Steve Noir Introduces & New “Feargirl: Dollmaker” Video

Hey, this is Steve Noir. As you may or may not know, the majority of my genre work over the last few years has been Customs, commissions from websites, and collaborations with other producers. Probably different than a lot of directors, I LOVE WORKING LIKE THAT. And my goal is just to create more, better possibilities for that kind of thing in the future.

So, FEARGIRL.COM. I have created a character, and a story-world, specifically designed for Customs and collaborations with other creative types – writers, directors, artists, and model/actresses. It is kinky, violent, erotic — a simple concept, built for variation and expansion through collaboration. Fights and ryona, bondage and edgy eroticism, sentry disposal, weird characters, creatures, and predicaments; it’s all possible, it’s all set up, with original Artwork, Stories, Photography, and Videos, all created to shape and expand the “open world” scenario of FearGirl and the nightmare labyrinth of The Panopticon.

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And here is a video edited specifically for at a Special Price, a version of my first collaboration with French producer DEMONLOV, featuring Stella Rae and Nixi, featuring Belly Punishment, Bondage, M Control, and multiple Kayo’s.

Purchase Feargirl: Dollmaker

Heroine Movies (“PG-13” 19 minutes, $17.99)
Noir Underground (“R” 24 minutes, $24.99)

Steve Noir

Steve Noir

TEMPORARY: Email Steve Noir Directly To Purchase This Clip At A Discount. FEARGIRL: LAIR OF SPIDER $18 FEARGIRL: LABYRINTH OF DOOM(S) $15

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