OUT NOW! Sonica v Malicia from NGC Championship

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  1. Rob_Hinx says:

    So many great comments and thoughts here. I’m tempted to just put ‘yeah, I agree’ but there’s a few things I’d like to comment on.

    Sonica; I like her, I like her a lot. She’s a fine actress and she sells everything very well. I especially liked her sobs and moans when Malicia had the upper hand. I also thought she did the self punching and choking very well.
    One thing I really loved about her performance here was when she delivered her final, knock scream. Her body language and facial expressions were perfect; it was a if she was going berserk.
    In fact in that scene she reminded me of the wrestler Taeler Hendrix.

    I thought her best moment though was when Malicia had her in her final hold; the way she moved her arms and her helpless expression were perfect.
    And I loved the way her mask kept going askew; there were a few times when it looked in danger of coming off completely. That add a nice, extra risk to a masked character.

    I like her costume too. The belt buckle is a bit big but I think that’s a nice ‘character touch’; she’s a young heroine who’s probably still learning. Think of how Bluebird’s costume evolved from the training room into her operative role.

    Whether or not Sonica joins my ‘top tier’ (NGC is like a big box of Quality Street; everyones got their favourites!) really depends on seeing her in a story setting to see how her character plays out.

    Malicia makes a very good point about Sonica’s power; it’s unfocused. It might be deadly weapon against an adversary one on one but what happens if Sonica’s teamed with another heroine? Wouldn’t it affect them too? And what about any innocent bystanders?

    Talking of Malicia; wow! I don’t often make comments about physicality because, well, it speaks for itself but she is in amazing shape; her abs were clearly visible under her catsuit. In fact she looks like a physique body building competitor.

    Her use of the power ring was great, I’m a big bag of ‘conscious control’ (where the victim knows they’re being controlled but can’t stop it) and she showed a huge cruel streak with her finger eye rake.

    This is a really strong entry into the NGC championship and I’ll certainly be watching this again.

    And finally, a big thumbs up for the member’s gift. Bluebird vs Lady Victory was one of the high lights of the earlier championship and the extra footage her is superb. In fact, it’s just occurred to me that neither of them recognised each other as heroines and they both thought they were fighting a villainess.
    (Massive applause for Bluebird fo the ‘injured knee cartwheel’ too, that couldn’t have been easy on that springy surface!)

  2. This is of course OUT NOW at http://ngcchampionship.com – Very pleased to read good responses, I am glad people enjoyed it. Just wait and see what we’ve got for you next week…

  3. Robert says:

    Bravo NGC team! SONICA is amazing!
    I really enjoyed this video and I like her belt the way it is. It compliments her figure very nicely! Please keep the costume the same because it really works well on her! The actress does a terrific job selling each hit and I particularly enjoy watching the eye rolling knockouts. As far as her fighting goes I noticed that she seems to know her way around the ring very well. I was impressed. Last video was slightly lopsided so we couldn’t see her in action as much. The NGC Champ series is a great fit for her. Malicia was foxy as well and I enjoyed seeing her get a dose of the Mistress of Sound’s SCREAM. Wouldn’t mind seeing these ladies match up again in the future but with more gimmicks and more humiliating consequences if they lose.

  4. Darkwrath016 says:

    I repeat: Sonica is a FINE woman. And a good actress. And a great heroine in peril. And when she’s pushed around, stretched, and beaten by the malevolent Malacia Divine….well that’s something I enjoyed a lot.

    This film is also another great addition to the near perfect run of form the Championship has been on for the last year. Delivering quality SHIP film material that’s sure to excite people in much the same way it did for me.

    Performance wise, I think Sonica is even better in this one than she was in her match-up against Curse. And there was quite a lot for her to do here given that Sonica was chocked (countless times), punched, knocked out, stretched, head slammed into the turnbuckle, mind controlled and more. And throughout it all she was all parts equally good when it came to selling peril. Her facial expressions and vocals were spot on throughout it all. They were varied, consistent and deserving of commendation. Very rare that an actress is this good after only two outings and Sonica has proven that she’s no one hit wonder. If you liked her performance in her Curse matchup, then you’re sure to like her performance in this one.

    Fight sequence wise, I found the fight very enjoyable. It flowed nicely. Both actresses were good at attacking each other and delivering strikes. Both actresses had great chemistry between them. Both actresses put on a show making this a high quality SHIP film. The only thing about the fight was that for me, no particularly move set truly stood apart from the rest. Instead everything is just good. Which in reality makes this a high quality film by default but NGC has spoilt me in these championship matches lately. I’ve come to expect greatness all the time and there’s usually a couple sequences here and there that are earmarked for repetitive viewings.

