“Black Scorpion: Rise of the Villains” from Secret Heroine Films

Secret Heroine Films has announced a sequel to Black Scorpion, featuring the return of lead actress Dani G.


Dani G has returned as a favorite character! Black Scorpion finally has he life back. Her alter ego, Darcy Walker was cleared of any wrong doing. But one night, she keeps getting attacked by one villain after another. Slowing her down. On top of that, a rogue detective, bent on unmaking Black Scorpion is hot on her tail. Soon she realizes that its all connected. Its 4 deadly villains VS a weaken Black Scorpion. Each with their own agenda to humiliate and disgrace her.

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  1. Doctor Craptonicus says:

    Gah!!! – If only Aerobicide had worn that black & purple leotard/fishnets combo that she wore when she fought whatsherface in the white swimsuit & thigh high boots (Now THAT, ladies & gentlemen is an aerobics outfit!) This would have been perfect…relatively. -and if the next one of these doesn’t involve an all girl scenario in a gym with a chloroform cream pie finisher then, …I’ll probably buy it anyway -BUT my point still stands…..what was I talking about again?

  2. Effenberg says:

    Anybody who can list the peril elements from this film?

  3. Jeff says:

    Hello all! I just wanted to say I really really loved the 1st one!! 2nd looks just as great honestly but my tastes usually involves most of what happens in the previous video. Everybody was perfect in that one and I would definitely say it’s worth checking this one out and see what elements are included in this one!!

  4. RobM says:

    What is the models name who plays the villainess she’s wearing orange. I see her in allot of your films. Thank you

  5. Bc14 says:

    I also really like this video. Dani looks great in the black scorpion outfit, and the villains having different powers to create different peril was a good touch. Would love to see a follow up video with Black Scorpion in prison getting tormented by all the villains she has locked up. She could continue to wear her torn up outfit too

  6. Judah says:

    I liked this one and I love Dani G, whether she does R rated and show skin or keeps it PG. One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing in the future, is her play different characters in different costumes in AOH torture. We’ve seen her twice as a WW inspired character and twice as Black Scorpion. Maybe next time she can play a different character in a different costume.

  7. unmasked05 says:

    Hi any update on what is going on with the credit card option over at SHG? Like I said I want to get this but I am not sending money and waiting two weeks to have my account balanced filled. If this is going to be an issue moving forward have you thought about a Clips4Sale store? I am pretty sure people would be ok with paying a little more to get the movie instantly. I know I would. Anyway as a producer just something to think about because I think your going to lose sales if the only option is the account pre-fund. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

    • Mr. Hero says:

      Thanks HM.

      Sorry unmasked05. I dont have kind of control over payment on SHG, nor do any other producers from there. Try contacting them at the link that HM listed and see what they have to say.

      Thanks for your patience

      • unmasked05 says:

        Thank you for the response, but if you are the producer and SHG can no longer offer a credit card payment option I would seriously consider looking into using Clips4Sale. I know they take a cut of the sales so if you have to increase the video price I and I am pretty sure others would be ok with that. I have spent hundreds of dollars picking up your videos which are great, but if all that is left is that horrible pre paid option where you have to wait weeks before you can download the video I will no longer be able to continue being a customer.

        I know Rye has a store on Clips4Sale so I will wait to pick up his new video once he posts it there.Hopefully you or whoever is responsible for sales find an alternative option because I love Dani and was looking forward to this new video. Black Scorpion and the Queen of Swords are two of my all time favorite heroines so this is very disappointing. I emailed SHG to see if this will be corrected but I have to say very disappointed in their customer service. If they new something like this was happening it would of been nice if they had been transparent and posted a message on their website.

        Anyway I hope this gets worked out because I would love to continue being able to purchase the secret heroine films that are released.

        • Mr. Hero says:

          @ unmasked05
          Ill look into clips4sale. Been thinking about doing it for awhile. Ill also ask SHG and see what they have to say. But Horse is correct, its country specific. I have no clue what those specifics are…but I know depending on the country, payment options are different.

          Anyway, I know that doesnt help that much. But Ill look into it. Thank you for your past business and hopefully I can figure out what the issue is…

          • unmasked05 says:

            Hi Mr. Hero,

            I got in touch with SHG and this is actually my issue. Long story short my credit card company charged back a previous purchase that I was completely unaware of and SHG rightfully blocked me from being able to use any immediate payment options. I am trying to sort this issue out with them now and hopefully it can be resolved. Thank you again for the quick response and my apologies to SHG for jumping the gun. I have been purchasing these fetish videos from the early 2000’s and have never had an issue so I never even thought it could of been my fault. It was just a lot of miscommunication and again hopefully it will be resolved because ultimately I just want to be able to enjoy the new Black Scorpion video which looks amazing.

            I still think the Clips4sale option would be a good alternative payment option for your videos as I see quite a few producers usually post their videos on the website after a few weeks of their initial release.

            Again not sure if anyone from SHG checks this board but if they do my deepest apologies. I let my frustration get the best of me before getting all the facts. I look forward to your future releases Mr. Hero and I hope one day you will do a Queen of Swords video with a great unmasking!!

