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Primal WW Baine 1 175x98 New Videos from Primals Darkside Superheroine[Adults only] Fans of sexually explicit superheroine content should take a look at a few new offerings from Primal’s Darkside Superheroine. Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Black Widow are among the victimized heroines this time around, so check out images and more information below. [Read more…]


Knights of Gotham Fembot Invasion 175x98 Fembot Invasion (A Batgirl Story) from Knights of GothamEvangeline von Winter and Diana Knight star in a new video from Knights of Gotham. Fembot Invasion (A Batgirl Story) involves Batgirl (von Winter) against a small legion of fembots, finally culminating in a confrontation with Diana Knight as Wonder Woman (or perhaps an impostor?). [Read more…]


TBFE Marvel 1 175x98 Marvel from The Battle for Earth[Adults only] The Battle for Earth, the company behind such fare as Redwing, Widow, and several other superheroine peril films, have announced the upcoming release of a new film called Marvel. Check out more information below, including several preview images and a trailer. [Read more…]


Rye Coco Spectre Outnumbered Preview 6 175x98 Ryes The Spectre: Outnumbered (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Rye has teamed up with the actress from The Battle for Earth’s Redwing for a new superheroine film called The Spectre: Outnumbered. The title kind of says it all, I would imagine, but check out Rye’s statement below, along with several exclusive images! [Read more…]


Punished Heroines Gigi Allens 13 175x98 Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor   Now AvailableUPDATED: Now available! Gigi Allens, currently starring as Superia in The Parolee 2 (now available at SHG-Media) returns in Rye’s new video, Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor. Check out more information below, including a trailer and lots of new images!  [Read more…]


Heroine Legends YSIM4 1 175x98  Heroine Legends Your Soul is Mine 4Here’s a look at a new video from The Superheroine which takes place in the Heroine Legends universe. Your Soul is Mine 4 features Tiffany Chase as Trinity in a battle against Joseph C White II as Amoeba. (Previous installments are featured here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) [Read more…]


Gigi Allens Omega Girl 1 175x98 Gigi Allens in Chris Styles Omega Girl (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Here’s a message from Punished Heroines’ Chris Styles concerning a new superheroine peril video starring Gigi Allens (from The Rye’s Wonderous Girl vs. Zandor and The Parolee 2). Omega Girl should be available soon—check out a few images and more info below!  [Read more…]


NGC FSS Shadowstar Taken 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters: Shadowstar Taken from NGCWhen we last checked in with the Fail-Safe Sisters, Lucy Zillion was fighting to buy time for her sister Shadowstar. So, what has Shadowstar been up to? Let’s find out with a review of Fail-Safe Sisters, Episode 16: Shadowstar Taken, starring Merissa Porter and Elana Miller. [Read more…]


Miss Pacman Preview 2 175x98 UPDATED! Miss Pacman Custom VideoUPDATE: Now available! It’s pretty rare nowadays to see something totally different in the “superheroine” genre, but I’d have to say this certainly qualifies. decendingskulls has kindly offered the following write-up for his new custom video, which evolved into a group project with Alex David and bpd. [Read more…]


00Angels Femme Fatale 1 175x98 The Superheroines 00Angels: Femme Fatale & HL: Doomsday PlanCross the Line Films has introduced a new series called 00Angels. Here’s a look at the first episode, titled Femme Fatale. It’s a “girl power” video featuring a heroine who dominates her male opponent. (Also, check out my Doomsday Plan review below). [Read more…]


LOAW Batgirl vs Vampirella New Videos from League of Amazing Women[Adults only] A site that hasn’t received a ton of coverage at Heroine Movies appears to have released several recent videos, and generally seems to be very prolific when it comes to video production. Here’s some information about a few of League of Amazing Women’s recent releases. [Read more…]

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shw3261 175x98 Superheroine Worlds The Red Queens House of Horror and Humiliation[Adults only] Angela Sommers, Idelsy Love, and Randy Moore star in a brand new video from Superheroine World. I highly recommend at least checking out the trailer (embedded below) as it features a very 70′s “grindhouse” feel that works really well. Check out lots more information below! [Read more…]


SVE A Vessel for Minx 1 175x98 A Vessel for Mynx from Super vs. EvilSuper vs Evil is back with the sixth episode in the series. A Vessel for Mynx features Samantha Bogach as a new Amazon character Condor, and Tammy Tolene takes over the role of Amethyst. Enjoy the review.  [Read more…]