“Skullion: Prologue” from Lucia

Lucia, the director of Prisoner: 042 and Prisoner: Eternity, has returned with a new video called Skullion: Prologue starring Aubrey Sinclair.

The face of wicked mischief revealed! After long years of sending armies of minions out to do his bidding, the insidious Dr. Skullion has finally chosen a target worthy of his personal attentions. Harnessing the power of one of the Sable Witches, Shadefire, Skullion embarks upon his plan to capture the first of countless true Superior Girl’s throughout the multiverse. Shadefire is sent to stalk and torment Superior Girl, who desperately tries to not blow her false identity of “Linda Lang” in the ensuing conflict.

Accidentally allowing Shadefire the upper hand as she falls prey to her wicked magics, Superior Girl is dragged away to the depths of Scullion’s lair where he proceeds to test out numerous diabolical contraptions upon her. Worst of all is the growing sense of confusing enjoyment within the heroine.

A slow burn suspense, Dr. Skullion himself invites you to witness the corruption and overpowering of one of the most iconic heroines to battle against the forces of evil. And this is only the prologue.

This movie includes:

-Identity Peril
-Brief Nudity
-Various Superpowers on Display
-Belly/Face Punching
-Sleepy Groping
-Bondage (Chair and AOH)
-Forceful Disrobing
-Forced Orgasm
-Bearhugs (Front/Back)
-Contraption Peril

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32 Responses

  1. Valour says:

    Rye, just curious. Are you ever gonna accept Bitcoins in the near future? Haha.. I would gladly get a few videos off your shelves if that is the future of the payment system. =D

  2. Sugarcoater says:

    Any idea as to when the next video will be released? And any chance of some specifics about the type of abuse she faces?

  3. Frank says:

    Hey guys, what is the name of the masked girl in black?

  4. sugarcoater says:

    With the ending of the video having embedded a pleasure device inside of SG, I was thinking another video could be done with this premise:

    Skullion is defeated with the help of a few police officers. With her triumph, a cocky SG is seen standing before microphones at a press conference describing her victory. However, the witch from the video is in attendance and has the control for the device to make SG feel one intense orgasm after another. In the middle of SG’s speech, the witch turns on the device. SG is suddenly overwhelmed by the device but tries to continue her speech. She tries to subtly grope at her crotch in an attempt to initially receive the sensation, but then in an attempt to accentuate the sensation. A wet spot is seen spreading on the blue fabric covering her crotch. This sequence could be highlighted by showing viewers asking if SG is somehow fondling herself and cumming at the mic! She stutters her way through the last part of the speech and tries to quickly depart. But being so turned on, she can’t think straight. As she leaves, she spots one of the police officers who helped her defeat Skullion. In an attempt to relieve herself of her sexual urges and properly climax, she asks the guy if he would like a chance to fuck SG as a way to say thanks. The cop quickly says yes and the two go at it in a back room, until the noise draws the attention of a photographer who walks in on the two. But as the two are in the heat of the moment, they are oblivious to the photographer who snaps away at the two (the video could show the flash and a few stopped shots to indicate the pics being taken).

    This video could also have a peril sequence in that the witch appears and decides it’s time to take down the heroine. She quickly disposes of the cop and then has her way with the overwhelmed and exhausted heroine.



    • Wrecker says:


      • Sugarcoater says:

        My guess is that they want to see more of SG in civis being defeated. Personally, I don’t like that idea as I love seeing this gorgeous gal in that sexy SG outfit. But to each their own.

  6. sugarcoater says:

    @ Lucia
    Sorry to bother you about it again, and feel free to tell me to stop asking, but would it be possible to share some details as to the peril SG will be facing in the follow-up video? Really looking forward to it as soon as it comes out.

    • Lucia says:

      Embarrassingly enough, I do not completely remember, haha. Both movies were shot at the same time on different days and so it is kind of a blur at this point. I do remember that it picks up where the other left off (Her identity revealed, and in Skullion’s clutches) and ramps up with the physicality. So where the first has a focus on slow burn suspense peril, the second is more direct and kinetic.

  7. shzam says:

    Agree with the other comments this video is a must buy. The story and set up are amazing (a solid 10 min of set up that really pays off), creating an authentic comic book movie feel, with some great iconic and recognizable film techniques (camera shots and sounds) used that along the special effects really do sell the action (giving all characters some actual “super” fights).

    Internal monologues are great (not too corny) and dialogue in general is superb. The female villianess was superb (sad to see her leave) while skullion was servicable. Action is unique and shot well (though not the best i’ve seen) and the peril is amazing with some great acting by the actress.

    Definitely buy if you want to support something different than most superheroine vids released today. Something with real time dedicated to the plot to really highlight the purity and downfall of the superheroine and the power of the villians that makes this happen.