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            BTW: enjoyed the short week 10 beatdown vid, Mr. Hero. Unmasking in front of a cell phone camera with live streaming to the internet. Cool. Maybe you can expand on that some more in a longer vid. Would love to see a Batgirl type heroine in a black latex bodysuit with a zipper (to play with) and a cowl type mask.

    • HorseWithNoName says:

      It seems to be country specific. I bought a movie today, one of Mr. Hero’s weekly vids, and noticed that they now only offer pre fund or paypal (which works for me and they provide the download link within a few minutes). I know this might not help you if there is no paypal option, but due to some regulations, this might be beyond SHG’s control with their current payment partners. Might have to do with the content they sell as well. Who knows…

  8. mjk says:

    No she doesn’t and you’re right, it’s a bummer.

    • dkm says:

      Ah that really sucks. Alright, guess I’m skipping this one. I’m over the whole “Let’s do PG-13 stuff!” There’s only so much money I can put aside for these movies.

      • Sugarcoater says:

        In reading this mini-thread, I was thinking perhaps producers could do both a PG and R version of the videos. I would like to see more R material, but I can understand that there is a good collection of fans who prefer the PG material. Just a thought.

        • mjk says:

          That’s a good idea, but I also think that a lot of the time films have PG content more because of the limits of the actress than because of a conscious decision to make more PG material. I would have loved to see Dani show some skin because she looks stunning. If she is not comfortable with doing so, however, I’d rather see PG films with her in them than a less capable actress that is willing to get naked.

          • Wazooboy says:

            I’ve stopped buying PG/PG-13 vids. Sorry, but I’m way past 13. There is a certain amount of money that I will spend on this genre, and I’m not going to spend it on content I can get on television.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            So true. Especially since the content on TV is very good at the moment, and obviously the success of Deadpool will lead to more major comic book productions going hard R. So pumped for Daredevil Season 2, with this show leaning towards R (same with Jessica Jones). But PG-13 is also great on TV. The Flash is a fantastic show!

            Yet in this peril genre of ours:

            We see this in a lot of discussions going on around here: I would argue that it is not so much actresses not wanting to go more into R (some sure want to stay PG-13 and if this the level they are comfortable with, totally ok), but this genre is getting more an more conservative. Odd! But one of the reasons I lost interest. While my fetish spending has increased (heh) and a did buy a peril movie yesterday, I had not bought one (via SHG) since August last year.

            For me personally, most of the current stuff (especially the PG-13 stuff in which they rather beat a girl to a pulp than have a guy touch her) is so dull.

          • Judah says:

            Hey Horse what up. Yeah I am so pumped for this Friday. Daredevil Season 2. Its gonna be a looooong night. 13 episodes to get through straight. I wonder if Elodie Yung will show any skin. I saw from the trailer she gets it on with Matt Murdock in the boxing ring. How picky is Netflix when it comes to showing skin, I know if this was Starz it would be one step below Porno – like Spartacus.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            Even if she does not show that much skin, I am confident that it will be a great season. Not sure if it will be better than season 1 (which was special), but it has Ninjas. So Frank Miller. Man, to see this on the small screen after reading the comics by Miller in the early 80s, that is something!

          • Judah says:


            I just went out and purchased the some old Frank Miler Daredevil and Elektra comics to brush up before watching the new season. I am 95% confident that this season will surpass season 1. By you said it alone, the addition of Ninja’s and that Dark tone to it. Inspiration from Frank Miller’s work. BTW did you catch the final trailer…FU**in SIck. Friday cant come fast enough

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            Two votes down for your comments and mine? Ah, they love their nice innocent teenage bimbo PG-13 heroines πŸ™‚

            For the others: yes, I trust it will be a great season, even though I read a first review stating that it misses a great villain like in the first season (but that one was special). I read the Miller run when it came out. It was groundbreaking back then and still is, despite the fact that Miller comes across like an idiot these days. Does not take away from the great work he did in the early 1980s, of course heavily influenced by Will Eisner’s “Spirit” from the 1940s. Miller and Alan Moore were among those who changed comic books into what they are today or at least what they could be today if not for corporate thinking at the major comic book publishers.

            If you find the Miller stuff interesting, go back to the older issues by Gene Colan (from the 1960s). He came from horror comics and brought a very “dark” visual style to Daredevil that must have been an influence to Miller. His stuff is available in hardback or on Comixology online. For a time Daredevil shared his comic book with Black Widow, and man, Colan knew how to draw hot women. Some rate him the best in that regard πŸ™‚

            And yes, Friday can’t come fast enough.

