“Zatanna Defiled” from Superheroine World

Superheroine World presents Zatanna Defiled, starring Angela Sommers, Lobo, and Karlie Montana.

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Here’s a fun and sexy little custom we did featuring the sorceress/magician character Zatanna, being totally dominated and double-teamed by the evil pair of Cheetah and Skull!

Starring Angela Sommers, Lobo, and Karlie Montana!


Zatanna is much more than a match for Skull, who finds himself helpless prey to the greater magician’s powers–but when Cheetah arrives and neutralizes Zatanna’s magic, Zatanna becomes the prey!

Zatanna is beaten and battered by the evil duo, who punish her belly and pussy with punches, before proceeding to humiliate her further with face punches and spanks, and then stripping her down to her bra and panties while they subject her to further punishment! Cheetah uses a “horny” spell on Zatanna, who can’t help but feel aroused at the probing, groping hands of Cheetah and Skull! Cheetah even forces Zatanna to orally service Skull! (softcore) Soon Zatanna is stripped naked and fucked by Cheetah with a strapon (softcore), while Skull continues to batter her! It’s complete and utter DOMINATION for Zatanna, who is left beaten and naked on the floor!!!

23.25 minutes, $24.95

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59 Responses

  1. Koukou says:

    The truth always bothers everyone but this is the truth with unfortunately Alex recently failed

    • bbsucks says:

      Failed to do what? You assume his life goal is to give you what you want? Maybe he’s succeeding at exactly what he wants to be succeeding at and you don’t happen to know what that is or be included in it.

      Entitlement is silly. Take it down a notch.

  2. Koukou says:

    Alex … Three months passed without production and if only one episode I think it’s the end .. It failed in the matter .. In the past we saw two episodes a month and now see … Let everyone

  3. Koukou says:

    Alex….xcw ????

  4. Koukou says:

    You do not understand me I love xcw productions … but the problem that Alex failed recently in producing exciting rings and away from the use of artificial penis against girls … The rings became really boring .. In addition to the great shortage of production rings … Imagine with me One episode appears in two months or more … Alex has also eliminated many wonderful girls like randy moor, paris kenedy and jc marie ….

    • Jeff says:

      Sadly it wasn’t his choice to eliminate those ladies, it was their choice to fully retire from producing films. I really miss them, they made xcw one of the best, but they really did a lot for us and we can’t ask them not to be happy with a different phase of their life if we are really their fans ❤️

    • steve says:

      the last couple videos have been awesome! angela is best girl.

    • Jawa says:

      I’m pretty sure he used to take the summers off because it got too hot to film. So a dip in production around this time of year is not new.

      Plus if you check his clips4sale site you can see that he has original videos that are not featured on this site. The Karlie Montana as a nerdy ballerina being dominated by Angela Sommers video looks good.

      • ME92 says:

        It’s true about the Summer break, however, it’s been a dip in production for the last two years now, lol. I mean, how many Xcw episodes came out within the first year? 20? Certainly felt like it, but now we have like 2-4 a year, haha. I haven’t exactly been active on this forum myself in a while either so I can’t really blame him. Hopefully the future is bright 😉

  5. Koukou says:

    Alex You failed failed to produce a single episode for two months

    • Kaizar says:

      Alex, this is Green Arrow speaking: and you have failed this city.

      Their are plenty of such videos from other you can get; if you go to Clips4sale.com and search for what you’re looking for. I’ve found a Superheroine video with Brandi Mae as the villainess being over powered by skinny blonde Supergirl and then she uses kryptonite to beat up and fuck Supergirl.

  6. viv32 says:

    any news on xcw alex??? can’t wait for the next episode!

  7. Jordan D says:

    Any word on when we will see a new episode of XCW?

  8. Chris says:

    Any new xcw coming?

    • Captain says:

      Was just about to ask.

      Looking forward to Dominator/Jewell story. Jewell needs a new, and more complete ravishing.

      • Jack Puncher says:

        Captain is right. It is some time since we last saw GI Jewell and she is overdue for a ravishing. She is the current XCW Champion of the World so is entitled to a World Class Ravishing and the Dominator is the woman to give it to her.

