“Skullion: Experiments” from Lucia

Lucia, the director of Prisoner: 042 and Skullion: Prologue has returned with a new video called Skullion: Experiments starring Aubrey Sinclair.

Superior Girl’s plight continues. Picking up from the close of Skullion: Prologue, Superior Girl remains helpless before Dr. Skullion’s genius intellect and technology. Using her weakened, vulnerable body to test out various impliments of devious design, Dr. Skullion torments the object of his obsession with mischevious sadism. Worst of all, Superior Girl is forced to aknowledge the truth about her desires that haunt her.

This Movie Includes:
-Onesided Combat
-Belly/Face Punching
-Low Blows
-Sleepy Groping/Simsex
-Forced Orgasms
-A little Inner Dialog
-Contraption Peril
-Mind Control
-Truth Serum
-Simulated Sex

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13 Responses

  1. Sugarcoater says:

    Might there be any further Aubrey as SG videos in the works? I’m hoping we can see more of her soon; she is quite the SG!

  2. Gary says:

    Various forms of bondage, totally agree on that. X-frame bondage and AOH bondage are both great but it would be stimulating to include other forms.

    As examples.

    A Hog-tied Heroine strapped to a swiveling palette, encircled by her captors, for an intrepid gambit of spin the Heroine. With each dizzying spin she’s made to orally satisfy he upon who she lands.

    A Heroine in a strappado with the addition of a spreader-bar. In this position, she’s perfectly situated for some forced oral while concurrently being taken from behind.

    A Heroine suspended by her ankles in a reverse strappado with her tied wrists tethered to the floor by a chain or rope. Bound and helpless like this, a compelled upside down 69 would be visually alluring.

    A bit of medieval malevolency, the Rack. A magnificent manifestation to meld pain and pleasure. A Heroine splayed and stretched, to and beyond her limits is egregiously mounted and inevitably drizzled with hot spunk as she screamingly writhes in throes of inconsolable agony.

  3. Sugarcoater says:

    SG vs. SG with Aubrey vs. Alexis. That would be incredible if we could see it with humiliation and domination. Perhaps a two-parter. One SG wants to humiliate the other so after beating her senseless she dumps her in an alley or dumpster and leaves her for some shady characters who hang around the area, walking away from the defeated SG telling the guys, “Hey, I left a little superheroine treat for you guys. Want to have a little fun with Supergirl!”
    Part 2 would be the reverse with a twist. The abused SG wants to watch the humiliation and stands in front of a bound and helpless SG taunting her. “You wanted to have those bums fuck me?! How do YOU like it? And you’re gonna take it!” She might even humiliate SG into giving her oral. To finish it all, she tells the one of the guys to give it to SG up the ass. Hard!
    This video could feature beat downs, verbal humiliation to go with the physical and sexual, and various forms of bondage.

  4. Ztc says:

    I’m guessing Aubrey is the rising star right now like Alexis was a couple years ago. I don’t mind tbh she is just as hot if not hotter. Would be good if we got Alexis as a villain against Aubrey as Supergirl

  5. Gary says:

    Lucia: Thanks! I’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie, if it’s as amazing as part 1 it’s going to be awesome!

    Also, considering how hot and talented at selling peril Aubrey is, are there plans for future movies with her. If so, I know all the sex is simulated but being Aubrey is an adult film star is there a possibility sex toys could be used in a future film to bring about actual forced orgasms and possibly some forced squirting for the climactic crescendo of her sex toy device diddling.

    Lastly, the forced oral in part 1 was outstanding, extremely excellently directed and acted. If there’s more movies with Aubrey could there be a bondage blow bang scene. With her wrists bound tightly behind her she’s forcefully compelled to orally gratify multiple adversaries. At scenes end the faux cocks deliver facial upon facial until she is literally drenched in fabricated man jizz.

    The fact the cocks and jism is fake, and is being spewed by super villains with immense quantities, you could really make it a glorious spectacle.

  6. Jimbo says:

    Where does the inner dialogue occur in this?

    I loved it in Prologue!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Lucia says:

      The inner dialogue is interspersed a few places around the video to help a little with exposition. As this film is a lot more ‘straight to the point’ than the previous one was with its heavy narrative elements, it does have less of it.

      • Tom says:

        Hi, is there a chance for a custom video?

        • Gary says:


          If you give an outline of what you want, one or more individuals might be interested in joining in on your custom. The higher the amount you have to offer the better, in regards to receiving a custom of quality and quantity.

          I’m guessing this would be a custom with Aubrey. Do you already know the costume you want and have you decided upon the elements you want in the movie.

      • Ztc says:

        So seeing as how the ending is are you planning a third movie for it to be a trilogy and when would you hope to make it happen lucia

  7. C13 says:

    So this looks incredible. I love the evil lair set (I’m not sure if it’s just the colour correction, but it just seems more convincing than some others).

    What’s the mind control like, does she fight it throughout, or is she more obedient?

    • Lucia says:

      She struggles the whole way through. Cognizant of her plight, yet unable to resist the technology that arrests her.