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Rye Coco Spectre Outnumbered Preview 6 175x98 Ryes The Spectre: Outnumbered (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Rye has teamed up with the actress from The Battle for Earth’s Redwing for a new superheroine film called The Spectre: Outnumbered. The title kind of says it all, I would imagine, but check out Rye’s statement below, along with several exclusive images! [Read more…]


Gigi Allens Omega Girl 1 175x98 Gigi Allens in Chris Styles Omega Girl (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Here’s a message from Punished Heroines’ Chris Styles concerning a new superheroine peril video starring Gigi Allens (from The Rye’s Wonderous Girl vs. Zandor and The Parolee 2). Omega Girl should be available soon—check out a few images and more info below!  [Read more…]


SHG Marvel Girl Preview 3 175x98 Marvel Girl from Secret Heroine Films   Now AvailableUPDATE: Now available! [Adults only] The studio formerly known as Secret Identity Films is now known as Secret Heroine Films. Still led by Mr. Hero, the new studio promises only the very best in superheroine peril. Judge for yourself with the new trailer for Marvel Girl, starring Mercedes Raquel. [Read more…]


SHG POV Liberty Girl 1 POV Liberty Girl from Alex David and bpdPOV Liberty Girl, starring Alex David, delivers the content promised by its title; it’s a 23-minute video which takes place from the villain’s point of view and promises lots of low blows, “extended reaction scenes” and more. Check out a trailer and more information below. [Read more…]


SHG Livewire 1 175x98 Livewire from Secret Identity Films and SHG MediaUPDATE: Now available! Secret Identity Films (creators of Cosmic Girl and Batwoman Rises) presents Livewire, starring the actress from Batwoman Rises. The film is now available, a trailer and images are available below for your viewing enjoyment. [Read more…]


Punished Heroines Paris Kennedy 32a UPDATED! Classic Paris Kennedy Punished HeroinesUPDATED: Now available! [Adults only] Fans of classic Punished Heroines will be happy to hear that Rye has decided to release classic PH content. See Rye’s statement below for details and check out images of this content below (it might just bring back a few memories for PH fans). [Read more…]


SHG Incredible Girl 1 175x98 Incredible Girl: Taken by an Alien from SHG MediaA new production from Alex David, Incredible Girl: Taken by an Alien, features popular actress Stella Rae as the titular Incredible Girl fighting a mean old criminal armed with mysterious green crystals. Things aren’t looking so good for Incredible Girl, if you ask me. [Read more…]


SHG LG PTD 1 175x98 Liberty Girl: Prelude to Darkness from SHG MediaUPDATED: Now available! bpd, the director of Liberty Girl: The Return, LG: Liberty and Justice for All, Amazing Girl: Rise of the Succubus and others, has returned with a brand new Liberty Girl film starring Alex David. Check out the teaser for Liberty Girl: Prelude to Darkness below. [Read more…]


SIF BR 1 175x98 Batwoman Rises from Secret Identity FilmsHere’s a peak at a new film from a new superheroine producer called Secret Identity Films. Batwoman Rises appears to be based on a recent Christopher Nolan blockbuster and features Batwoman going up against her old adversary, Pain! Check out a trailer and more information below. [Read more…]

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SHG TWBP 1 175x98 There Will Be Pain from SHG Media[The following is a guest review from saxman314]
So I just saw the new vid from SHG Media with the chick from the Power Play video. So this one was definitely more betterer in a bunch of ways. [Read saxman's review of the new video There Will Be Pain below...]  [Read more…]

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Rye UltraGirl 1 175x98 UltraGirl from Rye and SHG Media (Reviewed)UPDATE: Reviewed by Sidekick! Wow, its been a long time since I was able to write a review for one of Rye’s efforts, and I think UltraGirl is without a doubt his most brutal (in a good way) film ever. Check out my brand new (spoiler-filled) review below, and feel free to leave your feedback. [Read more…]

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SHG Spider Girl 1 175x98 Spider Girl from SHG MediaSpider-Girl has been available for a while, but it’s just now receiving a mention here at Heroine Movies. I’m looking forward to this one, particularly since it features an atypical character for out little sub-genre. Check out images, a trailer and synopsis below. [Read more…]

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SHG WGDesi 1 175x98 Wonder Girl Desi vs. The Alien Hunter from SHG MediaHere’s a trailer for a brand new release from SHG-Media called Wonder Girl Desi vs. The Alien Hunter. This is apparently a custom video in which the client requested multiple specific moves/scenarios, so keep that in mind as you gaze upon the images and trailer below. [Read more…]

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