        I do not know what direction Alex is intending from a storyline point of view but such a match throws up several possibilities that could take several further matches to play out.

        We have seen Dominator attack and injure Lucky O’Shea the original number one contender to the World Title so badly that Senior Official Ella Darling had to withdraw her from wrestling and on her subsequent recovery Lucky left XCW. Presumably she did not want to face Dominator again.

        This threw up a situation where Jessica Ryan and Ice Cold Stokeley were scheduled a bout to decide the new number one contender but in one night Dominator took out Jessica in a Locker Room attack and destroyed Ice Cold in the ring.

        So presumably Dominator can claim to be the number one contender unless there are wrestlers in the Locker Room who dispute this. One thinks of Jessica herself, Nina Kwan – a former champion recently returned to XCW, and Christie Stevens the longest reigning Champion of the World from whom GI Jewell took the title. Christie could claim that her loss was caused by outside interference such that GI should have been disqualified so Christie is still the legitimate Champion.

        And we must not overlook Ella Darling the Senior Official and Interim General Manager. Wearing her General Manager’s hat she presumably must sanction a bout between GI and Dominator as a title bout. Given her relationship with Jessica Ryan which has been covered in recent episodes she may wish to act as spoiler and consider that Dominator is not the legitimate number one contender. After all whilst the is no dispute about what she did to Lucky, Jessica and Ice Cold both Lucky and Jessica were taken down in sneak attacks and Ice Cold was prepared to fight Jessica and thus unprepared for Dominator. So reasons Ella may decide to call GI/Dominator bout a Non Title one.

        There is material here for GI to have to fight Dominator several times. First Dominator needs to defeat her in a Non Title bout to officially prove her Number One Contender status. Then to repeat the victory in a Title bout. I suspect the out come would almost be a forgone conclusion unless GI pulls off one of her miraculous surprise wins or Dominator was disqualified for excessive brutality but it would keep GI in Dominators sights for several watchable bouts.

        Ella could book matches with some of the names mentioned for Dominator to officially demonstrate her Number One Status. Once again these have potential to be watchable. Could Dominator take Jessica’s Heart Punch for instance. How sneaky and devious would Christie be. Whilst Champion she always sought to tip the odds in her favour. And the thought of Dominator and Nina tearing into each other!!!!!!!

        And of course Ella would have really annoyed Dominator by throwing these obstacles in her way such that Dominator might seek some physical retribution against the Senior Official/Interim General Manager. Although how she could win the Title if Ella just refused to award the decision in a Title bout to Dominator does raise a problem.

        So if Alex went down any of these routes we have a number of interesting XCW episodes to bring things to a conclusion.

        I would not want to prejudge but suspect that the conclusion would be the start of another streak with Dominator holding the Champion of The World Title for a longer period the American Mean Girl Christie Stevens.

  9. Rouge says:

    Any news for the next alex?

  10. viv32 says:

    any news on the next update alex?

  11. GManLovesJobbers says:

    Why is almost every comment I make now say ” Awaiting Moderation ” & then never gets posted ?

  12. uhzoomzip says:

    someone please ban this 3D asshole, he contributes nothing of worth to this website and has been spamming votes in favor of his comments

  13. Ztc says:

    Just gonna say something that’s decent and not a troll like the stereoscopic 3d troll and shitposter. Any idea when the impervia 3 shoot will start or is it done and getting processed and edited

    • Kaizar says:

      So you cool with trolls getting their way with 4K HD superheroine porn, but when it comes to 3D; thats were you draw the line.

      Thats called favouritism.

      Enjoy your 4K HD Superheroine films from Anastasia Pierce, hypocrites. You never once complained about the people asking for HD. Some double-standards you have there.

      • Ztc says:

        No I have never bought 4k and there is no emerging or any kind of market for 3d maybe when the dad had it’s hay days but not now and who wants to watch superheroine content on a small 3ds screen 4k is actually coming now 4k is the big next thing not superheroine otherwise there would be mostly no 2d screenings of movies and only 3d and a few 4k which isn’t happening. No one cares about 3d apart from a few people trying to be hipster. If 3d was the big thing you would see rye and all the SHF producers doing 3d but they’re not.

