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Supergirl: The End of SHL

http://www.superheroinelimited.com/supergirl-the-end-of-shl Price: $50 Standard Edition $55 4K Edition $60 Preorder Edition (includes 4K File)Length: 55 MinutesSize: 4K_HEVC: 14GB / 1080P_HEVC: 4.27GB / 720P: 3GB / 1080P: 6.82GB Version Information: 4K Edition / Preorder Edition...

Q+A with Damien Woods

The Two Batgirls (Preorder)

PREORDER HERE http://www.superheroinelimited.com/the-two-batgirls Based on hundreds of surveys I have condensed down the information into two specific films that will be available to purchase. The details below were the majority vote. PREORDER MINIMUM BUY...

Uninvited (6,7,8) and Invited (1) Preview

Uninvited 6 (Supergirl/Ashley Lane) will be released in the very near future. Here are some previews of the next upcoming films (These intentionally don’t show much): Uninvited 7 Uninvited 8   Invited (Consensual Film)