“X Club Wrestling Episode 53” from Pro Style Fantasies

X Club Wrestling Episode 53 from Pro Style Fantasies features Charlotte Stokely, Goldie Blair, and Christina Carter.


X Club Wrestling Episode 53!

In HD!

Recently we learned that XCW would be determining the new #1 contender for the XCW championship with a #1 contender’s match between “Ice Cold” Charlotte Stokely and “The Heartbreaker” Jessica Ryan. That match is scheduled for tonight! Unfortunately, SOMEONE doesn’t think either Ice Cold or the Heartbreaker deserves a title shot, and that someone is THE DOMINATOR!

The Dominator is INCENSED that she is scheduled to wrestle Lady Amazon, the huge-breasted cream puff who hasn’t won a single match in XCW! Dominator vows to DESTROY every wrestler in the XCW until she gets what she deserves, a title shot!

And destroy Lady Amazon she does, as she immediately targets the Amazon’s obvious vulnerability, her enormous soft bouncy breasts! She also targets her hapless opponent’s crotch for good measure. Can Lady Amazon ever recover from such a vicious beating??

Then it’s time for the #1 contender’s match–and Charlotte is ready, but where is Jessica? Instead, The Dominator comes out and announces that Jessica is unconscious in the dressing room–and that Charlotte is next! The Dominator is true to her word, and DEMOLISHES poor Ice Cold with tons of low blows and wedgies and nipple pinches, and then even forces Ice Cold to fuck herself with a dildo!

Then it’s time to REALLY finish off her hapless rag dolls, as The Dominator subjects both Ice Cold and Lady Amazon to a savage whipping!!!

Included in this HOT and exciting video: Wrestling, brawling, tons of BRUTAL breast attacks (punches and stomps and pinches), tons of low blows (punches and kicks and use of ringpost), lots of wedgies (front and back), spanking, kendo stick to the crotch and ass, leg spreads, fondling, groping, rag doll, stripping, breast-to-breast bear hugs, head butt, made to masturbate with a dildo (hardcore), humiliation, whipping of ass and breasts, and much more!!!

Starring Charlotte Stokely, Goldie Blair, and Christina Carter!

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19 Responses

  1. Alex Bettinger says:

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  3. ME92 says:

    Any news on an estimate for that shoot where Christie is available in January for the 4th segment of Impervia and Iron Girl Alex?

  4. Alex Bettinger says:

    Hey everyone- will do a Christmas sale today for any Pay Pal orders. ANY 2 videos from any of my sites (prostylefantasies, superheroineworld, catfightfantasies, battlebabes2020, boxingfantasies) for $35. Just email me at slayerparisproductions [at] yahoo.com and tell me which vids you want and I’ll send you the payment info. Merry Christmas!

  5. Captain says:

    Looking forward to this one!

    I know people have been interested in seeing what would happen with the Marquise or the Dominator turning on each other. I really hope that if the Dominator wins the title she isn’t turned on in the same episode-as a fan of the character I hope we see her earned celebration and victory humiliation with GI Jewell. Also, even if the Marquise turns her back on the Dominator… it would be interesting to see it have no effect on the Dominator. To instead see her brush off the attempt and completely annihilate the Marquise. Or not I wouldn’t mind seeing what would happen if the Marquise dominated the Dominator.

    • Captain says:

      oh, or Nicole Oring could put herself in the Dominator’s cross hairs. In that case I hope Nicole gets destroyed for once.

  6. ALPHA says:

    I am waiting since a long time to watch XCW girls with costumes like shiny leggings, tits pants and spandex

  7. Laundry says:

    When it comes to big boobed jobbers nobody beats Goldie whoa that boob smash bear hug between her and Dominator was hot. It was funny Dominator mentioning she had never even won a match lol. and Charlotte always delivers- Those wedgies CC was giving her with one foot one the rope wow. I don’t know how you guys come up with this stuff but keep up the good work!

  8. Jack Puncher says:

    Have now been able to buy and view this episode and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

    First it was good to see more then one bout in the episode and I hope this returns to being the norm. It means we get to see more brave heroine face wrestlers being punished and destroyed. This has to be a good thing.

