“Scarlet Reunion” from Lucia Films

Now available! Check out the trailer below…

Lucia, the director of Prisoner: 042 and Skullion: Prologue has returned with a new video called Scarlet Reunion starring Coco!

Scarlet, the most infamous operative in the mysterious Agency has been captured. Or.. has she? In this video, “Scarlet Reunion”, our heroine faces a brutal and unrelenting figure from her past with more than a little familiarity. Agile skill meets raw strength and shameless tactics. Who is hunting who? And how do these shadowy operatives know one another?

Over the course of this 44:00 minute long drama, viewers will be treated to the likes of:

-Belly and Face Hits
-Low Blows
-Breast Torture
-Forced Orgasms
-Witty Dialog
-Arms Over Head
-Forced Splits
-Forced Pleasure (Device)
-Simulated Oral and Sex

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73 Responses

  1. Billy says:

    Does Coco ever do hardcore stuff? Love her in this genre but would like to see more of her

    • TBob says:

      She has done a lot of hardcore stuff in the past. If you go to Niche Clips, you will find plenty of videos of her. It’s all death fetish stuff, which is totally not my thing. But Coco goes all out, believe me. You can also find some other actresses featured on this site on there.

      • TheLecher says:

        I’m not aware of any hardcore scenes on Niche Clips which feature Coco. She’s in plenty of clips there, yes, but they’re all softcore.

        There may be some confusion about the term “hardcore.” I know that, in the vernacular, “hardcore” describes people or things who go hard at something. So, for example, when applied to a performer, it would mean someone who puts everything they have into their performance. However, in adult entertainment, the term “hardcore” means content which contains explicit depictions of unsimulated sex acts. Even penetration is sometimes not considered hardcore by many people, if it’s only penetration with a foreign object. So, explicit scenes of penetration with a dildo would be considered hardcore by some people, but other people wouldn’t consider it hardcore unless it’s unsimulated sexual contact between two or more people. Actual fucking, blowjobs, handjobs, lesbian sex, etc. – these things would qualify as “hardcore”, but nothing Coco has ever done (at least not that I’ve seen) would qualify as hardcore.

        As far as I know, the closest she’s ever come to unsimulated sex on camera is in one of her death clips on Niche Clips, when the murderer jacks off after he kills her, and cums on her feet. But I don’t believe that there was any explicit contact between her and the murderer, though they did have simulated sex in the clip.

    • FinnS says:

      Actually…what you are looking for is a vid called Double Bagger I believe it’s called. She clearly gives a handjob to the guy and takes an unsimulated dildo from the other female actress.

  2. Redmanx says:

    In the past I’ve not really been overly effusive regards Coco, though I had bought a couple of her movies and she can be good, but, as the preview and pics of this looked hot I decided to go for it, and I’m very glad I’m did! I love Cocos look in this, her hair styled with more than a nod to Scarlett Johanssons, Black Widow, and her outfit is one of the sexiest I’ve seen, totally hot! (Mind you, Id prefer the boots had stiletto heels rather than the chunky sort, lol) As for the movie, well, for me, Coco gives her best, sexiest and most convincing performance yet and her fight sequences are awesome as we see her getting thrown around and sent crashing into chairs etc, with the skill and athleticism of a stunt woman. In fact, Id put Cocos performance up there with Adrianna Chechiks in Hands of Man. Lucia Films have produced a truly awesome movie and I finally became well and truly sold on sexy Coco….. I hope her next performance, and movie, is as good as this and that Lucia give us more in this vein.

  3. Sugarcoater says:

    If I may ask, does Coco get into the sexual aspect of things? Is there any dialogue (internal or otherwise) during the sex sequences?

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Oh yes she does! Very into it by the end, for plot reasons. There is no internal dialog in this film though, it is very much a story told through the action and the character Scarlet is not afraid to speak her mind out loud!
      Sorry inner dialog fans!