        • Kaizar says:

          8K TVs are coming out in 2019, and a lot of countries will blindly have all their TV shows in 3D 8K HD in 2020; like Japan.

          Plus all 8K HD TVs will be glasses-free 3D and have High-Dynamic-Range to prevent all problems (i.e. eye strain and headaches and nausea).

      • Ztc says:

        Also hd is the normal standard now not 3d if it was big everyone should be doing it right now since 2012 but they’re not so yh

      • Sugarcoater says:

        No one is drawing lines, just pointing out the obvious. If the 3D videos would make more money, they would be made. I don’t think anyone wants to make less money here.

  14. Kaizar says:

    Just trying to point out non-stop increase in stereoscopic 3D in both popularity and profit, which analysts say is only going to become more porfitible and popular in both the entertainment and technology sector for the next 8 years (from now til 2025). And if you do start making to also make a 240p format split into 9 minutes 55 seconds clips, so people can have a $100 to $200 option to enjoy downloading them from clips4sale to watch on the New 3DS & New 3DS XL in face-tracking glasses-free 3D.

    I just don’t understand that with all the data we have in 2018, why come superheroine porn isn’t taking advantage of the ever growing market of Stereoscopic 3D. Clips4sale has stereoscopic 3D films, but non of the Superheroine & wrestling films have been done in 3D, even though they would get more sells then other 3D films, and you would still have 2D copies of the same film to put up on clips4sale too; if you’d filmed with 3D cameras.

    • bbsucks says:

      Taking this request seriously, I can offer this: Being an incredibly niche genre of movies, and with more and more producers of content shifting to custom videos, this stuff is very much reactionary. It’s people asking for things, and other people making them. To date, I think you might be the only person I’ve ever seen request stereoscopic 3D. So whether or not it’s the next big thing is irrelevant. Nobody here seems to specifically want it.

      So with nobody requesting it, and there being a fairly high cost of entry, it seems unlikely to happen now. I imagine it’d probably take enough people asking for it to justify a producer purchasing the necessary equipment (and maybe that equipment getting cheaper, as it will if this non-stop increase in popularity and profit happens), then someone paying for a custom with it.

      High cost of entry, and appealing to a tiny subset of an already tiny subset of people, doesn’t seem practical to me.

      • Darkwrath016 says:

        Well said bbsucks. The genre is too niche for experimental technology to be utilized without some kind market analysis.

        The only thing I can offer is that given that I already hate watching movies in 3-D I’m fairly certain that I’ll hate watching 3D SHIP films.

      • Kaizar says:

        Then why come movies in 2D are being fazed out of theaters ?

        Mission Impossible 6 Fallout is in 3D.

        And these adult films are being filmed and released in 4K HD; like Anastasia Pierce videos, isn’t that expensive to do ?

        And literally no one ever asked these adult film makers to make anything in HD, but they got around to doing it just for shits & giggles anyways.

        I myself have never owned an HD TV, and still have all my 19 inch Standard Definition’s TVs (SD TV).

        In 2010 Avatar had 71% of its American screenings being 3D screenings. In 2013 Gravity had 80% of its American screenings being 3D screenings. In 2018 Black Panther had 85% of its American screenings being 3D screenings. And America is the least popular country in the world for Stereoscopic 3D, which makes it the weakest country of interest in stereoscopic 3D but yet still has such an ever growing strong following, and the most highest grossing movie in the Box Office of all times is an Live-Action 3D porn movie that got released in theaters called “Sex & Zen 3D”.

        • HorseWithNoName says:

          And this, if you want funny charts with you know, actual numbers:


          However, if you are purely looking to China, you have a point. They still seem to have a (growing) hunger for. These things go in cycles, you know. There is some talk that the next Avatar movie will be in a new 3D format which won’t require glasses. We will see, pun intended 🙂 Got my tickets for Avengers IW. One screening in 2D, one in 3D. So, there is that.

          • Kaizar says:

            What about international numbers ?

            Since most American movies make more money outside of United States then they do from within.

            Plus I’m curious about numbers of recent movie screening numbers within United states….for example Black Panther (2018) & Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) & Ready Player One (2018).

