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"Night Falcon" from Alex David

“Night Falcon” from Alex David

Alex David has a new video out called Night Falcon, which co-stars Stella Rae. Check out more details below. https://vimeo.com/149532126 Night Falcon finds Trick Ricky’s hideout, only he’s not there, but his jester friend...

Steve Noir's "Gang Thang: Gotham"

Steve Noir’s “Gang Thang: Gotham”

Now available—a new film from steve noir, the director of Revenge: Spygirls and Pulp Heroine: In the Gut. Gang Thang: Gotham features Selene as CatGirl, facing a gang of menacing female clowns, led by...

Steve Noir's "Revenge: Spygirls"

Steve Noir’s “Revenge: Spygirls”

Prepare your soul for the upcoming release of the latest video from steve noir—Revenge: Spygirls, starring Stella (from the Gang Thang series) and Selene from various SHG productions. It’s another belly-punch intensive beatdown! Agent...