X Club Wrestling #47 from Pro Style Fantasies

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  1. CaptainCrude says:

    When might the next one be out by?

    • Me92 says:

      I had completely forgotten it had been 2 months since the last episode, but now that you reminded me, I’m hyped as well =D Hopefully soon Alex =)

  2. Alex Bettinger says:

    NEW SUPERHEROINE WORLD! Starring Emily Addison, Karlie Montana, and Melissa Jacobs!! Check out the free trailer!



  3. Alex Bettinger says:

    New stuff coming later today, specifically a superheroine belly & breast punching extravaganza (fondling and stripping and spanking and forced orgasms too!) starring Emily Addison and Karlie Montana and Melissa Jacobs! Superheroineworld.com

    The next XCW might be another few weeks, but stay tuned for more Emily Addison getting creamed in the ring at Catfightfantasies.com! Coming this week!

  4. Jobbers rock says:

    I am quickly becoming a fan of Jessa Rhodes, so definitely looking forward to the next release if she will be involved. This one looks good, but it wouldn’t be one of my top picks.

    Still waiting and hoping that August Ames will eventually return. With Randy gone, she had became my fave here at XCW, and 2 shows wasn’t enough of her lol. I think August and Jessa would make a great jobber tag team.

  5. chris says:

    The tag team match with karlie and emily?

  6. Scraps says:

    Emily Addison just posted some pics of her as Nova Woman! There was also a pic of her in a blue bikini and thigh high socks.

    @Alex – can you confirm or deny whether the pic in the socks and blue bikini are for XCW?

  7. supramax says:

    I will buy this one soon. Thanks for the trailers.
    If/when the day comes for Christina Carter to go down- We got to see her nude and maybe tied to the ropes using her outfit. Just re-watched episode 45- The end was so awesome- such a great figure.
    Also hope Goldie comes back. Would like to see her have the upper hand in a match once again.

  8. Laz316 says:

    Hey Alex, I have an idea for a match I would love to run by you, get your opinion on if it’s doable or not. Would I be able to shoot you an email?

  9. Laundry says:

    This was a fine episode luved seeing Ela’s big booty bounce up and down while Jessica stomped it lol. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of that in the future. Kinda glad to see the Karlie slave angle end with bang. As always Karlie and Annie make a great pair dominant vs submissive. Last time Karlie got beat like this she was out for awhile hope that’s not the case here. Hope to see Lucky return next ep!

  10. Laundry says:

    Yo Alex keep doing what you’ve done to make this series a success and you already know what that is. Don’t listen to all these new people asking you to change the format 47 eps in. Let them watch WWE or ladies wrestling online for free if they want that. Next they’ll be telling you to get rid of booty shorts and skimpy outfits because it takes them out the “story” and the wrestling match. These episodes have always been a mix with some having more fighting or sexual content than others since the beginning no reason to fix something that ain’t broke.

  11. Legion says:

    Great to hear next episode is a tag match and emily addison is returning. Got me thinking about all the exciting possible matchups for this xcw season. jessica vs melissa heel vs heel. christie and jessica vs emily and angela sommers tag match, christie vs charlotte stokely. dominator vs jessa rhodes, karlie vs nicole. This is what i was hoping for this season with the matches being a mix between back and forth matches and some squash matches with plenty of wrestling and sexual content. Would be cool if we saw some stipulation matches too which could add variety. Bra and panties match, paddle on a pole(instead of a paddle a strapon), lingerie match,spanking match etc, similar to what wwe did back in the day. As for the storytelling seeing tag team belts return could create a few new rivalries between the jobbers. Karlie and charlotte vs angela and jessa rhodes could become fierce rivals with the jobbers sick of losing and they are going to be the ones who dish out sexual humiliation for a change. Also seeing a storyline with the mean girls and marquise factions fighting it out for both titles would be amazing. With all the jobbers getting caught in between and getting pummeled by both sets of heels. Both factions could have girls switching sides double crossing with an epic conclusion at diva apocalypse to see who is number 1 with christie, domiantor and the marquise in a triple threat match.

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      Yes, I think these are all doable ideas for XCW! Speaking of doable ideas, it looks like I have ONE last custom video slot for November 19, with Emily Addison, Karlie Montana, Jessa Rhodes, and, depending on the custom script, Melissa Jacobs. Contact me at slayerparisproductions [at] yahoo [dot] com if you’re interested in taking advantage of this superb cast!

