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Gigi Allens Omega Girl 1 175x98 Gigi Allens in Chris Styles Omega Girl (Coming Soon)[Adults only] Here’s a message from Punished Heroines’ Chris Styles concerning a new superheroine peril video starring Gigi Allens (from The Rye’s Wonderous Girl vs. Zandor and The Parolee 2). Omega Girl should be available soon—check out a few images and more info below!  [Read more…]


Punished Heroines Gigi Allens 13 175x98 Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor   Now AvailableUPDATED: Now available! Gigi Allens, currently starring as Superia in The Parolee 2 (now available at SHG-Media) returns in Rye’s new video, Wonderous Woman vs. Zandor. Check out more information below, including a trailer and lots of new images!  [Read more…]


NGC FSS Shadowstar Taken 1 175x98 Fail Safe Sisters: Shadowstar Taken from NGCWhen we last checked in with the Fail-Safe Sisters, Lucy Zillion was fighting to buy time for her sister Shadowstar. So, what has Shadowstar been up to? Let’s find out with a review of Fail-Safe Sisters, Episode 16: Shadowstar Taken, starring Merissa Porter and Elana Miller. [Read more…]


Miss Pacman Preview 2 175x98 UPDATED! Miss Pacman Custom VideoUPDATE: Now available! It’s pretty rare nowadays to see something totally different in the “superheroine” genre, but I’d have to say this certainly qualifies. decendingskulls has kindly offered the following write-up for his new custom video, which evolved into a group project with Alex David and bpd. [Read more…]


00Angels Femme Fatale 1 175x98 The Superheroines 00Angels: Femme Fatale & HL: Doomsday PlanCross the Line Films has introduced a new series called 00Angels. Here’s a look at the first episode, titled Femme Fatale. It’s a “girl power” video featuring a heroine who dominates her male opponent. (Also, check out my Doomsday Plan review below). [Read more…]


LOAW Batgirl vs Vampirella New Videos from League of Amazing Women[Adults only] A site that hasn’t received a ton of coverage at Heroine Movies appears to have released several recent videos, and generally seems to be very prolific when it comes to video production. Here’s some information about a few of League of Amazing Women’s recent releases. [Read more…]

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shw3261 175x98 Superheroine Worlds The Red Queens House of Horror and Humiliation[Adults only] Angela Sommers, Idelsy Love, and Randy Moore star in a brand new video from Superheroine World. I highly recommend at least checking out the trailer (embedded below) as it features a very 70′s “grindhouse” feel that works really well. Check out lots more information below! [Read more…]


SVE A Vessel for Minx 1 175x98 A Vessel for Mynx from Super vs. EvilSuper vs Evil is back with the sixth episode in the series. A Vessel for Mynx features Samantha Bogach as a new Amazon character Condor, and Tammy Tolene takes over the role of Amethyst. Enjoy the review.  [Read more…]


KAF Raging Femmes 13 175x98 Raging Femmes from KickAssFemmesI’ve always enjoyed Fridays, but every other Friday has now become like Christmas in my mind because that’s when we get a new KickAssFemmes episode. This second release from KickAssFemmes is called Raging Femmes and stars Ella Palfrey.  [Read more…]


SHG Marvel Girl Preview 3 175x98 Marvel Girl from Secret Heroine Films   Now AvailableUPDATE: Now available! [Adults only] The studio formerly known as Secret Identity Films is now known as Secret Heroine Films. Still led by Mr. Hero, the new studio promises only the very best in superheroine peril. Judge for yourself with the new trailer for Marvel Girl, starring Mercedes Raquel. [Read more…]


Scarlett Johansson Lucy Featured Scarlett Johansson in Luc Bessons Lucy (Trailer)Scarlett Johansson stars in a new action/sci-fi film from director Luc Besson (creator of La Femme Nikita and The Professional). With this and her standalone Black Widow film supposedly in development, my friend Scarlett really seems to be the mainstream action heroine du jour. [Read more…]


SKW Sentry Girls 1a New Superheroine Videos from Sleeperkids WorldNew from Sleeperkid’s World: several new superheroine and superheroine-like videos featuring the usual knockouts, chloro, belly attacks, gunplay, kryptonite, and more. Check out images and links to five recent Sleeperkid releases below, and feel free to leave your feedback! [Read more…]


NGC Celestia Initiation 1 175x98 Celestia: Initiation from Next Global Crisis“What a preposterous suggestion! I would very much like for a clear explanation of my current plight at once.” Yep. With dialogue like that, you know it’s a Celestia video. Let’s do a review of Next Global Crisis’ Celestia: Initiation, starring the lovely Aisling Knight. [Read more…]