    (also the film very cheap considering there were 3 main actors (2 of them female), a near 40 min runtime and lots of special effects thrown in).

  8. Gary says:

    This is a must buy.

    Having a model as hot, and talented at selling peril, as Aubrey Sinclair, in such a high quality, special effects laden, suspenseful heroine in peril movie, is what heroine in peril fans long for. This is extremely satisfying and truly appreciated.

    Salaciously great that she’s bound and collared, she looks excellent like that, and the way her captures hands, slowly, methodically, explored her bound body was done precisely right. In some movies the villain quickly caresses the heroine and it comes across as mediocrely mild, but this performance absolutely conveyed desire, magnificently done. Props to the actor and director.

    The greater the amount of adept opponents the greater the peril, so It’s awesome that we get her up against both a fierce female and intimidating male adversary, with the applauded bonus of size disparity. It’s hottest when a heroine is trounced by a cadre of much larger or significantly smaller opponents. Manhandled by inimical giants or overwhelmed by sinister dwarfs, both hot.

    The things from the elements list they employ is outstanding, especially the sleepy groping, bondage groping and forced orgasms.

    Aubrey is perfect for heroine peril, the more movies with her, the better. Beyond the sequel, which I’m sure many are anticipating, are there intentions of making additional movies with her.

    • mrxstacy says:

      totally agree. definitely a rare film. loved the suspenseful tone and storyline. good to have her captured by a powerful, menacing female villain whilst maintaining the heroine’s secret identity. glad the actor who plays skullion takes his time with her, savoring the tormented expressions from that very pretty face. she has the best body in superheroine film. without a doubt this is a must-buy and this looks like the start of many great performances to come.

  9. Ztc says:

    Will be getting this some time soon

  10. Mike says:

    Any low blows?! R they good?

  11. Wrecker says:

    I loved this video. SO many good things going for it. The stunning Miss Sinclair gives another phenomenal performance. The female villain is a great combination of sexy, creepy, and mysterious. AND THE SPECIAL EFFECTS! It’s not uncommon to get a single use effect in this genre, but it’s been longer than I can remember since I’ve seen a vid with this much effects work, especially this well done and not overused to the point of interference. The lighting was spot on as well. It comes off dark without being dreary or hard to actually see. Great camera work as well with lots of extremely hot shots of our heroine from various angles. The AOH scene was one of the best that I’ve seen in a while and I hope the sequel brings us more of that. Great job all around! Lucia is quickly rising into the ranks of my favorite producers after this and the Prisoner series with Dillion. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Rover says:

      Seconded. I’m buying this video just to support the use of special FX. They add a ton to a SHIP flick, especially if it gives the viewer an extra sense of a heroine’s power before being overpowered.

      • Wrecker says:

        Agreed, and to me it seems to reinforce the fantasy of the scenario. It’s much more believable that this scenario involves super-powered beings and its not just a couple of normal people beating the crap out of some poor girl.

  12. Ben R says:

    I have to say this looks like another impressive clip and outing for Aubrey Sinclair!
    Also well done Lucia!
    I do have one question. I’m quite curious about this one and the direction of the series. In the description it says, “Skullion embarks upon his plan to capture the first of countless true Superior Girl’s throughout the multiverse”. I’m curious if this is the prologue to several movie/s staring Aubrey Sinclair or several movies staring several others as Superior Girl, Alexis Monroe, Coco , Mia Malkova etc.?
    Thanks again for such a great clip. I will more than likely be picking it up sometime soon,

    • Lucia says:

      Potentially, yes. I am really big on continuity and the general setup lays the groundwork for other actresses to play the role of Superior Girl and continue the story in the same universe. That way (when possible) they will not just be separate stories, but a broader sense of imperilment to the universe of heroines as a whole. My /dream/ would be to have a movie featuring multiple incarnations of one of the Heroines in the same video from different realities, but wow would that be a project!

      • Sugarcoater says:

        In the meantime, is there another immediate follow up with Aubrey as SG? I love seeing her in that outfit!

        • Lucia says:

          Yes. The next video after this one is the followup to her situation from this.

          • Wrecker says:

            Awesome! I got this one last night and was really thinking that it’d be great to have a pretty immediate follow-up where Skullion tries out various types of torture devices on our poor heroine.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            Any chance you can give some hints or details as to the action in that one? Already bought this one and enjoyed it very much—i like the way she has to admit how she is enjoying such a forbidden lust.

  13. LordSnot says:

    This beauty, Aubrey Sinclair, is a welcome addition to the arena. Downright gorgeous and fills out those heroine suits nicely. Also sells peril well which is a plus. Will definitely grab this one and will absolutely keep an eye on her in future releases.