Steve Noir’s “Gangs of Gotham: Dark Robin”

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  1. martin says:

    Should have the attackers attacking the heroine all at one go instead of slow motion 1by1 attacks. Some form of twisting her arms and legs or grabbling her will be great

  2. heroinemoviesfan says:

    this looks very good. I’ve been waiting to see one where the heroine gets stripped down just like this and ganged up on. can’t wait to see this! hope there is some punching and kicking by all of the villains while she is helpless on the floor. got GT3 and GT5, and GT5 has been my favorite. look forward to future videos.

  3. GangThangfan1 says:

    Thanks for the comments there Jack Puncher. I believe GT3 has the most low blows so you should enjoy that one more. I prefer the belly punching the most. BUT I never say in the script not to use low blows or face punching. With the face punching I can add the elemets of blood. Blood on the mouth of Luna and on the forhead of Star. I want to keep the beatings realistic. I even had a fan state on the message board the he/she prefered superheroine themed customs than normal attire because they seemed to realistic and were uncomfortable to watch. The gang members pretty much beat the victims the way they see fit, just add lots of belly punching. I do want to do a bare belly for a future custom, not just a tshirt pulled up. I want the top that exposes the belly to be hot and the belly exposed the whole time even in the beginning when she walks around the house. It may not be the next one though maybe the one after that. I love GT5 so much I want to do another story to that, like the ToolGirls leader goes after Stars partner.

  4. Jack Puncher says:

    GangThangFan1 thank you for your comments and I have indeed seen GT5 Tool Girls and did like the way the various gang members came in separatly destroying the victims feeling that she might win. I understand you are the sponsor of the gangthangs and as such your views are naturally what the shoots should reflect and I have to say that having bought them all with so far the exception of Gang of Gotham: Dark Robin (purchase being top of my to do list this weekend) these films are excellent.

    I fantasise that the victim in these films is self evidently gorgeous and sexy and also very tough. In a one on one battle she would win against individual gang members which is why they come as a gang to ensure she stands no chance whatever. They come dressed ready for battle with their boots and weapons (iron bars, baseball bats, lengths of chain, and that old standby the trusty cattleprod). The gang have picked where and when the attack will take place so all the odds are in their favour. The victim is therefore not dressed for battle and looks very vulnerable against the numbers and armed might of the gang. The victim may get a few moves in at the beginning but once she is surrounded and the gang have restrained her arms and legs there is nothing but punishment for the victim. She cannot punch or kick back and her body is held open so she cannot shield or protect herself. This is the gangs plan and they take every advantage of the situation.

    It does add greatly to the eroticism of the film if the gang come in separetly so we see the victim facing up to the reality that what she thought was a one on one or one on two encounter which she could win is in fact a one against many where she stands no chance and all her toughness will be needed to just withstand the punishment she faces.

    As an aid to the victims image of helplessness the contrast of her attire to that of the gang is important:-

    The severe business suit with high heels and short skirt.

    The sexy evening attire with high heels and short skirt.

    Having just come in from working on her tan the victim is barefoot and in a bikini.

    Just finishing putting on her makeup prior to finishing dressing the victim is in high heels, sexy underwear and either stockings and garter belt or plain hold up stockings.

    Coming out of the shower room wrapping a short robe around herself.

    In these sort of scenarios we can see the gang have planned their attack time well to strike when the victim will not suspecting it and when her attire will not afford any protection. In contrast in my fantasies if the victim were dressed in, say, trainers, short shorts and a crop top in preparation for going to the fitness centre there would not be the same aura of feminine vulnerability. Just my view and I have no doubt many would disagree.

    The idea that if not originally bare the victims belly should be exposed during the attack does add to the excitement. In the gangthangs the belly is the main focus of attack and there is no reason it should be afforded any protection.