    Goldie Blair made a welcome return as Lady Amazon who still seems to not realise other wrestlers know her lovely breasts are her weak point and swiftly move to punishing those delightful mounds of flesh. And her pussy was not ignored duly receiving it’s share of the punishment. Goldie did her part well in evidencing her suffering and distress at the attacks.

    Then Ice Cold Stokely thought she was in a bout facing Jessica Ryan but found to her horror the opponent was the Dominator. After getting a few shots in with her trusty kendo stick she was over whelmed by the Dominator’s superior power and high level of aggression. Then Ice Cold’s poor pussy was given a work over it will not soon forget. Then Ice Cold was made to violate herself with a dildo suffering not only the humiliation of that but also of having an orgasm. Shame the dildo was not bigger and more challenging for Ice Cold but we cannot have everything. Charlotte Stokely also did an excellent job in evidencing her suffering as she took her punishment.

    Both Lady Amazon and Ice Cold were then finished off by the Dominator using a whip on their poor defenceless bodies. Brutal punishment for getting in the Dominators way.

    But if the face wrestlers are to sell the receiving of punishment they need an aggressor who sells the delivery of the punishment. Christina Carter does a superb job as the aggressive heel and really sold her role well. She gave Charlotte Stokely and Goldie Blair plenty to play off in their performances. I do not forget that Christina Carter can also play the other side as recipient of the punishment just as well as evidenced on other websites that carry her body of work.

    So from a story line point of view we did have Jessica Ryan and Ice Cold Stokely as leading contenders for a shot at the XCW Champion of the World title currently held by GI Jewell. In this episode if I understood what the Dominator said right the Dominator had destroyed Jessica in the locker room area and we have seen what she did to Ice Cold in the ring. She says she feels the title rightly belongs to her and at this time we have to wonder what other wrestlers are going to want to come between her and it. Does this mean that GI Jewell is going to have to try to defend against the Dominator? No doubt Alex has ideas on this which will play out in future episodes which I look forward to.

  9. Highonfire says:

    When are we gonna see Christina get destroyed?????

  10. Paul says:

    HOLY COW!!!!!! This episode had everything you could ask for. Great work from all three ladies. I have to say that for years I’ve been wanting to see Lady Amazon be wedgied. Not only did she get wedgies but Dominator gave her a brutal frontal. Something I never thought I’d see.
    Will there ever be an episode where two girls are left tied up in a sixty nine and it would be great to see a one girl get her face jammed into another’s ass much like Dominator did to Ella after a match vs Ice Cold.
    Great episode Alex.
    Happy holidays

  11. Scando says:

    Just curious to know when you are planning on releasing the next IEW clip?

  12. Jack Puncher says:

    I was not expecting an XCW release in December so this episode coming out in the week before Christmas is a very welcome surprise. Thank you Alex.

    Have not been able to purchase yet – in my part of the world and with my internet contract there are practical issues involved – but I will be buying at the first opportunity.

    From the pictures and the trailer it looks to be an excellent episode with Christina Carter as the Dominator doing what I like to see – dominating and punishing the brave face wrestlers. I have said before that if the Dominator should “lose” a match it should be by way of disqualification or some other technical ruling such that we and the locker room know the Dominators opposition was well and truly over whelmed and destroyed!!!! In this case it appears no such upset occurred and Ice Cold and Lady Amazon after being taken down and punished received a good whipping to finish them off.

    Although looking to the future I would love to see the Dominator in IEW being on the other side and take the beating/violation/ravishing she deserves.

  13. uhzoomzip says:

    Charlotte Stokely in xcw is an instant-buy for me. So rare to see her doing submissive role stuff, and she’s so fucking adorable with her fat creamy ass. She’s the cutest babe in the xcw next to Kimberly Jane, who is Forever My Queen. Love these babes who front like they’re tough as nails and immediately collapse and sob like total creampuffs–sexiest fucking trope of all time. Thanks to the performers and Alex for knocking it out of the park, as always.

  14. supramax says:

    DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE TRAILER! TAKE MY $$$. Lol- downloading now!
    Goldie Blair + Christina Carter = Merry Christmas to all.