      • Sugarcoater says:

        Sorry to ask again, but is she talking dirty? I’ve always wanted to see Coco talking dirty while being sexed up. I’m more of a superheroine fan of Coco, but if this is the case I would be up for buying this one anyhow.
        Thanks for anything you can share regarding it.

        • -LuciaFilms- says:

          No problem at all! I wouldn’t say she is ‘talking dirty’ in this one. It is more of a slow reveal that the pair know each other a lot more than one might expect and they end up sorting out their issues through sex and violence. So. I’m afraid it isn’t directly talking dirty, no.

  4. rangerian says:

    If they just stopped shaking the camera!!!!! Wrecked a fantastic production.

  5. anymouse says:

    Moar Coco! No, but really, my mouse always goes straight to buy when I see her.

  6. Ztc` says:

    good job on this one also cant wait for the other coco project you did

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thanks! And me too. But the other one we shot is *extremely* effects heavy so it will take a little time to come up in rotation. Fortunately we did some other work as well which will be visible soon.

  7. shfyd says:

    OMG…….this is one of the best heroine peril videos this year.

    Coco is beautiful and in exquisite shape. She performs the role brilliantly, playing the defiant heroine throughout. The villain Borderick is an excellent foil to her Scarlet. They were apparently married before….

    The fight scenes are very well choreographed and edited perfectly. Scarlet gives as good as she gets throughout. She starts of the video captured and bound, but she escapes and there is a back and forth battle with Broaderick until he subdues and fondles her. She escapes and knocks him out or so she thinks. He ambushes her again and knocks her out.

    Scarlet a awakes tied to a chair and Broadrick bitch slaps her a few times. He pops out her breasts, plays with them and then stimulates her pussy making her orgasm. (Coco simulates the orgasm so well…..you believe she is coming!)

    Scarlet escapes, and they fight some more. He traps her in a leg spread and proceeds to pound her pussy. he then poisons her and gets her to give him a blow job (a dildo is used of course….but again Coco sucks that dildo so convincingly!!!). He pulls out her breasts again and plays with them. She however takes his gun and intends to take him in. There is a pose where she is pointing the gun at him, her breasts still popped out of her costume……loved that.

    He however manages to subdue her again and this time uses this big black dildo to stimulate her. (Again Coco is so convincing you think she is coming). He drives her close to an orgasm, then penetrates her himself (there is brief glimpse of Coco’s pussy when he pulls aside the crotch of her costume……not sure if that was a slip or intended……but enjoyed it all the same!)

    She is on her hands and knees as he penetrates her. (Another exquisite scene, Coco is on her hands and knees, her breasts bobbling freely, moaning and screaming!)

    This last sexual scene is nicely stretched as she fights the orgasm. But she finally comes and they both lie next to each other trashing talking………

    Broadrick leaves her chained to a post, but Scarlet escapes and exits.

    Thoroughly satisfying!!

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thrilled that you enjoyed the video! I’m sure many here will appreciate the thorough synopsis as well. Was a great shoot. Everyone was energetic and having fun and you can really feel it in the product.

  8. MAV says:

    Not to steal Lucia’s thunder, but this movie is live at SHG. As much as I love Coco’s looks and reactions, I’m on the fence as the AOH scene seems brief

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      The AOH scene in the intro is very brief, but there is a scene further in where her arms are held up over her head by one of the villain’s hands while he goes at her with another. This is also a belly punching scene. Not the same, I know! Love your icon by the way.

  9. sam says:

    when can we expect the release? coco absolutely never gets old!!!!!!!! easily the best in this genre her and hasley rae

  10. Sugarcoater says:

    First off, how can there be too much of any actress? Just skip the video and wait for/buy a different one. At some point, all of these actresses move on. Why would having a star of the genre produce more videos be a bad thing? Just wait until she retires and be glad she has left us a good collection of superheroine videos.

    • Bob says:

      Because these video releases don’t happen super often so when I see one pop up and it’s the same person AGAIN it’s pretty deflating.