      • Scraps says:

        Karlie, Emily, Jessa, and Melissa you say? You will have them for a shoot? For XCW too? Great Caesar’s ghost what an episode that would be! I’m trying to imagine who would be on whose team…I’m just going to imagine every scenario…for science.

  12. Alex Bettinger says:

    In case you wanted to see Karlie really getting her ass kicked, the new Boxing Fantasies episode is now available!! https://www.BoxingFantasies.com

    Starring Karlie Montana and Annie Cruz! Face and breast punches and lots of low blows! Some sexual domination as well 😉


    • Crystal Clear says:

      I would love to see Karlie Montana play a super villain dressed as she is in the new Boxing Fantasies episode in a super heroine world presentation.

      A super villain with an incredible punch and some type of enhanced boxing gloves that disorient the powers of her foe so they begin to falter and fail the super heroine.

      That red outfit is way to hot to not do something like that with it.

    • CaptainCrude says:

      An episode of super heroine world featuring her as a villain in the red tights and robe, w/red boxing gloves.

      Starting with a super heroine receiving mail addressed by her sidekick; inside the envelope/package are images of Karlie turning the superheroine’s sidekick into a punching bag. Pictures of her after her beat down, including one of the sidekick wearing a strap on over her face/mouth.

      When the heroine arrives she first sees that Karlie has her sidekick tied up and Karlie next to her using the dildo on her face as a speed punching bag. The two fight and after some bragging Karlie easily wins, before the super heroine uses her time stopping power to tip the balance, only as she’s untying her sidekick Karlie unexpectedly pounds her in the back of the head, as she gets her wits about her Karlie reveals that her gloves absorb the power of the super heroine. Now she can stop time on her own terms, and the super heroine is helpless. Karlie continues the beat down and breaks the super heroines ribs, ruins her shoulder, and clobbers her in the face, nearly closing her eye before she commands her to pull off her red pants. The heroine complies as she begs her not to do any more damage, and then she sits on her sidekicks face w/the dildo. And when she’s done and she’s smothered the sidekick in her ass… she grabs the super heroine who is practically laid out and crying, to drag her to her sidekick and force her mouth over the face strap on allowing the super heroine to taste Karlie,

  13. LoveSexyJobbers says:

    Going to give my 5 cents worth here . I pretty much would ever call what Alex does as disappointing since he has many different tastes to cater to here . There are some of us who will chime in that they LOVED this episode and there will be some of us who of course would complain that this episode is not their cup of tea.

    While I do not find this disappointing, for me , I find this episode simply as one I would call , not my cup of tea.

    My cup of tea is the same as my esteemed fellow x-club fan Djarte’s tea he likes to drink , sexy good girl jobbers getting dominated from start to finish ( they are jobbers – hello ) and my preferred pinfall endings.

    Certain women who perform in this x-club series are ones that are a-ok to me as the non getting punished or ravaged heels but as punished & ravaged good girls , that is a no go for me. I have my favorites and others have their favorites and our favorites can differ complete polar opposites and the tastes that x-club fans have of course differ with the never ending issues of things like the tattoos , yes that again , powerbomb me through another table , I know , I am on the side of not a fan , but Angela’s tiny tat is bearable , Jessa’s from the last episode is easy to dismiss due to her outfit , but the big in your face ones , not my cup of tea , if those girls are the dominant heels who are not getting punished and ravished , that still 100% keeps the episode 100% in the mix for a buy , but I of course don’t want to see the tats in peril while others do big time.

    It get’s nobody nowhere saying I’m buying this episode or I’ll pass on this one , if you buy , enjoy , if you don’t , $25 in your pocket , until episode 48 comes out , I will take my leave to go into my own wrestling fantasy world where mean brute heels demolish Barbie Dolls, Heroine s, Lifeguards, Cheerleaders , Hootersgirls, Schoolgirls and other random beauties from start to finish and do foot on chest demanded 10 count pins

  14. James Arrol says:

    Probably the most disappointing episode of XCW to date….