            Lets not forget that all 8K TVs will be glasses-free 3D and that foreign countries are planing on having all of their TV shows in 3D 8K HD as early as 2020, like Japan.

            And that Color TV use to make people vomit and have their eyes hurt and give them headaches before NTSC was discover, and that for 3D TVs that needed technology is High-Dynamic-Range (HDR), while for theaters its 3D laser projecters; which are used in all “El Capitan” & ArcLight” & Regal Theaters, with the prior 2 using Dolby 3D specifically.

            Remember that Color TV had the exact same problems as 3D before the right technology came along (NTSC).

            Internationally 88% or so of screenings are 3D screenings for 3D movies, and in China its 95%, which China’s movie theaters (Box Office) single handily makes up to more then $800 million US Dollars.

            FYI IMAX is only 6K HD according to Christopher Nolan.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            I think you’re just wishing for something that isn’t coming. The genre is too niche, these aren’t being viewed in imax but on computers and TVs, and the upfront cost probably won’t account for many extra sales or people paying more for such videos.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            It is all a matter of perspective. When you say: the right technology i.e. NTSC, I’ll give you this (from Wikipedia:) “PAL usually has 576 visible lines compared with 480 lines with NTSC, meaning that PAL has a 20% higher resolution, in fact it even has a higher resolution than Enhanced Definition standard (854×480).” So we in Europe have it pretty sweet. But joking aside: you are aware that the only reason why cinema chains invest in these new technologies is in order to compete with TV. If you look at the North American BO year to date, you will see, it has fallen sharply. So, people are getting tired of watching movies (compare this to the rise of the new “golden age of TV”) irrespective of their format (2D vs. 3D). Yes, you could argue that is limited to NA, but look at what is happening: movie studios more and more do not put out their “weaker” movies but sell them directly to streamers like Netflix. They are not putting them in movie theaters period. Case in point: “Annihilation” got release in NA and on the same day was available in the rest of the world on Netflix “for free”. And you will most likely conclude, it really does not matter if cinemas upgrade to the latest technology and charge premium prices (also for better seats, e.g.), the number of movie-goers is recending. Yet you see that subscription programs seem to be working e.g. movie pass, which are designed to make ticket prices more attractive while movie theaters are “forced” to upgrade every couple of years into new technologies. It won’t be sustainbale forever. There were records, than there was the CD, then the internet happened i.e. record stores simply died. This will happen to movie theaters as well. Yes, there are 3D TV sets, but from what I know, they are selling like shit in NA and Europe. So, no, 3D – as is right now – is not the future. And another number to ponder: Netflix has said that they will produce 80 feature films this year for their streaming plattform. Not one will be in 3D 🙂

          • Kaizar says:

            What about 4D (3D + DBox) & 4DX & MX4D. They charge $29 for MX4D in America, and 4DX is said to increase in popularity; so their raising the ticket prices of those screenings. They don’t have to upgrade to MX4D which is $2 million to renovate one room with 104 seats, but they avoid the more easier cheaper options of upgrading they could have done; like Dolby Atmos & Dolby Cinema & reclining chairs.

            When it comes to smaller media like porn, you could say the same about not needing HD. And why is there all this investment in 4K HD superheroine porn from such likes as Anastasia Pierce, I mean who has the tech to view that beyond 1080p and who would bother to pay for it if they had such a PC and why is this niche demographic for porn being feed, but not 3D?

          • Ztc says:

            Dude there is always 2d. 3d was a fad . In Europe and in London in England in the UK there’s more 2d then 3d screenings

          • Kaizar says:

            Why come you don’t mention any country thats not England nor great Britain nor united states ?

            Both 3D movies and superhero movies are very popular everywhere else.

            Plus Talkies & Color & Surround Sound was just a fad. I wounder what happened to all those fads. And if 3D is a fad, then why do we still have it sonce 2010 ?
            You guys are withholding information. Talkies succeeded in the 1950’s, and color failed in the 60’s but succeeded in the 70’s. 3D failed in the 50’s but has succeeded in the 2010’s.