      • Rockstarkiller says:

        I Agree with Bob. The movies does not differ much from each other, and to use the same actress over and over is kind of boring.

        • TBob says:

          Then don’t buy it. Simple as that. All people do is bitch.

          • Rockstarkiller says:

            I don’t. That is the issue. Its not that simple as you put. I am standing out my opinion what makes me not purchase something as I am a potential customer. This is called feedback, not bitch. 🙂

          • bbsucks says:

            And in the end, most of these movies are customs anyway, with the actress being picked by the person funding the movie, so neither opinion (for or against the same actresses appearing in a lot of things) matters. Hooray! Internet argument resolved!

          • Bob says:

            We are all well aware of that. Doesn’t mean we can’t pine for some actresses we’d like to see more and bemoan the ones we think we see too much of.

          • Rockstarkiller says:

            I disagree, Custom movies payment hardly covers all costs the producers spent to create the movie. And, the more they sell online, more they profit. So, Public opinion matters yes, as always. Its business mindset, not personal mindsets which will keep the producers running .

          • Bob says:

            Except I and others weren’t bitching? Try again. Voicing an opinion is not bitching.

          • decibel says:

            Its 2018 if you weren’t aware, and I only mention this because my youngest child is 7 and knows that “bitching” and “voicing an opinion” can quite literally be the same exact thing. You voiced your opinion originally in this comment:

            “Bob For a moment I thought it was Layla and got real excited. She’s the best to me right now. Do like the new look for Coco though.”

            You reduced what was originally your “opinion” into “bitching”, as you became so incredibly insecure over the “First off, how can there be too much of any actress?” that you responded, and then responded again and again.

            As others have stated, you aren’t forced to purchase the video, your logic about “Doesn’t mean we can’t pine for some actresses we’d like to see more” is incorrect, this is a comments section about the new Lucia video, not the “which actress would you like to see in our productions” comments section, there are plenty of forums you can voice your opinion on, and you can also e-mail the producer, and better yet, you can pony up the money and order your own custom video. If you’re unwilling to do any of the above then your “opinion” becomes invalid on this article as this isn’t the article for your foolish personal preferences, because you’re in the very vocal minority here.

            Lastly what you’re doing is trolling, because if you were legitimately uninterested in this video you would have moved on, you posted your “opinion” 5 days ago so there’s no reason for you to still be here unless you’re trolling.

          • Bob says:

            You wrote waaaaay too much over something so simple. It’s a discussion being had. Stop thinking so hard about it.

            And for someone complaining about “bitching” you sure are doing a lot of that right now, but please do carry on being hypocritical.

          • decibel says:

            If it was simple you would have moved on, clearly “it was a custom commission by a fan” went way over your head.

            There’s quite the difference between being “hypocritical” and enlightening some passive aggressive adult with a hysterically low IQ, and since you obviously don’t know what the definition of “hypocritical” is, you should probably not use it anymore.

          • -LuciaFilms- says:

            So how about them Heroines though!
            Sexy. Fierce. Powerful yet teetering on the edge of true vulnerability?
            Good stuff.

            Good stuff.

          • saxman314 says:

            Lucia I literally LOLed! That’s the way you do it! *munches popcorn*

          • Bob says:

            Says I should move on…continues to reply, because they can’t handle an opinion. Continue being a child, by all means.

          • Redmanx says:

            Ive never really understood why these discussions happen; granted everybody has an opinion and can choose how and where they spend their money and then comment on what they buy, but as in all things, movies in this genre can never be all things to everybody; some want more sex, some more fighting, some want bondage, most want some of everything. Some like blonds, some brunettes, some like big breasts, some prefer smaller, its all about preference and if something’s not to your taste, fine, don’t buy it. As for “custom” movies, lets be honest, without them there would be far fewer movies and far less choice for us all, and those that put up the money to finance these customs rightly want to see their own preferences in the movie. Me, well, Im just happy that the genre seems to be going from strength to strength with producers becoming ever more creative and the movies becoming ever more entertaining. Not every movie is a classic, not every actress is the heroine of our dreams, and like most I have bought movies which upon viewing have not lived up to expectation, but then thats the same in every genre and in all walks of life; I bought some toffee popcorn ice cream yesterday and it was foul…..so I wont buy anymore. Simples.

