“X Club Wrestling #50” from Pro Style Fantasies

X Club Wrestling #50 is here, and it features Vanessa Veracruz and Nicole Oring.


X Club Wrestling Episode #50!
In HD!

Recently we saw the astonishing return of the very FIRST XCW Champion, Nina Kwan! Why has she come back to XCW? To regain her title? To get revenge on The Marquise? Or just to beat up some more sexy helpless damsels???

Well, one of the XCW wrestlers that Nina completely destroyed in the past was Melina “Little Feather” Mason. But now her big sister has arrived, Vanessa “Sweet Feather” Mason, and she is looking for revenge! The stunning brunette (played by Vanessa Veracruz) calls out Nina Kwan, and soon gets exactly what she asked for!

Nina is not fooling around, as she subjects little Vanessa to a brutal chair shot, kicks, splashes, and then the usual Nina Kwan breast and pussy destruction!!

Soon Vanessa is utterly helpless, and can barely lift a finger to defend herself. This only intensifies Nina Kwan’s lust for dominance, as she proceeds to sexually humiliate the (formerly) proud native just like she did to her little sister!!

It looks like Nina Kwan is back and means business!!!

Included in this HOT and exciting video:

Wrestling, brawling, spanking, breast hits and squeezes and claws, low blows, shattered dreams position on ropes, punches to the jaw, flying body press, body splashes, suplex, forearm smashes to chest, boob jiggling, draping on ropes, stomps, knee to face, fondling, stripping, humiliation, forced orgasms, and much more!!!

Starring Vanessa Veracruz and Nicole Oring!

20 minutes! Only $24.95!


26 Responses

  1. Alex Bettinger says:

    NEW CATFIGHT FANTASIES!! For those of you who were hoping to see Nicole Oring getting dominated, this is the video for you! Vanessa Veracruz CRUSHES Nicole’s tits! Check out the free trailer! https://www.catfightfantasies.com

    Here’s a taste:


  2. Supramax says:

    Vanessa Veracruz! Yes- she is perfect for XCW. This episode is a must have for me.
    Hopeful to one day seeing The Dominator becomming fully undressed and violated at the hands of a worthy adversary or adversaries. That match with Lucky O’shea back in episode 45 was excellent- especially those chair shots at the end.

    • Laundry says:

      Yeah I’m def in the camp that wants to see Dominator worked over at some point. I could see her and Jessica getting into it over Ela. Dominator getting grabby with Ela and Jessica like “Hell no” and attacking and Christie having to help. Them both getting beat up a few minutes by Dominator until the eventual low blow or chairshot then it’s rag doll time for Dominator. I could imagine Jess punching those breasts like she did to Goldie in xcw33.
      But oh yeah this was another good match! Seems like a steady flow of hot new girls in xcw. This Vanessa is beautiful and knows how to sell. Hope for a skimpier outfit next time.

  3. Louis says:

    While I’m not a fan of all her tats, Nina Kwan brings the attitude and physicality as few of the other girls do. After The Tigress, she’s the character I’ve most wanted to see step up to The Marquise or, by affiliation, The Dominator. Cadence would be a great appetizer before getting to them. It’s good to see Kwan pushed so strong, making the challenge and eventual domination by the heels more meaningful.

  4. ME92 says:

    Congrats on half a century with XCW Alex!

    I must say it only feels like a short while ago since this series started, and as someone who has been following it since its beginning days, it surely is pretty amazing that it’s still on-going after all these years while also managing to keep some of its main cast and intrigues from that time even now (even though we’ve had to see some of them go as well).

    If there’s one wish I’ve had almost since the beginning for this series however that has yet gone unfulfilled after all these years, and I mentioned this before as well some time ago, it is that Nina Kwan (Nicole) finally gets what’s coming to her by either the Marquise or The Dominator (before it’s too late and Nicole retires/backs down a bit again!). That is the “final wish” I have regarding the old cast that are still around and it would be great to see that last expectation fulfilled at long last one of these days. *Fingers Crossed*

    As for this episode itself I’ll probably end up buying it mostly for nostalgic purposes. I must admit, I bought almost all the episodes without question in the past (think I have like 24 out of the 25 first episodes or so) while I nowadays have been skipping some of those that didn’t interest me as much. Don’t get me wrong, the magic is still pretty much there from what I’ve seen, but I think my taste has become more demanding over the years so I don’t end up buying them all these days like I used to (last episode I bought was 45 I believe). Hopefully though, this series will continue to grow in the time to come and still bring me the fun surprises it always has been bringing me and thus get me excited again like those good old days. Keep it up Alex! πŸ˜‰

  5. Starsan says:

    Thanks for the episode. Will sinn sage ever come back?

