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Scarlet Fox Promo 175x98 UPDATED! Scarlet Fox from Damien Woods (Coming Soon)UPDATED with trailer! Here’s a quick look at a brand new film from Damien Woods (previous films here) starring Miss CJ The Model. There’s not a ton of information available at the moment, but a collaboration between Damien Woods and CJ sounds pretty exciting, if you ask me.  [Read more…]


Tomb Hunter Revenge Preview 2 175x98 Heroine Movies Tomb Hunter: Revenge (Coming Soon)Coming soon from Heroine Movies, Tomb Hunter: Revenge, starring the lead actress from Supra Girl. This sequel to the original Tomb Hunter features our heroine doing battle with a mysterious creature and his ruthless henchmen. Check out a trailer below and stay tuned for more info! [Read more…]


NGC S03E03 2 175x98 Season 3, Episode 3 from Next Global Crisis (Coming Soon)UPDATED with Episode 3 screen caps! Next Global Crisis will soon release the third episode in its third season, and has released some new screen caps of the episode, which show Miss Freedom battling the character Virtue in a wrestling ring. (Also check out the trailer for Celestia: Future War below.)  [Read more…]


Rye Enthusiastic Participation 19 175x98 UPDATE! Enthusiastic Participation from RyeUPDATED with new images! [Adults only] Here’s a peek at an upcoming new film from The Rye and starring Alexis Adams (from Lee Carl’s Crisis and The Battle for Earth’s Marvel). Check out preview images and description for Enthusiastic Participation below. [Read more…]


HM WIR 08 17 Heroine Movies Week in Review Aug. 10 17, 2014It’s been another crazy week here in superheroine land, so here’s a summary of this week’s featured news, all in one convenient blog post (which actually extends a little beyond one week). Several producers made lots of interesting announcements, so feel free to read and comment below [Read more…]


SHG Super Heroine League Update 8 175x98 UPDATED! Super Heroine League: The Dark SeductionUPDATED with NEW teaser and new info! Looks like a new project is on the way from Alex David and SHG-Media. Could this be the mysterious three-actress project referred to by Alex David towards the end of her video interview? Check out more info below.  [Read more…]


Black Cat Close Call 1a Close Call   A Black Cat Fan Film Here’s a look at an interesting and well-done “Black Cat” fan film called Close Call. Production values are high and the fight choreography is impressive. Have a look at the complete film embedded below. (Thanks to Gil for the tip!) [Read more…]


RYE UK Anastasiya Breadson 1 RYE UK Casts Anastasiya Breadson in Upcoming FilmIf you’re a fan of RYE-UK or Anastasiya Breadson (who has starred in several NGC productions), you should be thrilled by the announcement that Ms. Breadson will play a superheroine in an upcoming RYE-UK production. Rye has a little more information about the plot below… [Read more…]


Rye Charity Match Preview 1 175x98 SuperiorGirl in Charity Match (Updated with Teaser!)UPDATED with teaser! It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from The Rye, but that changes today with an early look at his recently shot video Charity Match, starring fan-favorite Cassidy as SuperiorGirl. Looks like our heroine has a tough time in a wrestling ring against from vicious opponents. [Read more…]


FlexGirlz2000 KitanaX 175x99 New Site   FlexGirlz2000Here’s a little something off the beaten path, at least content wise.  FlexGirlz2000 is from the makers of FightGirlz2000 who have been around for a while now.  And as you probably guessed from the name, FlexGirlz2000 is all about well-toned girls flexing their muscles. [Read more…]


WG TBC 7 175x98 Wonderful Girl   The Complete Saga (Parts 1 5)AVAILABLE HERE! Every Wonderful Girl film (starring Hannah Perez) is now available as part of a compilation package for the incredibly reasonable price of $99. The package features every Wonderful Girl film currently available, including The Broken City and The Mercy of the Queen. [Read more…]

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Batgirl New Costume Featured DC Introduces New Batgirl CostumeAccording to MTV news, DC comics will introduce a brand new costume for Batgirl in “Batgirl #35,” to be released in October. Apparently, the idea is to create a costume which focuses more on practicality and less on sexiness. Writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher discuss the choices in an interview excerpted below. [Read more…]


TribulationOfsupergirl 01 175x98 Tropic City Heroines The Tribulation Of Supergirl[Adults only] The Tribulation Of Supergirl is a brand new video from Tropic City Heroines featuring Supergirl who endures a typically horrid Tropic City-style encounter with a nasty villain. Explicit hijinks ensue, so if this video sounds like your cup of tea, check out numerous preview images below. [Read more…]