          • Imagineer says:

            Because we’re each chasing a high. The supply of videos of cats falling off things is limited. The demand for videos of cats falling off things is limited. My purest most intense high is triggered by very specific things — and sometimes dampened or even ruined by other specific things.

            I can’t just make my own perfect video of a cat falling off a thing — I don’t know any trained purebred traditional Siamese lilacpoints, I don’t have access to a highrise condo with floor-to-ceiling windows, and I don’t know the first thing about Adobe Premiere and don’t have time to learn. I’ve been thinking about commissioning a custom video, but the producers I contacted tell me the cat I want isn’t willing to nap on a Werner podium ladder, nevermind fall into a pile of discarded giftwrap. It’s all very frustrating.

            So I make do buying videos of modern sealpoints falling off file cabinets and barstools into beanbag chairs or piles of laundry, or bluepoint mixes falling into aquariums (empty ones ONLY — nothing turns me off like a wet pussy). (And BTW don’t even bring up feeding vs floorplay. No amount of putting a meat down can compensate for a lack of petting.)

            But there are only a few producers whose work really does it for me, and they only make so many videos… so when they all seem to be using the same Himalayan falling off office equipment into paper boxes over and over, I have to say something here where other enthusiasts will see it and hope I get enough Likes that my favorite producers incorporate what *I* like more often. And when someone disagrees or dismisses me they’re basically working against me and threatening my future highs — highs that are already in short supply and often $40+ a pop. So things can get a little… spirited sometimes.

            Thanks to all for their patience and understanding.

          • Darkwrath016 says:

            Hahahaha. I guess that’s one way of putting it. I demand more falling cats falling a 7ft table though I’m willing to go as low as 5ft and as high as 10ft

          • -LuciaFilms- says:

            @Imagineer: That might be the most beautiful breakdown of the industry I’ve ever seen. I am moved. And meowed.

          • saxman314 says:

            Responding to a post isn’t bitching or trolling, and doesn’t demonstrate insecurity. When you have conversations, do they involve person A saying something, person B responding, and then they both sit there and look at each other mutely? C’mon.

  11. Blank1 says:

    LOL just a while back I remember reading comments like ” uggh too much coco.” This is a real treat, and there is no such thing as too much coco.

    I love how excited everyone is for this one, especially since the visuals keep getting better.

    Also, super excited about Lucia’s website! hope this means more customs because I definitely want to get some.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      I am likewise excited about them. Not only will they expand what I am capable of doing with my laughable budget, but it means getting work directly with the fans which is always an exciting prospect.

    • RenNstimpy says:

      I don’t believe those comments should speak for all of us. I was angry af when I read that shit. Like don’t scare coco away for the rest of us lol there’s no such thing as too much coco lol can’t think of an actress with better reactions. There’s alot of good ones though, like alot of good actresses but none of them can’t act like coco lol I can name a few but that’ll just be insulting to them #cucoforcoco #needsmorecoco

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        I believe I was the one who said it last—in a lighthearted manner—that there was too much Coco. I mean look. At the time I said that comment, between The Rye, TBFE and AlexDavid using her, it felt like if she was in a video every two weeks! There was quite literally a time when on SHG website, the four most recent videos had her as the staring actress. In this current age of customs I found it very weird that everyone’s taste had seemingly converged on this particularly actress. Looking back, it was kind of a mean thing to say and I apologize for that. For one, everyone has their favorites and so I would probably get upset if someone denied me my favorite actress(es). For another, I didn’t mean to take money out of her pocket by suggesting that she should appear less frequently.

