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GMF Tears Falcon 15 175x98 UPDATED! Tears of the Falcon from Goat Major FilmsUPDATED: AVAILABLE NOW! We have another “it” girl on our hands, and her name is Natasha Staples. Here’s a review, photos, and a trailer for Tears of the Falcon from Goat Major Films directed by Richard Hope and co-written and edited by the Rye.  Check out my review below! [Read more…]


Message from The Rye: Cassidy was booked for 6 days towards the end of this month, 2 of which were with me. I was recently given 2 more days with her which is great… but it’s simply more time than I need. This will also be Cassidy’s final voyage to SHG-Media so I decided to open her up for some custom scenes.

If you are interested you can send your idea to If it’s something that fits my production style I will send you back a quote. If its outside my production style I will at least let you know I can’t do it.

You will have until the 20th to send in your request!


Rye WG Doomsday 1 175x98 Now Available!  Ryes Wonderous Girl: Doomsday AlphaVisit SHG-Media to purchase this film! Doomsday Alpha, a brand new Wonderous Girl film directed by The Rye and starring Coco from the Redwing franchise (as well as Spectre Outnumbered) is now available. You can check out more information below. [Read more…]


vlcsnap 2014 06 27 12h08m50s102 175x98 Heroine Movies “Week in Review” – June 23 29, 2014So, HM is on vacation.  It’s actually his first in over sixty years.  He’s 92 years old, I bet you guys didn’t know that.  Anyway, I’m going to do my best to keep the machine running in his absence and I’ve put together another week in review column for your enjoyment. So, enjoy.

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RYE UK Rye Announces New Production Company RYE UKIf you’ve been waiting for a “big announcement” from The Rye, your wait is over. Rye is announcing a brand new UK-based production company, which will consist of a cooperation between Rye and a UK producer you may already be familiar with. Check out the details below! [Read more…]


Rye Coco Spectre Outnumbered Preview 6 175x98 UPDATED: Ryes Spectre: OutnumberedUPDATED: Now available at SHG-Media! [Adults only] Rye has teamed up with the actress from The Battle for Earth’s Redwing for a new superheroine film called Spectre: Outnumbered. The title kind of says it all, and the film is now available for purchase! [Read more…]


Punished Heroines Gigi Allens 13 175x98 Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor   Now AvailableUPDATED: Now available! Gigi Allens, currently starring as Superia in The Parolee 2 (now available at SHG-Media) returns in Rye’s new video, Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor. Check out more information below, including a trailer and lots of new images!  [Read more…]


Picture Palace of Peril 15 175x98 Picture Palace of Peril   Now Available!UPDATE: NOW AVAILABLE! (Reviewed by Sidekick The new UK producers Picture Palace of Peril have released their premiere episode, The Good, The Bad, & The Cyborg. Check out a review below, as well as a trailer edited by none other than The Rye. [Read more…]


Punished Heroines Paris Kennedy 32a UPDATED! Classic Paris Kennedy Punished HeroinesUPDATED: Now available! [Adults only] Fans of classic Punished Heroines will be happy to hear that Rye has decided to release classic PH content. See Rye’s statement below for details and check out images of this content below (it might just bring back a few memories for PH fans). [Read more…]


PH New Skyfire 9 175x98 Punished Heroines The Last Laugh[Adults only] Punished Heroines has recently shot with a new actress who will portray Skyfire in a brand new production. Skyfire will battle a very menacing-looking Jeckle and Carly Quinn. Check out a couple of images below and stay tuned for more information! [Read more…]


SG Doomsday 19 175x98 Ryes SuperiorGirl Doomsday Trilogy   Now AvailableUPDATED: Now available! The Rye’s new SuperiorGirl Doomsday trilogy has been released. Each chapter is available separately or as a Trilogy Package, which is full of extras. Check out trailers for each episode, plot descriptions, images and more information below. [Read more…]

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Rye UltraGirl 1 175x98 UltraGirl from Rye and SHG Media (Reviewed)UPDATE: Reviewed by Sidekick! Wow, its been a long time since I was able to write a review for one of Rye’s efforts, and I think UltraGirl is without a doubt his most brutal (in a good way) film ever. Check out my brand new (spoiler-filled) review below, and feel free to leave your feedback. [Read more…]

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PH VU 1 175x98 UPDATED! Paris Kennedy in Villains UnitedUPDATED – Now available! [Adults only] Fans of classic superheroine peril will surely remember that Paris Kennedy’s introduction to the scene consisted of her work with Punished Heroines several years ago. Now, Paris is returning to Punished Heroines. [Read more…]

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