    Whilst the main attack may be against the belly for me opportunities taken to deliver low blows to the crotch would be icing on the cake. With the victims legs held apart so the short skirts hemline has risen above crotch level for me that is an open invitation to drive a knee into the victims pussy or to put the cattleprod to work. This would really give the victim something to think about. I am not in a position to sponsor these films so in the end it is what ever GangThangFan1 wishes to see and as indicated above he has good taste.

  5. GangThangFan1 says:

    Well Jack Puncher, I was thinking of not using the bikini, BUT not the string bikini type. I believe they do make a more durable 2 piece bikini’s with like straps that like female wrestlers would wear. I think that would work for a GangThang. I love the victim helpless to, but I am trying to have the victims have some offense so they will think ther going to win. I guess that would be like giving them a false sense of security. Then more gangmembers come in and then the victims are done. Then seeing there faces go from confident to scared. You should check out GT5 Tool Girls. I think that is the best one to date.

  6. Jack Puncher says:

    It is a shame what GangThangFan1 says about the practicalities of the victim being attired in a bikini. I too have fantasised about a victim in a thong style bikini with a skimpy top and barefoot being surrounded by the massed ranks of the gang with their heavy boots and various weapons. The look of desparation on the victims face as she is surrounded and knowing what is going to be done to her helplessly looks for a way out before the gang rush her and overwhelm her and restrain her and punish her in the brutal “gangthang” way. The helplessness of the victim in the face of the overwhelming odds she faces is a big part of the shoots for me. Can a victim look more helpless then being only protected by such skimpy attire? We know she stands no chance of escaping or defending herself.

    I understand many celebrities and models make use of some kind of double sided tape to protect against wardrobe malfunctions and it is a shame that the gangthang victim cannot do the same with a skimpy bikini outfit.

  7. AW says:

    15 GangThangFan1 – thanks! Bikini is overkill. Like the shirt that lifts up a little is the best, then the heroine wasn’t intending on showing her belly, but she is so stretched and looks so vulnerable!

  8. GangThangFan1 says:

    Hey, AW This is a heroine themed video, but still I always like to try new things in the video. I did think about a 2 piece bikini once BUT the bikini would have come off. It will probably be about 6 weeks before I do another one. Every GangThang the victim had a different outfit, so I guess something that exposes the midsection would give me new options on how to dress the victim. Seeing some abs would make the victim more hot.

  9. AW says:

    ARGH another covered belly vid? someone has to be ordering these custom. way better than a naked sloppy boobs out vid, but man lets see some good abs!

  10. MyNameisURL says:

    Looks like there’s some decent groping if nothing else. She does look great!

  11. bpfempro says:

    Another masterpiece be Steve Noir~! …and it’s available now!

  12. yolho says:

    that soundtrack is beast!

  13. HorseWithNoName says:

    Indeed she is. And black suits her very well.

  14. HM says:

    @HorseWithNoName – Me too. I haven’t seen the film yet, but that heroine is quite lovely, if I may say so. 🙂

  15. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ Thanks. I am still interested 🙂

  16. HM says:

    @HorseWithNoName – I believe this is purely a beatdown video with little to no sexual peril or nudity.

  17. HorseWithNoName says:

    @ HM: I am really intrigued by the overall look of it, and the looks of the leading lady.

    Is this “purely” a beatdown / fight vid or does it also feature some sexual peril and perhaps topless nudity?

  18. HM says:

    @bpfempro – Should be very soon, in the next couple of days or so.

  19. bpfempro says:

    When’s the release date?

  20. Derek says:

    The penultimate and final images above are really effective. Hands all over her, fear and anger in her eyes, exactly what we need to see. I looks like a powerful beat-down. Any plans to follow it up or is it best left with …”The Shadow Tribe lifts her up and spirits her away”? (I’d like to know what happened next, but perhaps imagination is a better movie.)

  21. HorseWithNoName says:

    Indeed. This looks VERY promising.

  22. TM says:

    Wow! The lead actress is a babe! Can she act? Who is she?