face” and ensure the “face” will not be seeking a return bout. Thru out history attractive women on the losing side have found the price to be paid for losing is to allow the victors the use of her body and it is no different in the world of XCW.

    At the end of a hard fought encounter the “face” is left spread in naked humiliation to weak and broken to shield herself whilst Alex’s camera catches her predicament.

    It would be boring if every bout followed the same plan but these are the elements I would look for in the perfect bout.

    • legion says:

      This is what i’m looking for in an xcw episode. I much prefer a strong babyface having a competitive back and forth match only for the heel to eventually overcome the face through cheating, handicap or being to powerful like the dominator type heel. The idea that the babyface knows going in if she loses she will be sexually humiliated is what makes this series so great. Would like to see more wrestling but for me it’s there to build up to the sex part of the episode, would have little interest in seeing just a wrestling match. This is just my personal preference. Xcw 37 for me is the perfect episode and on that note any chance alex we could see more tag team action. With the tag teams its as if there is more at stake with possibly two babyfaces on the receiving end of strapons, and neither face would want to let the other one down.

  10. Laundry says:

    I’d have to disagree with the more wrestling argument. These are clearly sexual fetish videos with a wrestling theme, they have been since the beginning. Good wrestling is fine that’s why I watch NXT but no ppl aren’t buying these vids primarily for wrestling. Why anyone would suggest they are is beyond me. A balance is good but let’s not get ridiculous…

  11. Alex Bettinger says:

    Thanks for the comments–fear not, we have lots of pure wrestling action planned for the coming season! Lots of storylines to wrap up, and plenty of new ones to start in on.

    Regarding the wrestling/sex balance, it’s always tricky; all I can say is that the videos that are very combat-heavy or sex-heavy don’t do as well as the videos that have lots of both. So that’s usually what I try to accomplish: videos that have as much fighting and as much of the sexual content as I can cram into them. Plenty more of both to come, so stay tuned!

    • James Arrol says:

      It would be interesting to know what the best sellers are….my personal favourites are episode 7 and 37 which had a strong mix of wrestling and a sexual humiliation element. I feel the use of strapon (hard or soft core) by the winner is what sets many of the episodes apart for me.

  12. Bob says:

    Wow, Not sure if sales are down compared to past episodes, but it would appear from the lack of comments that break lost a lot of followers… I was expecting all the usual suspects to be back on here

    • Louis says:

      It does feel like coming out of hibernation after the break, but there’s also the absence of fan faves like Jewell or Montana. I know I was really down after it became clear that Tigress was out, but Kwan could change that. I will echo the sentiment that the combat portions could be more.

  13. Steve says:

    More wrestling, less sex

    • Bob says:

      This, been my gripe with this series since the beginning. It’s so close to being an awesome series, but too close to being just more porn, which I can view free anywhere on the Internet

    • Bob says:

      In fact, this so much I have to reply twice. This clearly attracts people with a wrestling fetish, so why on earth is there typically like 5 mins of actual wrestling and then 25 mins of basic porn in am episode? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    • CrystalClear says:

      Gotta agree a little bit here. This episode just looks so boring to me. The latest run with the Dominator and the Mean Girls were both really great.

      Nina Kwan’s motivation and how she executes it just seem so boring to me. I hope she gets wrecked by one of the heel factions going forward with her new run. I’d like to see the Marquise or the Dominator end her career and give her a life altering ass kicking… As far as her career is in question… never wrestling again. That much should just be obvious when its over, but it should be so much worse than that..

      The Annie Gunn stuff seemed the same episode to episode, and that match she had with Karlie was actually the high point of the whole thing. I’d have liked to see it play out more in the ring, not sure what your capable of doing though Alex. I still would like to see Karlie and Stokely get put up to each other and see what the other has gone through before something playing out.

      I have more ideas – but I have to agree with these statements, More of the pro-wrestling element and less sexual content should make things interesting. That includes backstage segments, in ring segments, and actual matches ahead of the sexual content.

  14. Louis says:

    Nina Kwan would make a great anti-hero, beating down the likes of Jessa while opposing The Marquise and her stablemates. Perhaps Kwan could be The Marquise’s next big feud while The Dominator plays with O’Shea.