  6. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Vanessa Veracruz – great addition to the good girls side – still now would love to see Jenny Poussin have nasty heels do nasty stuff to her in the ring before pinning her like a total jobber in some humiliating way , perhaps she could replace Angela as an Ocean Patrol member or if you can get another sexy blonde like her , a GLOW like Southern Belle team getting destroyed would be fun , or a beautiful brunette for an Iris / Molly California Dolls team , preferably of course for me , no Tats

  7. Peter says:

    That Vanessa is smoking HOT! Will say not a big fan of the outfit thought. That looks like a censored WWE outfit. Gotta go w at least some short shorts, one piece or bikini….please more of Vanessa.

  8. Palombo says:

    Damn Vaness is hot. Amazing outfit too, and she seems to know how to sell the hits. Not sure about the moves, those shattered dreams and those punches are boring, hope there’s more in the full video

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      I LOVE the shattered dreams punches! πŸ™‚ And the outfit. Feel free to suggest moves you want to see!

      • bdot says:

        Would definitely love to see the return of repeated crotch kicks from behind while holding the victims arms behind their back. That would be awesome!

        Also, kudos on the slow-mo effects! I don’t remember seeing these camera effects before in your vids and I like the experimentation in cinematography (film nerd, LOL).

      • Palombo says:

        I think more variety is needed. Not only in your video, in general. Some old SHW videos have the best fight scenes, fast, various, always with different moves. I think those are way better than a single hit repeated x times. For low blows, bring more uppercuts, front and front behind, mule kicks, headbutts, stuff like that.

  9. Bazookajoe says:

    If I remember correctly, even though she abused Melina much of the match, Nina actually lost the match when Littlefeather put her in a sleeper and knocked her out!

    • Alex Bettinger says:

      Aha, a true fan! Yeah, and technically Nina didn’t really drive her out of XCW (Jimmy Jack did!), but it was just a nice and easy way to set up this video. I LOVE Vanessa’s outfit here, the Mickie James-esque bell bottom TIGHT pants, the cleavage displaying top…and since Mickie James is part native American I figured I’d make Vanessa Melina’s sister, etc. It was just an easy way to set up the video, and to refresh everyone’s memory of just how devastating Nina Kwan is!

  10. Tim Caine says:

    Yay! this looks great. I’m going to have to get this one. I love Vanessa… one of the last of the hotties who hasn’t covered her body with tattoos. Call me an old fart, but i’ll never understand why a beautiful woman would ever want to get a huge tattoo? Something small, subtle or a tiny accent, I get it. It’s trendy, but I don’t understand the huge tat on hot chicks.

    • Stee says:

      I CANNOT agree more! Tattoos are DISGUSTING! So many girls in this business have nearly ruined themselves with horrible tattoos.

  11. James arrol says:

    Great to have another episode Alex…been too long. Slightly disappointed in the lack of full nudity and the more hardcore elements that set certain episodes apart.

    Hopefully episode 51 won’t be far away and that will be more to my tastes

  12. Mell says:

    A little too much pants for me, but happy 50th episode, XCW! I’ll catch the next one!

  13. JoeSivad says:

    Looks good, big fan of Vanessa. Loving all the new blood thats been on the recent episodes. Gonna have to build a few characters up to fill the Angela Sommers void I suppose. Nicole’s great when she’s in a scene it feels just like those early episodes. Now we just gotta get Sinn Sage and Vicki Chase outta wrestling retirement and back into the jobber scene. Oh and bring Alaina Fox (I think shes still making videos, maybe? For Twistys or something?) back for the end of Ocean Patrol, she never got sexually destroyed like Angela did and thats a shame. But regardless this episode looks great, like the funky outfit for Vanessa. The unique costumes are a big plus for me.

    • djarte says:

      I could not agree more for Alaina Fox. She was my favourite member of the Ocean Patrol! Regarding this episode i must admit i am not a big fan of this outfit that Vanessa wears, nevertheless i am seriously thinking of buying it.

      • Shalala says:

        Yea Bring Back Alaina! Quite honestly a lot of storyline have been left hanging over the years (Tag Team title scene, Cali coming back and leaving, Sinn missing). It would be great to close up some loose storyline