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shw3261 175x98 Superheroine Worlds The Red Queens House of Horror and Humiliation[Adults only] Angela Sommers, Idelsy Love, and Randy Moore star in a brand new video from Superheroine World. I highly recommend at least checking out the trailer (embedded below) as it features a very 70′s “grindhouse” feel that works really well. Check out lots more information below! [Read more…]


shw3101 175x98 Gatecrasher: Origins from Superheroine WorldHere’s a new project from Superheroine World—Gatecrasher: Origins, starring Angela Sommers and Christie Stevens. This is a prequel to the original The Gatecrasher and explores the rather unfortunate origin of the Sue Sommers character. Check out more info below! [Read more…]


bf333 175x98 Boxing Fantasies, Episode 3: Failed Vengeance[Adults only] Failed Vengeance, the third episode of Boxing Fantasies, features Melissa Jacobs, Ashley Rose, and a lovely newcomer to the genre, Idelsy Love. When Melissa Jacobs refuses to let Ms. Love use her boxing ring, everything goes haywire. Check out more information below! [Read more…]


Cyber Blue 1 Alex Bettingers Cyber Blue Comic Book ArtworkAlex Bettinger (producer of Superheroine World and X Club Wrestling) is making available over 300 pages of comic book artwork about the character Cyber Blue. If there’s enough interest in this material, it could lead to the production of a video! Check out samples and more info below. [Read more…]


xcw2801 175x98 X Club Wrestling Episode 28 from Pro Style Fantasies[Adults only] The new episode of X Club Wrestling (Episode 28, for those keeping count) features the impressive lineup of Christina Carter, Angela Sommers, Alaina Fox, Ela Darling, and Kymberly Jane. Check out a story description, tons of images and a trailer below. [Read more…]


bf201 175x98 Boxing Fantasies   Episode 2: The Payoff[Adults only] Boxing Fantasies has released a new episode: The Payoff. While not a direct follow-up to Boxing Fantasies’ previous episode, Raquel III, this episode features the same wild boxing action—this time with Goldie Blair, Bella Noire, and Diana Knight along for the ride. [Read more…]


xcw2703 175x98 X Club Wrestling Episode 27 from Pro Style Fantasies[Adults only] A brand-spanking-new episode of X Club Wrestling is now available, and it features an all-star cast, including Angela Sommers, Christie Stevens, Christina Carter, Danielle Trixie, Diana Knight, and Rifferus. Check out a trailer, stills and more information below. [Read more…]


SHW Gatecrasher 13 175x98 The Gatecrasher from Superheroine WorldUPDATED with trailer! [Adults only] Superheroine World has made available a brand new superheroine fetish video starring Angela Sommers and Melissa Jacobs. The Gatecrasher features a demonic villainess, kung fu, a whipping scene, nudity and more! [Read more…]


raquel21 175x98 Raquel III from Boxing Fantasies[Adults only] Boxing Fantasies, the new venture from Alex Bettinger and Paris Kennedy, has released its debut video, Raquel III. Be sure to take advantage of the opening weekend price of $24.95, before the regular price of $29.95 goes into effect in a few days! [Read more…]


xcw2611 175x98 X Club Wrestling Episode 26 from Pro Style Fantasies[Adults only] The new episode of X Club Wrestling is finally here, and with a cast that includes Randy Moore, Karlie Montana, Akira Lane, Jessica Ryan, Rifferus, and Diana Knight AND a 45-minute running time (at only $24.95), fans of XCW won’t be able to pass this up! [Read more…]

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shw2801 175x98 Wonder Dame vs. The Wolf from Superheroine World[Adults only] Check out the trailer, synopsis, and tons of pics from the new Superheroine World video, Wonder Dame vs. The Wolf, featuring Christie Stevens, Jessica Ryan, Paris Kennedy and the always-dastardly Wolf Hudson! [Read more…]

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xcw2521 175x98 X Club Wrestling Episode 25 from Pro Style Fantasies[Adults only] And now it’s time for the latest episode of X Club Wrestling, featuring Annie Cruz, Paris Kennedy, Jessica Ryan, Rifferus, and the odd tag team pairing of Sinn Sage and The Ocean Patrol’s Angela Sommers. Check out a trailer, images and story synopsis below. [Read more…]

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xcw2409 175x98 X Club Wrestling, Episode 24 from Pro Style Fantasies[Adults only] The new episode of X Club Wrestling is available, and it features the debut appearance of the long-awaited Ocean Patrol facing off against the dreaded Team Evil. The all-star cast includes Alaina Fox, Angela Sommers, Annie Cruz, Ashley Rose, Christie Stevens, Paris Kennedy, Rifferus, Sinn Sage, and Vicki Chase. [Read more…]

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