“Night Falcon” from Alex David

Alex David has a new video out called Night Falcon, which co-stars Stella Rae. Check out more details below.


Night Falcon finds Trick Ricky’s hideout, only he’s not there, but his jester friend Herla King is. The girls fight, and Herla uses some of Tricky Ricky’s tricks to defeat Falcon. Herla questions Falcon about the rest of the Night Bird team.

19 mins running time. Fighting, aoh, belly punching, electrode induce orgasm. No nudity.

Purchase this video at SHG-Media

2 Responses

  1. Kevin Jay says:

    Does Alex David/Herla get KO in this?

  2. Dkm says:

    Love Stella, but no nudity / toplessness makes me hesitant to purchase. Anyone seen it and care to fill us in?