    Unlike many others I very much look forward to the more hardcore episodes fearlturing sexual humiliation and strapon domination but I also enjoy the fighting/wrestling. This episode falls into a middle ground that has very little wrestling and no real sexual domination or hardcore action….

    I will say again episodes 7 and 37 for me are the best ever done so far as they combined the two really well.

  15. Alex T Carlson says:

    I’m not really all that into this episode either, but I’m not opposed to some variety in the series. This series of videos covers a lot of ground and personally I don’t see it going too far in one direction or the other, all things considered.

  16. Scraps says:

    This is okay. I like the story progression. Of course, we can expect Christie to take the match knowing that Lucky is injured, and with Ella assaulted, perhaps there will even be a guest ref. As for Karlie, I’m glad this story line is done too, though I have a soft spot for seeing her soft spots. It was time for it to be done, but I like what you did with the ending. I’m curious what exactly you were getting at. Was her impotent rage springing from the fact that she is losing her touch? Will we see Annie start to go downhill? Of course, I wanted more wrestling in a wrestling show, but I still enjoyed it, and I know the money made on this product goes to pay for other products being produced. I’m sure Emily Addison, Angela Summers, and all of your other great actresses are not cheap, so I’m happy to support.

    So Alex said Emily will be coming sooooooon, and then he said the next match will be a wild tag match. Will Emily be in this tag match? That would be incredible. If she came back and wanted to get back her tag belt (reintroduced belts), that would be the two birds with one stone that would keep me buying for a long time.

  17. rdm says:

    I’ve been a fan of Alex’s stuff for a very long time, long before his current X Club Wrestling series.
    His ability to get the best girls, script the best jobber action and shoot the best videos is second to none.

    However, like several before him, I think he’s been turning away from female fighting which requires heavy scripting, experienced jobber girls, and careful filming and turning towards doing the much easier porn\sex videos with very little jobber action.

    I totally understand the financial need to cater to both fans, I just wish there was some way to keep the heavy and prolonged porn stuff into a separate video for those who want that.

    Maybe sale a shorter, cheaper edited wrestler\jobber version without all the porn and a full length version with porn included?

    Be interesting to find out which fans are actually supporting the website by buying the videos. The jobber fans like myself or the porn fans.

  18. strange_brew says:

    Hey Alex, when can we expect some more material with Emily Addison?

  19. Dexter says:

    This guy used to make good stuff when it was action with some sexual elements. This is basically porn with a little “wrestling” thrown in. Pass.

    • Mike says:

      What do expect? If you just wanted strictly wrestling, you would watch WWE. Clearly these videos are supposed to be nudity/porn + wrestling action.

      • Alex Bettinger says:

        It’s cool–I actually totally “get” the desire for more fighting, AND the desire for more sexual content. I like both. I feel like I understand where everyone is coming from. Actually I had planned a completely different storyline for this episode, with a whole different match setup, but shooting logistics made me have to toss the entire script into the trash. Next episode will have a very wild tag team match with tons of fighting, and also sexual content. In the meantime, though, I find this episode to be chock FULL of very intense domination scenes, which I know a lot of people are going to love. I’m actually rather fond of it myself. Karlie and Ela both make for superb damsels 🙂

        • Djarte says:

          Hi Alex, please don’t forget also us the jobber lovers who are waiting for squash wrestling matches with a bit of sexual content (spanking, smothering etc) . I am afraid I have to pass also this. And I am not doing this very often. 🙂

        • tree says:

          I too found this episode’s sexual domination scenes outstanding.I only wish GI Jane would be on the receiving end of some domination.

      • Dexter says:

        Like I said, the early stuff was much better. It was at least fair good action that ended with a bit of sexual situation. like 75-25. Now, its basically reversed. Very little action (and what little there is isn’t very good to begin with) and way too much sex. If I wanted to see lesbian sex, i could go to literally hundreds of thousands of websites and see it. Change the name or start a new site because there is not “pro style” about this except for the ring the girls are licking each other in.

  20. Condor says:

    What ever happened to this producer’s superheroine films?

  21. Valugi says:

    The chapter was good, we have several interesting and great names scenes, just do not think it has developed a lot of history, never really liked that Annie’s story with Karlie, since the two were in other rivalries, I was hoping that this episode had the fight with Luke or even Madison return, but anyway already on my shopping list,