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HM Whip Compilation 5 175x98 Whipping Scene Compilation   Available Now!NOW AVAILABLE HERE! Available only at Heroine Movies, a compilation of scenes that is sure to please whipping fans. This video compilation consists of four scenes taken from the films Supra Girl 3, Weapon Alpha, Wonderful Girl, and Z-Girl. Check out more information below. [Read more…]


Primal Wonder Star 1 175x98 New Wonder Star and Lone Wolf Films from Primal[Adults only] Two new videos are now available at Primal’s Darkside Superheroine. Wonder Star – Beaten and Broken and Lone Wolf – Ambushed and Taken feature lots of nudity and explicit sexual content, so they’re not for the faint of heart. Check out images and story synopses below. [Read more…]


Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Featured Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanHere is the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, in full costume. Apparently, this is poster art from this year’s Comic Con, currently underway in San Diego. Although this bit of casting has been quite controversial, I don’t see anything wrong with this image. What do you think?  [Read more…]


SHG Super Heroine League Update 8 175x98 UPDATED! Super Heroine League: The Dark SeductionUPDATED with new teaser and images! Looks like a new project is on the way from Alex David and SHG-Media. Could this be the mysterious three-actress project referred to by Alex David towards the end of her video interview? Check out more info below.  [Read more…]


NGC 6 10 175x98 NGC 5th Birthday Celebration SaleNext Global Crisis has announced a brand new, very limited time sale to take place this weekend only. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since NGC’s first episode was released, but apparently that is the case, and the company has announced this sale to mark the anniversary. [Read more…]


Secret Heroine Huntress Preview 1 175x98 Secret Heroine Films The Huntress: Birds of Prey   Now Available!UPDATED: Now available at SHG-Media! Secret Heroine Films, the producers behind Livewire and Marvel Girl (among others) are about to release their brand new film, The Huntress: Birds of Prey. Check out a trailer and preview images below, and check back soon for more information about this video. [Read more…]


HL Your Soul is Mine 10 1 175x98 Your Soul is Mine 10 and Desperate FlawsCross the Line Entertainment has released two new videos. Your Soul is Mine 10, starring Tiffany Chase and Kristina Hess, takes place in the Heroine Legends universe while Desperate Flaws takes place in the world of The Protectors. Check out trailers for both films below. [Read more…]


Vivid XMEN XXX 5 175x98 Vivids X Men: XXX: An Axel Braun Parody[Adults only] If you enjoyed any of the previous 48 X-Men films, you might also enjoy an adults-only parody by director Axel Braun and starring several famous adult film stars. Check out preview images and head over to for more information. [Read more…]


TBFE Miss Power 1 175x98 Miss Power from The Battle for EarthThe Battle for Earth has provided a preview and several images from a soon-to-be-released new film called Miss Power. It’s currently scheduled for release around the end of July. Take a look at the trailer below and check back soon for more info. [Read more…]


UltraHeroix Return of Lady Ultra 1 175x98 The Return of Lady Ultra from UltraHeroixThe Return of Lady Ultra is now available from UltraHeroix: “This is the return of Lady Ultra as she continues to dismantle the evil organization ‘C.L.A.S.H.’ Her first target is the villainous Death Punch but encounters more peril than she expected as she tries to take down the villainess!” [Read more…]


Christina Carter WW Dark Days 1 175x98 Christina Carters Wonder Woman   Dark Days[Adults only] Two of the best in the business, Christina Carter and Diana Knight, return to face off against each other once again in Wonder Woman – Dark Days, available now. Ms. Carter plays Wonder Woman while Ms. Knight plays Dark Wonder Woman in the fourth installment in this series. [Read more…]


xcw2946 175x98 X Club Wrestling 29 + New Boxing Fantasies[Adults only] The new episode of “X Club Wrestling” is now available and features Christie Stevens, Sinn Sage, Christina Carter, Ashley Rose, Melissa Jacobs, Rifferus, and Staci Carr as the “Sexy School Girl.” Check out the details below, as well as a new “Boxing Fantasies” video! [Read more…]


Alex David WG Vexor 1 175x98 Alex Davids Wondergirl Desi vs. the Vexor (Guest Review)MAV has been kind enough to submit the following review of a custom video he commissioned from Alex David (interviewed here, if you missed it) and now available at SHG-Media. Check out his review below as well as images and a trailer for Wondergirl vs. the Vexor. [Read more…]