    Still that’s not to say that there weren’t parts that I found high enjoyable. For me, the highlights were:

    1) When Malacia, through the use of the power ring, forced Sonica to punch herself in the face a couple times before having the heroine choke herself. The look of helplessness with a mixture of pain on Sonica’s face while Malacia circled the heroine, laughing manically was great to watch

    2) Malacia forcing Sonica to kneel before her, mocking the blue cladded heroine’s name. Then Malacia delivers a powerful punch that knocks Sonica out on the floor before placing her foot on the heroine as the announcer counts to three. Always a welcomed sight that is, seeing villains step on a helpless and defeated heroine

    3) Malacia pressing Sonica’s throat over the top of the rope choking the heroine out. The way Sonica struggles for breath while clawing at the rope was yet another great moment.

    4) After repeatedly hammering Sonica in the corner of the ring with head slams and shoulder tackles, Malacia stretches her long leg straight onto Sonica’s throat. Again, it’s the look of utter helpless across Sonica’s face. How she struggles and gasp for breath making some really convince sounds. How she’s tries to pry Malacia’s boot off her neck. It’s not as amazing as when Curse had Sonica in that camel clutch hold towards the end of that film but it’s really enjoyable all the same.

    Side note: Funny how everyone wants to keep on choking poor Sonica out. Not that I blame them considering her powers. And not that I want them to stop either. It is quite the site to see her struggling for breathe. Other than Starshot, she sells that better than anyone.

    Again, to re-emphasize, Sonica is good. She’s a great addition to the NGC cast and deserves a couple more outing in and out the ring. Combine that with Malacia being the awesome villainessess that she is and you’ve got a championship match that’s going to hit a lot of people’s interest for sure be enjoyable for most.

    It certainly was for me.

  5. Dr_Mabuse says:

    So, this one was really great! In only her second appearance, Sonica has vaulted into my second tier of current NGC heroines. (I can’t ordinally rank them all, because I like practically everybody that’s presently making videos with NGC, so I’ve got tiers. Starshot is in Tier 1 by herself. Tier 2 has a lot of heroines.)

    Sonica is really beautiful, but Malicia’s a dish as well, and she tears into this episode with gusto. I also love the way the Announcer sucks up to her. She’s absolutely spectacular as a catty, confident cutthroat, but she’s also really excellent on the losing end as well.

    Malicia’s excellence is no surprise, but since this is only Sonica’s second appearance, it’s worth noting how good she is at so many aspects of this genre. I’m always pleased when a new heroine is a good actress generally, capable of maintaining some drama and/or realism in dialogue and interacting with other actors, and Sonica’s got that. I think she’s also quite adept at the combat-oriented aspects, too.

    Regarding her costume, I like the color combination and body suit look, but not sure how I feel about the belt. Belts are good on heroines, but the one on Sonica seems comically large (not in a good way) and a bit high on her waist. I recall how much better the Dynamite Doll looked in her last episodes with the belt a bit looser on her, resting lower on her hips. In this video, I kept hoping that Malicia would strip the belt off Sonica (kind of how the Dominator does to Celestia in her trial by combat) and use it to bind her arms behind her, or her ankles together, or something. Since the belt looks like a prop more than a costuming accessory, I couldn’t help thinking it was going to get used as a prop.

    • Darkwrath016 says:

      I agree with you on so many points here!

      Definitely agree with you about the whole Tier thing. I like virtually all the heroines in NGC and I too think of them as being in Tiers. Performance wise, as a heroine in peril, Starshot is practically in a whole other universe as far as I’m concern. And like you Tier 2 has a bunch of heroines closely knit together with Sonica, after this match performance, deserving of being in that tier.

      Interestingly though, when it comes to who’s my favorite, the Tiers get all scrambled and I’m not quite sure where Sonica stands at moment. I think though that’s more a result of her solely being in championship matches so I don’t have a good fix on her personality and character yet.

      Another thing I agree with (aside from this being an excellent fight which I’ll give a post about eventually), is Sonica’s belt. I’m not going to state that it’s comically large but it is rather large and I too wished many times that Malacia would take the belt off. Looking forward to the day when that happens AND she’s unmasked. What a sight that would be.

      • Dr_Mabuse says:

        My tier 2 is composed of all the heroines that I might consider my second favorite (after Starshot) in terms of “who I’d most like to see in the next video.” I could talk myself into about 4 or 5 different heroines being in that second spot, thinking about different aspects of their performances. Anyway, I’d put Sonica in that tier after this one. Novelty is certainly a factor in Sonica’s favor. Since we don’t know much about her at all, there’s a lot left to see.

        I’d also absolutely *love* to see a video where a villain takes off Sonica’s belt and binds her with it. Then takes her mask off. Wow, maybe that’s the custom idea I’ve been waiting for. Anyway, my “comically large” quip is just a reaction to the buckle. I don’t know, it just looks… funny to me.

