“Zero Suit Brutality” from Sleeperkid

From Sleeperkid: “We fade in to the stunning Eden and beautiful Saya in the midst of a battle to keep their lives. This clip features several scenes in which Eden and Saya both take turns being on the wrong end of the knife (or neck snap!). They go back and forth maiming one another in a variety of ways only to be left twitching and lifeless on the mats.”

"Zero Suit Brutality" from Sleeperkid

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7 Responses

  1. Besugo says:

    We need moreclips like this, with punches, kicks, low blows. And THROAT PUNCHES, no one uses them anymore. We need more old Deal of the sentry/sentry girls style videos.

  2. F L says:

    Nice costumes!! I hope they make some more appearances in the future vs male opponents or physical domination matches ^^

  3. big jack says:

    nice work

  4. Mid2018 says:

    Again, zero suit without heels is not the real zero suit!

    • Sleeperkid says:

      Again: heels on thick mats = possible ankle/foot injuries!!!

      • Mid2018 says:

        How do the other producers get away with making films that are not set on mats and featuring heroines wearing heels?