  15. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey guys, I just uploaded to C4S a fun little installment in our “Weakness” series, entitled “Pink Falcon’s Weakness is…HUMILIATION”. Yep, Pink Falcon’s weakness is so glaring, you don’t even have to touch her to defeat her–just making fun of her will do the trick! Though Emerald Hawk proves this point, she doesn’t stop there, and proceeds to grope, spank, and expose Pink Falcon, before forcing her to orgasm! Starring Ela Darling and Jessica Ryan! Get it here: https://clips4sale.com/54867/

    Here’s a little gif, check it out. Ela’s “weak and helpless” acting is superb as always!


  16. Jack Puncher says:

    Great to see XCW back after the summer break albeit with a rather short episode. Most was given over to one bout between the returning Nina Kwan (a part Nicole Oring plays very well) and a new face to the main XCW roster, Jessa Rhodes a champion in the NXC which is the Developmental League for bringing on new XCW talent.

    While she may be a champion in NXC Jessa struggled against the highly experienced Nina Kwan, as most would. As would be expected Jessa came up short taking a good beat down from Nina. Very watchable.

    I hope we see more of Jessa as she try’s to establish her self on the main XCW roster. This is were the big girls play and Jessa will really have to up her game. Lots of possible story lines around Jessa’s progress against the experienced, devious and powerful wrestlers already established which will hopefully be involving her in more beat downs, striping’s, humiliations, and ravishments.

    And let us not forget Nina has unfinished business with scores to settle.

    Whilst it was only a minor part of this episode Lucky O’Shea was given a good understanding that the Dominator feels she has a score to settle as well.

    Well done to all performers but in this instance particularly to Nicole and Jessa for their very watchable bout.

  17. Mike says:

    Hey Alex, will we be seeing Sinn Sage again. I love those little jean shorts she wear and I would love to see her get ravished by someone other than Annie Gunn or see her sexually dominate someone. Also, I think its time that the Dominator and The Marquise get sexually dominated. Is GI Jewell and Cherie Deville gone for good?

  18. Super Jim says:

    Love Jessa Rhodes, hopefully she’ll be around for a long time in xcw

  19. L:aundry says:

    Oh goody Nicole is back in xcw! Excited to see how this will play out will she come back and get destroyed or get revenge and start a new heel era? It’s be great seeing her talk trash and get worked over as she’s so good at that. And Jessa is 3 for 3 now with some great showings great new face on the roster.

  20. Jiffy says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great stuff. Will we be see any more of Sinn Sage again? Matchups with her and Annie were just the best.

  21. Tom says:

    omg, that looks fantastic. I just love that necklace on Jessa. We called it “tattoo necklace” here in Germany when it was hip in the late 90’s. Such a great throwback to my teenage years.
    But serious, I really like Jessa. Good titbusting, good cuntbusting. Instant purchase

  22. legion says:

    Going to give this one a miss, looks a good episode but if there had been a strapon used it would of been a must buy. Great to see nicole back my favourite heel hope to see her have a story with christie heel vs heel matchup. Where we get to see nicole on the receiving end of a strapon. The new girl looks amazing hope she becomes a regular, could make a great tag partner with angela sommers. They could go up against the mean girls get destroyed and sexually humiliated. Also to the idea of the dominator on the end of humiliating payback, would be great to see a heel on the receiving end even if its just one time. Finally hope to see the storylines crossover soon with the mean girls up against the dominator and melissa. So glad xcw is back cant wait for whats to come.

  23. Natalie says:

    Purchased 🙂 I would also love to see more 2 on 1 belly punching too especially with Lucky and Nicole teaming up on someone. Lucky is hot as hell when she’s heel.

  24. James arrol says:

    Superb…great to have it back. Would love to see more strapon (hardcore) action this season and would love to see the dominator on the end of some humiliating payback

  25. Scraps says:

    Good stuff! I sincerely hope Jessa still gets a shot in the XCW. She is smoking hot. Like wow. I just love it when a women with some abs gets belly punched. Nina is the queen of smack talk, and I missed her for that reason most. She does a great job taunting. Looking forward to her getting her revenge. I’m not sure where Jessa fits in to XCW but I want more of her. She had great reactions and decent acting. A lot of the new girls can’t sell, but she really does. There are lots of good options for her. She could fight Jewell, Jessica, Dominator, Anime Akira, Annie.

    @Alex – Looking to see what happens next for Karlie and Ice Cold. Any hints?