            Can someone point out something that went on for 9 years straight, that later on just died because it was just a fad ?

          • Imagineer says:

            That’s a sales pitch for a research paper — of course it’s going to say the market is hot and you don’t want to miss out, that’s how they sell you the paper. And it’s not specific to entertainment, nevermind fetish entertainment.

            This seems like blatant thread hijacking, with a double helping of post rating inflation, for a weird personal tech-fetish crusade.

        • bbsucks says:

          All of this may be 100% true (actually, you have a few of your facts wrong, particularly about Sex & Zen 3D but that’s not really that important. Let’s assume it’s all true), movie theaters and relatively low budget niche custom heroine movies are a very different market. Sex and Zen 3D had a 3.5 million dollar budget. This movie probably had a budget of a couple thousand dollars.

          Getting back to the topic of this video. It’s pretty good. Angela Sommers is always awesome. Even in 2D!

          • Kaizar says:

            I never said this video wasn’t good.

            But think of it this way; theres probably at worst case scenario: 10,000 different people who purchase 3D videos from clips4sale….now if even 10% or even 1% of these people bought Alex Bettinger’s video at around $30 each; thats an additional $3,000 to $30,000 a film at worst case scenario, which can be put into the budget for more actresses shot in a film and such. More revenue to work with. And the current 3D videos on clips4sale are just plain same-old same old films, while Alex will be offering way more better product with his wrestling & superheroine films (plus 3D and superheroes go together like peanut butter and jelly). Alex will easily expand on his purchasers (customers) and get some word of mouth going.

            Its also cheaper to upgrade to a 3D 720p 60 fps camera then a 2D 4K HD 30 fps camera. And he can choose which scenes to reduce to 24 fps while keeping other scenes in their original high frame rate. And with the films recorded in 3D he can make short work of increasing the 3D depth for the 3D effect. The 2D copies can just be the left camera footage in entirety 24 fps.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            Where are you getting your anticipated sales numbers for 3D superheroine peril videos? And how can you anticipate the number who actually want 3D?

          • Kaizar says:

            Clips4sale does have a lot of costumers who buy 3D porn. And if Alex Bettinger did his films in 3D he would expand his audience. And the numbers of costumers i mention isn’t anticipation, i was just giving an example. But what can be anticipated is that people who buy 3D films, buy them for being 3D lesbian adult films, snd therefore they pretty much sell themselves to said audience/costumers.

          • HorseWithNoName says:

            I am sure all the producers in this peril genre will take note and soon they will be releasing tons of peril stuff in 3D. Maybe even in 4D. Just wait.

            And on a side note: I have never even considered buying a vid from C4S in 3D. Wasn’t even aware such vids exist. Can you provide a link to the numbers you are referring to.?”A lot of customers” can mean 100 or 1,000 or 10,000. So, please let us in on where you located such info.

          • Kaizar says:

            The number of people i said were buying 3D films from clips4sale was just an example i was giving, not a literal figure. I guess its hard to convey that in text.

          • Sugarcoater says:

            So in other words, it’s just made up. Couldn’t someone else then throw out the number that 1 of ever 100,000 sales is one that would be 3D?
            An argument can’t be made using purely made up numbers.

    • HM says:

      @Kaizar — as others have observed, I think you’ve made your point on this topic (and the one about casting muscular women) multiple times before. Since re-posting the same comment over and over qualifies as spamming, and other commenters are clearly annoyed by it, I think perhaps you should refrain from bringing up this topic again.

      • Ztc says:

        @HM at my local Cineworld wood green cinema. There are 2 3d screenings left today at this time and that’s just for ready player one the rest altogether are 25 2d screenings left counting all films again today. At my local Vue cinemas wood green there are 15 screenings of films altogether all 2d not 3d sorry but 3d is not growing it is overpriced and ruins the quality of the film’s unless it’s IMAX that is the only good one. Even that has 2d in the uk

  15. Kaizar says:

    Will you ever use mucular actresses brawling and fucking skinny actresses and vice-versa, like Brandi Mae or Goddess Rapture or kaligunz/kali gunz or that actress who played the Queen in “Eclipse Merciless Hunter” from SHG. ?

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