    • Rob_Hinx says:

      I love the idea of Sonica’s belt being removed and used to restrain her, although I do think that, being as it has a buckle, it could be difficult to do and keep the pace of a fight going. Of course if she was stunned or semi-conscious it could really work well.
      I think using part of a heroine’s costume against her adds a nice element of humiliation, I made a light-hearted comment on the NGC blog a while back about Virtue’s suspenders being twanged mercilessly against her behind. It wouldn’t do her much harm, but she’d be mortified if it happened to her (in my imagination anyway!).

  6. Tim says:

    I just watched this.

    Malicia is indeed an awesome villainess. Sonica like Erica looks so incredible in defeat. Her and Erica are my favorites on the active roster right now. The more one-sided their defeat the better. They both shine when it comes to taking one-sided beatdowns. Loved this episode. One of the better NGC Championship matches.

    BTW – Will you guys ever complete the trilogy of defeat for Erica vs The Dominator? I would absolutely love one more total defeat of Erica at the hands of the Dominator… perhaps even in her old style outfit?

    Anyway, great job on this episode. I look forward to the next one.

  7. Goon4hire says:

    I’ve just watched this. If there’s a better villainess than the actress who plays Malicia in the entire genre then I’ve yet to see her!

  8. Rob says:

    SONICA looks amazing! can’t wait to see how she matches up with Malicia.

  9. Darkwrath016 says:

    Sonica is such a fine woman. Particularly when sprawled out on the mat, KOed and crushed under Malacia’s heel.

    Friday can’t come soon enough.

  10. Loads more info including trailers and previews, plus some seriously nice unseen footage.

  11. Goon4hire says:

    @dr_mabuse, she sure was beautiful, I always want the villains to win, but I do like to see a good unmasking when the opportunity presents itself.

  12. Goon4hire says:

    There’s no way Malicia can lose to this new upstart! I’ll be voting for a Malicia win and looking forward to seeing her gloat over Sonica!

    • Heroineburgh says:

      Agreed. Both of their costumes are great, both are expressive actresses, and I would love to see them exerting themselves as long as possible in a knockdown drag-out match, but ultimately, Sonica would look best splayed out on the floor in abject defeat.

      • Goon4hire says:

        Absolutely! I’d also like to see Sonica unmasked, but I guess it’s a bit too early in her NGC career so it probably won’t happen for a while.

        • Dr_Mabuse says:

          I don’t know… NGC used to have a masked heroine named “Catherine Marks” and she was unmasked in her first appearance.

          • Goon4hire says:

            Good point…I remember her, but it seems like a few years since she was last seen. I wonder if she’ll ever be back? She was seriously hot!

          • Dr_Mabuse says:

            @Goon4hire: Yeah, she hasn’t been around for awhile. I mention her whenever I get a chance, though, because I liked her. The actress was beautiful, the costume was great, and the character concept was fantastic.

          • Rob_Hinx says:

            Catherine was a great. I thought her unmasking had a nice twist; they unmasked her but didn’t know who she was!

          • Wrecker says:

            @Dr_Mabuse I try to bring her up from time to time as well in hopes that NGC will come up with something for her to be doing while all the supers are doing what they do. Her fight with the Heroinekiller is still my favorite episode ever, in spite of the fight being kinda short. I’d love to see her have to go up against Alaric.

          • RyonaKing says:

            Speaking of Catherine Marks, I also loved the villainess Georgina Shred. They shared an episode together and both have great acting chops.

          • Dr_Mabuse says:

            @ryonaking yeah, Georgina Shred was great! NGC has had so many spectacular villainesses (who don’t get nearly enough shine, IMO) it’s hard to pick a favorite.
            I wrote up a list of my favorite NGC videos by heroine on the Winter Sale post, and in my brief bit on Catherine Marks, I mentioned Georgina explicitly, because their video was one of the only chances to see Georgina.
            I got the distinct impression that more was planned for both characters, but the actresses became unavailable, or something.

            @robhinx I remember that too. It was a little ironic, since they worked for the same organization!

          • Rob_Hinx says:

            @dr_mabuse there’s no reply button again but this deserves a reply-
            “It was a little ironic, since they worked for the same organization!”
            That was James and John Roman and their ‘water tight compartment’ ethos. If they’ve had a more open working environment it could have been so different!

          • Dr_Mabuse says:

            @robhinx: exactly! I enjoyed the fact that they didn’t know who Catherine was because it revealed how siloed/secretive Red Mist was.

          • Rob_Hinx says:

            @dr_mabuse -whispers- I think someone is listening in here!- 😉

  13. Dr_Mabuse says:

    Decisions, decisions…

    Ordinarily, I vote for the combatant who has the worse record, which is Sonica here. However, I’m not sure how I feel about Malicia losing to someone who is not Starshot. After all the abuse SS has taken from Malicia, I feel like she should be the one to hand Malicia her first loss.

    What to do…?


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