        • -LuciaFilms- says:

          If you want an insider perspective, those sorts of movie clusters can often happen when actresses travel to an area and shoot multiple films with multiple people. A lot of producers are in the same basic region so it can sometimes be economical for someone to shoot with multiple people and projects all at once on their way through! Not always the case, but certainly a facet that occurs occasionally.

  12. Rockstarkiller says:

    Does she beg for mercy by any chance ?

  13. HorseWithNoName says:

    Looks f*cking awesome. First day purchase. Lucia Films is on a roll, man!

  14. Sugarcoater says:

    It would be awesome to see a follow-up to this with Coco and her new look as Ms. Marvel in the black and gold outfit.

    • Lucia says:

      Can’t wait for the Marvel movie to come out. Not sure how I feel about her green outfit in the previews so far. Hope it gets moved towards the classic colours somewhere in the movie. A marvel outfit is a great purchase idea, thanks!

  15. sam says:

    COCO still the best especially with sexual peril! need to this soon

  16. Bob says:

    For a moment I thought it was Layla and got real excited. She’s the best to me right now. Do like the new look for Coco though.

  17. Señor Descartes says:

    Also, Lucia: do you produce customs? If so, do you have a website with more info?

  18. Señor Descartes says:

    Holy shit. Coco has NEVER looked HOTTER. I wish there were some form of AVN award for the SHIP genre because if so, Coco would sweep Best Performance every year. Seriously. She embodies the fantasy perfectly, is jaw-droppingly beautiful, and really commits to every scene with fierce emotion and eroticism. As someone else said, she is most certainly the reigning MVP/Queen of the genre.

    As for Lucia, big props to you for producing such high quality superheroine peril. I love it when new directors come in and push the cinematic flavor just a little further.

    You folks are all rock stars.

    • Mantower says:

      That is an interesting point, I wonder what the other people on the forum think? For me Coco is right up there and in this film looks like she may have reinvented herself, but to be honest I was starting to find her performances a little bit repetitive. My favorite in the past year or so was Lana Rhodes, not just because she was in my custom but I thought she played the peril part out to a tee, even better than Coco. So my vote would go to her.

      I do second the compliments to Lucia, they have had some interesting releases but haven’t quite gotten me to buy yet, this one with a reinvented Coco is set to be my first purchase! With some producers falling off the map in recent times, it is good to see new ones coming on board and adding some spice into the mix!

      • -LuciaFilms- says:

        If you do end up snagging it, I certainly hope it is enjoyed! Definitely trying to add what I can to the genre while also staying true to the aspects that really make it unique. Every new film so far has been an opportunity to try something new.

    • -LuciaFilms- says:

      Thanks Descartes! I sent your comment along to Coco; it was so nice. She loved it. A cinematic feeling is definitely the endgame for me. I really want to nail it over time. I feel like I am getting closer! Still so much to learn though but what a crazy fun way to do so!

  19. Lucia says:

    Glad everyone is excited about the film and Coco. I agree, she was in top form! Such an unbelievable treat to work with start to finish.

  20. MAV says:

    Coco as a spy and AOH tortured?! Sounds great!

  21. Ultra says:

    Something is differnet about Coco, is it the hair? Whatever it is, this is something like magic. It’s like wow a new actress that looks amazing and causes that “instant buy” feeling, but it’s still Coco!

  22. RenNstimpy says:

    Coco is the real mvp, the queen of reaction when it comes to peril. Spectre outnumbered and face of evil should be films to be studied for any upcoming actress in the genre. Coco is the best lol

  23. Mantower says:

    Wow, this looks really good, I barely recognized Coco, she looks outstanding! I haven’t bought from Lucio before either, but that looks like it will change when this one comes out

  24. Sugarcoater says:

    Love Coco and I love her look

  25. rangerian says:

    OMG, this looks amazing!!! Super hot actress and outfit! I’ve never purchased from Lucia Films before.

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