          • Bert says:

            “Ah, they love their nice innocent teenage bimbo PG-13 heroines”

            Mocking people for having tastes unlike your own? Here? Sheesh.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            Well, to each his / her own. And I sense your irony πŸ™‚
            But generally speaking: to vote down comments (not only mine) in which Judah and me were talking about our excitement for Daredevil Season 2 or other people’s comments (in other threads) in which posters “complain” about a costume (or boots) not being very sexy, leads me to believe that some of fans around here are rather conservative (which is fine), but to me, this lately makes a lot of peril movies very much “behind the curve”. There is a reason why shows like Daredevil or Deadpool as a movie are successful. It is not because they are so “adult” or “dark” I would reckon, but because they try something new. Daredevil (as one reviewer put it) is the most violent show on TV right now (showing that this is something comic book movies / TV shows can be), The Flash has gone all in on the comic book elements without being afraid or ashamed of them, and Deadpool shows that comic book stuff can be fun (without being silly like the more recent Marvel Studios stuff). Taste is a great thing, but eventually, one would think, people get tired of always getting the same thing over and over again. Maybe this is different in this genre? But then again (honest question): don’t you guys get tired of seeing your fetish played out in the same cookie-cutting way like in the movie before? A while ago I suggested to have the villain video record the heroines defeat and broadcast it live to the internet, as something new. Took only years for a producer (and now several) to pick up on that πŸ™‚

            The same with the way heroines are shown: they MUST be innocent. Seriously, have you met any girl (outside very religious circles) who is older than fourteen and does not enjoy sex? The superheroines in our genre are held to a 1950s ideal (see Supergirl who should ALWAYS be in the movie costume which is based on her 1950s / early 1960s comic book appearances) which never existed in reality.
            To me at least, this constant “WHAT is he doing?” voiceover shit kills any excitement I might otherwise have for a very well put together heroine vid.

            I know, some fans just hate that I write that, but heh, again, you have your tastes, I have mine πŸ™‚

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            Man, can’t stop watching the new trailer since you mentioned it. Indeed. FU**inSick! I dig the grindhouse style they use and the music together with the images is great!

            And to those on the fence: is there not a trial month with Netflix? You can watch both seasons for fee so to speak.

  9. dkm says:

    Anyone know if she goes topless in this one? It’d be kind of a bummer if not.

  10. unmasked05 says:

    Hi the only option I see is a pre fund button. Are you no longer accepting debit or credit cards for payment?

  11. Doctor Craptonicus says:

    They did a couple of other Black Scorpion videos with another actress in the lead, did no-one review them?

  12. raymond says:

    yes a sequel i loved the first one and i am really glad to seedani g back please make a dvd for both black scorpoin films

  13. Zilch says:

    Great! I was wondering if they were ever going to do a sequel. This looks like another winner. Though I will agree with Anonymous and say that more bondage, gags, etc would be more in the spirit of the show. As good as this film’s AOH scene looks, we’ve seen it already in the first film! That chloroforming looks intense though!

  14. Judah says:

    Oooweee…Dani G is back. She is awesome. Loved her in Valor & Black Scorpion. She does a great job of selling the peril. Wish she would do films more often. Definitely will be picking this one up.

  15. saxman314 says:

    Tits or gtfo

  16. tom says:

    sooo excited for this, absoutely LOVE gang beatdown with all female villains (mostly), much thanks πŸ™‚

  17. Angeldust says:

    Damn another film with little sexual peril. What the hell is going on. There’s no sex in your violence. Dani is sooooo good at selling her peril too. Sadly pass

  18. bpfempro says:

    think she looks great without her mask on. Nice actress

  19. Fantasizer says:

    Looks great!!! πŸ™‚

  20. mrxstacy says:

    safe to say this black scorpion film is an instant buy for me. will we see more dani g. in the future?

  21. mrxstacy says:

    YES! Been waiting for another Dani G. film! Still spending way too much time rewatching Valor 1 and 2.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I do just want to add one thing–that shot of Dani getting chloroformed from behind and then the two villainesses on the side grab her arms away to prevent her from pulling the rag is SEXY AS F**K.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I love Secret Heroine Films and all, especially with their excellent choice of costumes and actresses. But I do really wish that they, and any other producers of this caliber, would up their bondage game to not just AOH all the time. And use gags and/or blindfolds. The more restraints the better, I say. But I suppose it’s promising to see them actually use handcuffs here, and that Dani’s arms are actually behind her instead of in front of her.

    The sorely-lacking elements from the actual Black Scorpion TV show, specifically bondage and gags (because lord knows there was already a ton of physical peril like beatdowns and punching on the show), continue to remain elusive and unfulfilled by the superheroine fetish community. It’s just a shame that I don’t enjoy these films as much as I should, because I think Dani G. is an amazing actress, as are most of the actresses from SHF films, but to see them elude heavy bondage feels like such a letdown. It was such a pleasant surprise when I saw that the lovely Ashley Lane was not only tied and gagged, but also forced to suck on a dildo, in Lee Carl’s Dark Maiden. That’s the type of restraint/gagging I wish these films would shoot for. But ultimately, I know SHF and most of the other producers featured here tend to focus on physical peril more, so I’m just putting in my two cents, whatever that’s worth.

  24. LordSnot says:

    Dani G is a rising star to heroine lovers and looks as hot as always here. So looking forward to this!

    • HeroineFan says:

      Tried to buy this one and found, to my horror, that the only purchase option is the dreaded pre-funded account. Is PayPal putting the thumbscrews on “alternative” content providers now?